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I knew I shouldn’t be here. But I didn’t care. After our break up, Scott didn’t ask for his key back. His apartment still looked exactly how I remembered. The same navy blue couch in the living room, small table and chairs in the kitchen, dishes in the sink, and magazines strewn across the coffee table. I couldn’t stop myself from entering his bedroom.

His bed was made. That was new. He room was a lot more tidy than he’d ever kept it for me. Our relationship was brief but meaningful. And the sex was out of this world. I walked around his large bed and sat on the corner near the headboard. I stroked his pillowcase with my hand, leaning down to give it a sniff. It smelled like his cologne. My nipples instantly hardened.

When Scott told me he wanted to focus on his career, I was devastated. It took me some time to move on. I met a handful of random guys and slept with a few. The sex was fine but nothing like sex with Scott. His cock was thick and strong. He pounded me for hours in every position, making me cum again and again. Even when I begged for mercy he never listened. And just when I thought I couldn’t cum again, a new wave of pleasure would rise from my toes to my stomach and out my crotch, covering Scott’s mouth, hand, cock — whatever pleasure tool he was using — with my thick cream. My pussy grew moist at the thought of it. I shifted on the bed, pulling down my tight black skirt. I wasn’t wearing any underwear and the cotton material kept riding up my smooth thighs.

I heard the apartment door open. I hadn’t locked it behind me and wondered if he’d noticed. I heard his keys hit the kitchen table and his briefcase hit the floor. Silence. He was shuffling through the mail I’d seen on the counter. I grew nervous for a second, unsure of his reaction to my presence. I held my breath. My large breasts strained against my white blouse, barely restrained by the buttons.

The bedroom door slowly pushed open and Scott entered, loosening his necktie. He looked fucking gorgeous. More irresistible than I remembered. His chiseled features and dark hair always turned me on. I waited for him to notice me. He made his way to the closet, without turning his back. He hadn’t seen me yet. I watched as he removed his jacket and white shirt. His body was muscular and tan. I noticed a mark on his back that I’d never seen before. Small black lines created an intricate design on his right shoulder blade. I couldn’t take the anticipation any longer.

“You got a new tattoo.”

Scott jumped and quickly spun in my direction. I had startled him.

“ Jody. What the fuck are you doing in my apartment? How’d you get in?” He was equal parts shaken and pissed off. It only aroused me more.

“ I still have a key, silly,” I said as I stood up and slowly undid the first few buttons of my blouse. Scott couldn’t help but glance down at my breasts. He always loved sucking on my tits and tweaking my nipples with his outreached hands when he went down on me. I loved sucking on his fingers. And other things.

“Yeah but what the fuck? This is like breaking and entering. We haven’t spoke in months. What do you even want?”

He was breathing heavily. The veins in his neck were popping. I wanted to lick them. To run my tongue up and down his neck and up to his earlobe, which I’d suck between my teeth and nibble on.

I bit my bottom lip.

“I’ve missed you, Scottie.” I reached forward, planting my hand squarely on his crotch. He was half erect but quickly swatted my hand away. I liked hard to get.

“Stop it, Jody. You can’t just walk in here and think we’re gonna fuck. It’s nuts. You’re nuts.”

He was angry and flustered. It made me so fucking wet. His eyes were filled with life. I undid the remaining buttons on my blouse and dropped it to the floor. I knew he loved my tits. I grabbed at them, squeezing the soft flesh beneath my lace bra, pushing them tightly together.

“Jody, come on. What the fuck?”

Was that a smirk I saw? Scott sounded less angry and more playful. I ran my hands slowly up and down his smooth, bare chest. He didn’t stop me. I traced the lines of his pecs, taking extra care to stimulate his nipples. I ran my fingertips down the center of his stomach until I reached his belt buckle. He half-heartedly pushed my hand away but I didn’t let it slow my stride. Once again, I grabbed at his belt, undoing the clasp and then the zipper on his pants. He couldn’t hide his erection. The head of his thick penis poked up from beneath his pants, straining against his snug briefs. I cupped the head in my hand, slowly running it down his shaft while he watched.

“Jody.” His voice was pleading. But not for me to stop.

I didn’t waste any time and dropped to my knees, pulling his loose slacks and tight briefs down with one, fluid motion. His cock bounced free, sticking straight up, laying neatly in his tuft of hair, pointing at his belly button. It was as beautiful as I remembered. I engulfed the head with my mouth, wanting to taste him. He slid in so easily. I grabbed at the base of his shaft, right above his full, round balls, pushing his dick to the back of my throat. I gagged slightly, but only for a minute. It’d been too long since I’d had a real man in my mouth.

