Tie me up, but I won’t be tied down!

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First, an Introduction….

Image Source:Fierce Force

By day, she is the Gringa Queen of Sales.

The ruler of her territory for 25 years. The one who knows everyone, is loved by her clients, and the envy and fantasy of all the young male year competitors across the country.

By evening, she is the Mother Load of Single Moms.

Navigating her way through play dates, dishes, and homework. The empathy of married moms across the neighborhood.

By night, she is the Innovator of Fantasies.

The over the top OUT OF CONTROL ones that leaves her own clit shaking and numb with seizures when she thinks them through. The fantasies she hopes cause rock hard cocks to explode, and rivers of nectar filled mariposa pussies to be as soaked as Rose MyErotica’s when she has her visions published. The ones all the married FML moms dream of living for a hott second.

ROPE: A (More Than One-Lined) Poetic Prompt of Prose.

For a woman that did not want to ever feel tied down, this picture she is staring at, of herself, with purple Japanese Rope loosely wrapped around and around her legs, with her ass squeezed together… this picture of herself is enough to make her reach under the covers and unbind her sweet plump mariposa lips apart, juices starts to flow, her finger making sweet connections to her clit and she gets herself off to herself and thinks, that’s beauty.

She got herself off to herself.

Her Mariposa, her “posa,” wet and soft.

Now that, she thought, is sweet prose under the covers.

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