Undulations of Purple

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Oh, that fine heart shaped ass was in the air taking his cock like a boss. She was fucking him for all she was worth. Her gorgeous pussy was squirting her juice all over the forest floor. Her breasts bounced and her body shook as another mind searing orgasm swept her away and left her panting and gasping for air, she on hands and knees and him behind her, pile driving her deeply like the lustful, playful animals they were.

They so adored one another and were swept away by the power of their mutual attraction. He loved to feel her breasts and stare at her curvaceous body, and she loved his cock and the way he treated her, both kind and manly. He could lift her out of any dark cloud and she could make him forget with just a tilt of the head and a hand on her hip. What beautiful, unspoken, wordless magic they shared.

She had always had this fantasy of making love under an old oak tree. Connecting with nature in an ancient, primal way. Perhaps it was an old memory from lifetimes ago or perhaps just a daydreaming wanderlust. Either way, he had made plans to drive her into the forest, far from the city noise and people and the busy life and all that stuff that we must do to keep on keeping on. The cell phones were put on airplane mode right away and the music was bumpin’ and they were getting excited, those two horny, angelic love cats.

“Oh honey, thank you for doing this, I am so in need of getting away. My family just wants more and more from me and they never stop…” she deeply exhaled the struggle of it all.

He sang to her in a bluesy southern lowdown accent style, “All I wanna do is make love to you, love to you, all I wanna do is roll you baby, hump ya baby, and fuck your gorgeous brains out,” and she roared in joyous laughter and punched him on the arm like women do who love their men for being the delicious horn dogs they are.

He did it again, took her away and her mind was cleared as they were leaving the city limits; open fields replaced strip malls and towers of steel and glass. The air was easier to breathe and the traffic was loosening up. The highway of lanes became two as they reached into the mountains of twisty, winding roads. Fir and pine scents filled the air as they zipped past a small lake. A mother duck was escorting her young around the edge. Cat o’nine tails were softy bobbing in the breeze. A hawk soared above and the world embraced the two lovers as they made their great escape. Wispy white clouds danced on the air currents above and their hearts were made lighter with each passing mile.

She had no idea where they were going and she did not care. She trusted her man implicitly and knew as he turned off the highway that he had done his homework. He was just that kind of man. “It’s all in the little things, baby,” he would say to her. “It’s really only the tiny shit that matters, the rest can fuck off.” And she would laugh with him as they batted off life and its insistence on rules and uniformity. It all was taken care of in the end. He made it simple because he spent time focusing on the details.

A few miles off the country highway and they came upon a dirt road passing a farm of lavender and the sight of it was something to behold. Radiant undulating purples. The scent was divine as she breathed in its heavenly fragrance. He had really outdone himself this time she thought and oh my he is gonna get some today and good, that boy is gonna cum like a faucet for me. They hadn’t had sex for a few days so the coming orgasm would be bountiful and potent. He didn’t mind. It was certainly not just about the orgasm for them both — although like any couple who has that fire it was certainly fun. It really was about the magic.

He found the spot he had previously discovered on Google Maps and taking her hand and the kit bag he’d packed, they sauntered off. He led her to a tall oak tree. She was in awe. Laying her beautiful hands on it she murmured a little prayer and felt its huge energy and powerful presence. Life force flowing from the ground up. Then she wrapped her feminine self around it like a lover and gave it thanks.

He watched her, and studied her body and its delicious, divine, shapely curves as his cock grew harder by the second. Stepping up behind her, wrapped around the powerful tree, he pressed himself into her and pulling her hair away from her neck, kissed her there and ground his pelvis into her. She responded by meeting his thrusts and arched her body in acceptance of his admiration and need to touch her.

Reaching around the front of her soft blouse he masterfully released buttons and clips and had her chest naked to the world in seconds. She spun around in his arms to meet his eyes, alight with deep fire and need to have her now. She removed his shirt to enjoy the eye candy of his chest while he undid the button and zipper of his slacks.

For an instant they held each other with their eyes and caressed their lover’s skin with fingertips circling valleys and peaks of flesh. Up and over sensuous curves and all those lines that make lovers’ tongues salivate when they see and feel and touch. Not only in the physical but in the mind, heart and soul. Touching places sacred and hidden. Places moist, places tender, places strong, places powerfully vulnerable.