I ran my tongue and lips in long strokes over the length of him, spitting on the tip before swallowing him again. My hands grabbed at his balls, tugging them firmly. He let out a deep moan. He always did love when I played with his balls. I turned my attention to them, sucking each one into my mouth, swirling the loose skin with my tongue, jerking him off with my free hand. He grabbed at my long hair, twisting it between his fingers, keeping it out of the way so he could watch me work. I looked up at him as I continued feasting on his package. He reached down, grabbing me by the shoulders and standing me up. My tits bounced, freeing themselves from my bra.

Scott stood still and silent with a tight grip on my arms.

“No, we’re not doing this.”

I couldn’t tell if he was serious. But before I could plot my next move, he was ushering me over to the bed, throwing me down on the mattress. Without another word he pushed my back down and my skirt up.

“No panties? You always were a little slut, Jody.”

And with that, he buried his face in my dripping pussy. His tongue felt exactly how I remembered as he flattened it firmly against my clit. He wasted no time, flicking my nub hard and fast with the tip. He planted his hands on my legs, pushing them high above my head, nearly folding me in half. He ran his tongue down to my honey hole, penetrating me and then using my own lubrication to moisten my asshole. I felt his hand leave my leg and his pinkie make contact with my forbidden spot. He always knew the right amount of pressure I liked. As he worked the tip of his finger into my tight hole, his tongue continued to fuck my cunt. I didn’t want to cum but he was making it impossible not to. It’s what he wanted. He loved nothing more than sucking me dry. He had found the perfect rhythm of nibbling my clit while using his fingers to penetrate both my holes. With every stroke of his tongue and digits, I grew closer to climax. He sped up his motions and I felt my muscles tighten. My asshole clutched the tip of his finger and my cunt unleashed a long, thick rush of hot cum. I felt and heard him drink me in. My legs shook as he sucked my slippery lips between his own.

After taking in every last drop, Scott stood up. I let me knees fall together as I twisted my erect nipples. I giggled and bit my lip.

“I’m not done with you yet.” I hadn’t thought he was.

He grabbed my knees and flipped me over onto my stomach. He traced the line of my ass crack with the tip of his cock. I peeked over my left shoulder, staring at him as he watched his thick member trace over my round, plump ass. With a few more strokes, he slowly entered me from behind, pulling my ass high up onto his shaft. I let out a small yelp at the sensation of his thickness filling my swollen lips. My clit was sensitive from my recent orgasm. With long, slow strokes, blood rushed to my pussy, creating more natural lubricant for him to fuck me just a little deeper. I propped myself up on my forearms, allowing his cock to achieve the perfect angle. I felt the tip tickle my G-spot. I pushed back harder onto him, matching his motions with my own. With each thrust, the head of his cock rubbed against my most sensitive area. I didn’t think I could cum again but his movements were on point.

He started fucking me faster, grabbing onto my ass, pushing and pulling my cunt back and forth over his throbbing member. I felt his balls gently tap my lips and then harder as he picked up momentum. My tits bounced beneath me. I tucked my hand under my chest, pinching and tugging my nipple. Scott delivered a firm slap to my right ass check. The flesh stung and vibrated simultaneously. The sound of skin to skin contact always turned me on. A few seconds passed and he smacked me a second time, squeezing my flesh in his strong hands.

“You’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that.”

My words only encouraged him more. He rewarded me with another slap and deeper penetration. I squeezed my nipple tightly and reached my other hand between my legs as I feverishly rubbed my pulsing clit.

“Yeah! Yeah! I’m gonna fucking cum.”

I cried out loud and long as Scott pounded me into ecstasy. His balls slapped hard against my ass as the tip of his cock exploded inside me. I felt a steady rush of heat as he ejaculated long and hard into my pussy. His body trembled slightly as he steadied himself by holding firmly onto my hips. I didn’t move, allowing him time to come down from his high. He slowly pulled his cock from my hole and the mixture of our cream flooded out, down my thighs and onto the bed.

“Uh oh,” I said. “I got your nice clean bed all dirty.”

Scott smiled at me. “It’s always dirty when you’re in it.”

“Did you want your key back now?” I asked, giving a playful pout.

He didn’t speak at first but then said, “Nah. You never know when you might need it again.”

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