Toxic flower: control and submission

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I’ve watched her hanging out at the bar, nursing her drink for the last few hours, not paying attention to the dancing going on around her. Even though she looks stunning, all dressed in red, she gives off a vibe that keeps people from talking to her. Not me though. Not tonight. It’s one of those nights and I have an itch I really need to scratch.

“Watch out for that one. She’s a pretty flower, but poisonous,” Kiki says.

“You’d know about that, wouldn’t you?” I can’t help but snipe back.

When Kiki and I broke up we’d agreed I would still hang out at the bar where she works. And sometimes I remember why that was a supremely bad idea.

Kiki takes her hand away and I can see I’ve hurt her. “Don’t come crying on my shoulder when she’s left you high and dry, is all,” she says. That gives me pause. Kiki’s not one to speak ill of others, very much a hippie at heart. She really must have a bad vibe about that girl.

But it’s one of those nights. Fuck it, I’m too horny.

I strike up a conversation with the girl in red. She seems interested, at least her body language tells me she is, all flirtatious glances and charming smile. Her accent tells me she’s from Russia, or maybe Ukraine? It’s potent at any rate. Suddenly she’s gone from the seat opposite and I wonder where she went, until I feel her beside me, her heavy perfume enticing, her curves making me want to touch her.

She licks my neck. “I like how you taste,” she says.

Kinky, I think. I can roll with that.

“So… are you… how you say… down to fuck?” she whispers in my ear, hands trailing naughtily all over my body.

Am I ever.

In the hallway of her apartment building, she pins me to the wall. She captures me, her lips warm, her tongue hungry. She shoves a leg between my thighs and then a hand in my pants. I bet she can feel how drenched my pussy already is, how much I’m looking forward to this. She puts two fingers inside me, and then a third one. Her rhythm is relentless but she knows exactly what she’s doing. I try to tell her I’m about to come but I can’t form words, only moans.

She smiles. “Come. Now,” she says, and rubs my clitoris with her finger. I want to scream, but she holds a warning finger to her lips, her eyes full of mischief. “Silence.” I want to scream so badly, but every fiber in my body is eager to obey her and so I keep quiet.

She nods. “Good girl, you’re less desperate now. So now we can have fun.” As an afterthought she says, “You’re pretty when you come,” and I can’t help grinning like an idiot as I follow her inside her apartment.

“Wanna drink something?” she asks. I shake my head. Alcohol is the last thing on my mind right now. She smirks and spreads her legs. “But I bet you wanna eat something?”

I’m ready to go for it but she closes her legs again. “Undress me first,” she demands. “Take your time. Then you eat me.”

I take off her shoes and start massaging her feet, her cute little toes begging to be put inside my mouth. She breathes heavily.

“You’ve done that before. The bartender, yes?” she asks.

Good guess, I think. Kiki has lovely feet and I lavished attention on them. But she had never purred like a cat when I did, never grabbed the back of my head to push even more of them into my mouth like this Russian minx does as I suck on her toes. Her pussy is already glistening and I haven’t even gotten to it yet.

Eventually she wants more and barks out a terse, “My tits now.” I unzip her dress and her breasts spring out, fleshy and yummy. “Like what you see, yes?” she asks me, as if she can’t tell. “Show me.”

My lips lock around one of her big, brown nipples, and I spend minutes licking it and switching back and forth from one to another, until I hear another command. “Bite them.” I do. “Again. Harder.” She groans. I repeat it with her other nipple and the smell of her arousal starts filling the room. Maybe she’s a toxic flower, but man does she smell sweet.

I plant little kisses underneath her tits, down her stomach, on the inside of her thighs, until she grows tired of my teasing. She guides my face to her pussy. “Now eat,” she growls at me, and wild horses couldn’t drag me away.

She clamps her legs around my neck and rubs my face up and down her pussy like a woman possessed. “Stick your tongue out,” she says, and when I do she uses it to fuck herself. She’s using me to get off and I’m just as turned on by that as she is.

She comes, almost in silence, only the tremors of her thighs betraying her climax.

After she’s recovered she looks at me, her eyes dark and expressive. “You’ve had your fun,” she says, twirling a pair of handcuffs in her hand. “Now I want mine.”

“I have this,” I say, showing her a little butt plug I carry with me when I’m out for some fun. I’m guessing she’s into anal play. Her eyes shine brighter seeing the slick black toy and she licks her lips. I’m glad I guessed right. Glad she’s pleased.

“I like very much,” she says, her eyes fixed on it. She uses the cuffs to restrain my hands behind my back and purrs in my ear, “Now we play.”

She takes off my shirt in one swift gesture, not minding the buttons scattering everywhere on the floor, and rips my jeans from me as if she can’t wait one more second to see me naked. “Going Brazilian, I see,” she murmurs.

She pushes my head down on the bed. “Down,” she barks. I feel her eyes on me, appraising me. “Good girl,” she breathes in my ear.

She makes me sit on her lap and spends a minute looking at me, happy with what she’s done. My hair disheveled, my chest flushed, my eyes wild with need. It’s all her work.

“Be a good girl and make this wet for me,” she purrs, putting the plastic toy in my mouth. I slobber all over it, dying to please her, keen to see where she will take me next. She licks my earlobe and whispers, “I’m gonna take your virgin ass. It’ll hurt at first but don’t worry. Little bit of pain, lots of pleasure, yes?”

I don’t have it in me to tell her I’m not really an anal virgin; besides, I have a feeling she can show me things I haven’t even dreamt of. I just nod.

Her accent excites me but her confidence is exactly what I’ve always been looking for, what Kiki never understood: I resent being treated like a princess, I’m not some fragile little thing. I want someone confident enough to throw me around like a rag doll and fuck me until I scream for mercy.

She has me lick two of her fingers and then patiently warms up my ass for what’s to come next. When she’s satisfied I can take it, she grabs the little toy and proceeds to explore my ass with it. I’ve been trembling with anticipation since I’ve been on her lap but she never quite gives me the release I’m aching for, never allows me to surrender. She’s happy to take me to the edge and away from it again, her dark, lust-filled eyes never leaving mine. Finally she whispers in my ear again.

“I’m gonna fuck you like dog, now. Yes?” In one swift movement I’m on my knees. “Your ass, up.”

In my horny state, I’ve only just noticed there’s a big mirror on the wall. I can see her behind me, a handful of my hair gripped in her hand keeping me pinned down while she plunges into me with the toy. It’s harder than I had anticipated, but just as hard as I had wished, the look in her stormy eyes giving me joy like I’ve never experienced.

“You like this, yes? On your knees, begging for more?” she says. I can barely nod, her harsh grip pressing my face into the mattress.

“You liked it when I fucked your face, yes?” she says.

“Come,” she says.

I come, as much from the verbal as the physical stimulation.

I want to sleep, I’m so tired, but there’s one thing I have to do.

I can’t say anything. I’m not as good with words as she is, so I grab her and have her face the mirror. My long, pale body glued to her curvy one, my arm around her throat, my fingers in her pussy. I’m going to make her lose that damn control and I won’t rest until I have.

If this is just one night, it won’t end until dawn.

If this is just one night, she and I aren’t done, not by a long shot.

If this is just one night, I want her to remember it too.

I know I’ll remember my beautiful, toxic flower.

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