Tied Up and Blindfolded

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photo: SexArt

I am standing by the edge of the bed. The girls decided to blindfold me and tie my hands behind me. The adrenaline rush of not knowing what is to come next makes my heartbeat accelerate. Without visual input my brain amplifies the signals coming from my remaining senses. My ears are scrambling to try to find out who is where, as the smell of sex fills my nostrils. A hand lands on my dick, warm and slippery it strokes along its length. I feel the warmth of somebody’s hips being presented to me. Said hand directs the tip of my shaft into the wet entrance of a vagina. I slide in and start pumping all my loving into it. All this time my senses are trying to solve the puzzle: whether I am currently fucking Bee or Bunny.

It started innocently enough. After we got back to the apartment, Bunny removed my tie and proceeded to blindfold me. I heard the girls giggling as they undressed me. I loved the careless way they would tempt me as they sneakily rubbed parts of their soft bodies against me. I felt the odd kiss on my neck and on my chest as soon as they finished removing my shirt. They made me put my arms behind my back as they fumbled removing my trousers and my socks, and after that they tied them. The expectations were getting the best of me; eager to feel what was to come got me hard and ready in no time.

Someone started working on my manhood, drenching it in the wetness of her mouth, but without my hands I could not make out who it was. Warmth of many hands spread from my shoulders to continue circling around my body, the electrifying touch giving me goosebumps. A mouth approached mine and placed a sweet kiss on me. I realized immediately that it was Bee kissing me and therefore Bunny was the one working on my shaft.

But my state of certainty was to be challenged again. After I called Bee’s name, the girls reorganized themselves. Suddenly I could feel Bunny’s kisses traveling down my collar bone. I knew it was her from the way she rubbed her boobs against my chest. But I did not know whose hand was working on me. It was, however, clear from the way Bunny was moaning that Bee had to be busy with her.

The mysterious hands disappear and I suddenly feel a body pressing against my back and grabbing the hips I’ve been pumping into. I am liberated from my handcuffs and so my hands take an excursion first to the hips in front of me, then to the hips behind me. Someone was having fun, using me as a proxy to do the penetration. The roundness of the hips told me Bunny was the one behind me and therefore I was inside Bee. Bunny was really enjoying directing the rhythm between me and Bee. She would push herself against my back on each thrust, as if wanting me to go deeper into Bee with every stroke, and pull on the way out, to maximize the distance my rod traveled on each stroke.

We kept going at it until the girls decided to change position. I was installed in the middle of the bed only to have my arms cuffed again and tied to the headboard.

The loving dance started again. A hand and a mouth on my erect manhood. And, from nowhere a nipple brushes my lips and hovers just a tongue length away. My tongue reaches and I manage to lightly circle the erect nipple. It caresses my lips but when I try to surround it with my mouth it pulls away. I feel the tickle of silky hair on my face, but it does not help me recognize which one of the girls it is. Despite my dick being worked to the maximum, I could not recognize who was working on it to save my life. And while I knew I could recognize the nipples, whoever was on top of me was being careful not to allow me to do it.

Suddenly the other nipple tempts me and as if it was not enough, whoever was working on my shaft decided to enjoy all that hardness and ride me. I feel the tip slowly sinking into her, while the breasts are replaced by a swollen clit, presented fully to my mouth.

The pieces of the puzzle finally fall into place. I can recognize both clits with my eyes closed (pun intended). It is Bee sitting on my face and Bunny is the one holding onto my abdomen with one hand and reaching for my balls with the other. The way she strokes my balls would have given her away immediately anyway.

Bee takes pity on me and frees my hands. Maybe she just wanted more hands on her. I reach for the breasts, Bunny’s on my right and Bee’s on my left. I briefly feel their hands on each other and hear wet kissing happening above me.

Bunny starts building the momentum as I deduct from her accelerated breathing. At the same time Bee furiously rubs herself against my mouth. The tip of my tongue tries to keep up with her clit. Bunny changes her motions and goes into that deep dive, rubbing her clit against me as she is pushing me deeper and deeper inside of her. It feels as if she is carving something into my skin. As if she wants to mark me as her property.

The earthquake that follows takes my breath away. She collapses over Bee, as I try to help steady her by pressing against her rib cage. I can feel every breath as her ribs contract and expand.

As they remove my blindfold and my eyes adjust to the warm light of the lamp next to the bed, I begin to make out their beautiful silhouettes hovering above me. It was magic all along. And it is clear from the looks on the girls’ faces that the night is just getting started…

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