He turned her around, and bent her over; she put her hands flat on the soft moss around the oak tree and he slid into her. She was built like that. Strong and delicately feminine at the same time. His cock eased ever so slowly into her as she moaned at the length of it entering her. Her wetness had been brewing for hours. A slow, steady, rising, building union with the thought of this now. Upon fully meeting her with his all, he held still for a few seconds and she gulped a breath of the perfumed lavender air. Spasms of joy and electric feelings of delight and sexual chi flowed between them.

Once he knew she had settled, and her pussy was ready, he began undulating like the lavender in the breeze, meeting her hips and thrusting into her. She wrapped her hands around her ankles. Picking up the pace, he began stronger, more focused bursts of love into her. He gripped her hips, each stroke now sending waves of passion into her, until she could not hold back from screaming loudly into the air. To unite with raw nature in raw animistic delight. So often she had to stifle her screams in the pillow, but not this time. And he loved it. The sound of her intense pleasure was beyond erotic and sexual. It was more, and he gave her more of himself. Fucking her soaking honey mound with all he had. A long, deep pounding, satisfying her need of cock, and she exploded hot, silky bursts of cum all over his meat right then and there.

She delicately slid off his extension, and turned to meet his face with a long drawn out, tongue-lashing kiss. Engulfing his mouth with hers to indulge him whole. “What a fucking incredible cum artist you are, baby,” she said to him as she let her eyes roam over his body, to his glistening, throbbing, wet cock still in need of her feminine wiles.

Sinking to her knees, she had him in her mouth and was bobbing like a porn star on him; gulping that muscle in her mouth, tasting his scent and strong manliness. Licking and circling and bobbing and all the while making a delightful show of her efforts. He grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth, meeting her up and down motion halfway. He had to lean on the great oak to hold himself up, the pleasure so intense he was in danger of losing his balance.

Regaining his composure as his cock was building its heat and desire to stream jets of cum into her, he pulled out of her mouth and boldly said to her, “Oh no you don’t you little vixen,” and again she giggled but this time painting her innocent schoolgirl mask upon her face.

“Oh honey, how could you say such a thing to me, I am your angel and I would never ever do such a naughty thing,” and now it was his turn to laugh with her and he kissed her gorgeous, wet, red lips.

“Oh fuck, I love you, now get on top of me and fuck like you mean it already,” he said.

He lay on his back and guided her to her favorite position. Climbing aboard her driver, appreciating the length of him, she guided that pussy seeking missile where it belonged. With her powerful thigh and inner muscles she milked his chi right out of him. That which he had given so often and so freely to her was now hers to take at will and they both knew it. She was his and he was hers and their lives belonged to each other and so did their sex. She felt streams of man chi pour into her awaiting powerful cunt, making light of her inner world. Setting free that which was bound in both of them. Life.

Continuing to ride up and down that pole she gripped his arms, digging her nails into him, and groaned and screamed pleasure into the wild world all around. He met her thrusts where she met his and they melted into one another in their rhythm. Sweat was building between them. He kissed her cleavage and licked her there tasting salty, warm woman power. She is so fucking tasty, he thought to himself, WOW lucky me to have found her. He filled his mouth with her breasts one at a time and switched back and forth teasing the nipple on each one and biting just hard enough but not too hard, just the way he knew she liked it, kinda rough but not painful. A fine razor’s edge. Her hips bucked on him like he was her fuck toy and he smiled at her. She was lost in pleasure, head tossed back, eyes rolled back even further and she was on auto fuck pilot. Gyrating and milking and coming almost off that stiff man meat and slamming back down again. All the while screaming nasty obscenities and going where she had needed to for so long. Free, wild and completely in abandon.

This one was building powerfully within them, a huge gusher and she knew and he knew it. He lifted them both up with his strength of hips and core power. Her body on top of his taking him, taking possession of that which was hers to take. He lifted higher and she steadied herself as he lifted them more. She felt him build her higher and higher as he raised them more and more. With each step up they were building the controlled detonation. Their bodies were the bomb and T minus ten until mutually assured, delightful, delirious destruction was going to occur. They could see it and feel it.

Her riding pace increased in its frantic, wanton desire. He held fast as he reached his apex of their lifting off the ground. Her bucking stopped and she streamed and screamed out her primal gasp and this combined with his own and they came together both shooting wads of sticky juice — she all over his chest and he into her beautiful pussy. At one with each other, and with nature.

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