Watching You/Wanting You

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I’ve got a confession to make, darling.

Don’t act surprised when I say it but way before we met, I had been watching and wanting you for a long time. It’s my secret I want to share with you right now, so just lie back and listen. I’ve wanted you since the first day I laid eyes on you. It’s something I’ve never felt for anyone before, at least nobody I can remember. This attraction is what gets me thinking about you every day, more so whenever you’re away.

We used to walk past each other every day, did you know that? We both live in the same apartment complex, though you’re in the building across from mine, and you reside one floor down. There are times when I’m in my bedroom and I see your windows open during the evening. Maybe it was fate that we were meant to meet.

You’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted that to happen; how long I’ve waited. But I was afraid. I always thought there might be something about me you wouldn’t like; something that would turn you off. I couldn’t talk about you to my friends either, they’d have thought I was dumb. Either that or plain crazy. And maybe I was a little crazy. Was it Love or Lust? It’s hard sometimes figuring out which one. Or maybe it was infatuation, I really didn’t know then or even now. I guess it doesn’t really matter anymore, does it, darling?

Days came and went and I struggled not to think too much about you. But even that was hard. One day I was walking back from college and I saw you sitting out with your friends in the courtyard. You were all talking and laughing; you looked so cute. You looked across at me and for a second I thought you actually noticed me, but then I rushed inside my building and went upstairs to my apartment. I fucked my dildo that entire night. I conjured up your face and hugged my teddy bear as I recalled you glancing at me; it felt almost like you already knew me. I imagined stroking my hands over your chocolate skin. Ohhh, what I would give for some sweet chocolate! I went on fucking my dildo the whole time pretending it was you. I tasted my cum off my fingers and it felt so fucking good.

But then it happened two weeks later–you remember that day, babe? The day we walked into each other!

My friend Megan and I were at that ice cream shop on Elwood Avenue. We practically ran into you; you were there with two of your friends. I was surprised when Megan suddenly waved at you and then she introduced us–almost like she read my mind about wanting to meet you. By the way, you never told how you two know each other. She hasn’t gotten her hand in your jeans before you met me? Yes, I know, I’m way too jealous sometimes… But I don’t really mind, darling. I seriously don’t care how many others you’ve fucked — or maybe I do — I’m just happy you’re here with me. All those other girls are gonna have to find someone else!

You and I ended up having a date afterwards. You took me to see that Wonder Woman movie, and it was raining when we were leaving. We couldn’t find a taxi so we walked in the rain. By the time we got to the apartment complex, we were soaking wet.

That was the day I made my choice about you. I didn’t want to at first… I mean, it felt kinda like we were rushing things… you just looked so beautiful all wet from the rain. I asked if you’d like to come over to my place. My heart skipped when you said yes. You never saw how deeply I was blushing when I took your hand and led you upstairs to my apartment.

The downpour kept on outside but I had a storm brewing inside my panties when I turned the key in the lock and led you inside. You read my mind and knew what I wanted before I even said a word. You took me in your arms and kissed me. That was something I’d been longing for — to feel your kiss. I could hardly breathe; you’ve been the air I breathe ever since.

We undressed and l led you to my bedroom. I was gushing by the time you stuck your hand inside my panties. You had me on my bed on my elbows and knees and you fucked my mouth with your cock — your huge, black, beautiful cock. I loved it when you slapped my ass and ripped my panties off me. You were so rough with me that night, yes, you were. You were like an animal. And I loved it! You were everything I’d always pictured you’d be that night, and you wanted me just as I’d imagined it.

You lay me down, kissed me all over and then you ate my pussy. I couldn’t stop calling out your name. Did you know I came multiple times just from you eating my pussy? Especially when you turned me over and slipped your tongue down my ass crack — my God, where on earth did you learn to do that! Nobody’s ever done that to me before. It drove me bonkers when you finger-fucked my ass that night. Since then I’ve been wanting you to do that to me every time we fuck. I know you can’t wait to fuck me in the ass. Please be patient with me, love. I’ve never done it before, but if anyone has to pop my anal cherry, I know it’s going to be you.

You and nobody else.

Your cock felt big in my hand, and it felt even bigger that first time you slid it inside me. I wanted to scream. I could feel your cock going deeper inside me — Oh! You say I did scream after all — that’s what your beautiful cock did to me, baby, you got me screaming and moaning like the horny bitch I was. Your cock stretched me out but I kept wanting more and more of you.

That was a night I wasn’t going to forget. Not to this day.

I almost wished the sex would last forever. You never saw the hurt in my eyes when you left hours later. I couldn’t wait for morning to see you again. I knew the next time was going to be just as special. And boy, you didn’t disappoint. Uuhhhh… you see what’ve done to me now, babe? You’ve got me talking myself into getting all wet and horny. My pussy’s calling for you now. I hope you’re ready to eat.

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