A Garden of Delight

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I’m looking out the open sliding doors at the palm tree rustling in the morning breeze. The pool is clear and inviting even though the sun hasn’t warmed things up yet. The thick stand of bird-of-paradise blazes orange bright beside the clear water and again, below, in reflection. It is quiet this early in the neighborhood and the walls around the garden make it an oasis from all the life outside. The trailing jasmine is bright green and the waxy white flowers perfume the morning air.

If I walk out I think I’ll find you, stretched out on the chaise longue, eyes closed, sunglasses trailing from one hand, a secret smile on your lips. You’ve unbuttoned your top to feel the sun.

I walk quietly to you and kneel so that my shadow is off to the side. I start at your feet, kissing along your calves, up along your thigh. I feel you stir and sigh.

“What took you so long,” you say.

I smile and reach to open the last few buttons of your top, spread it back so my hands can reach your breasts, feel your nipples tighten in the air and with my touch, feel your hips reach up for me and my hands come back down to cup the cheeks of your ass and bring you closer.

Your hands stir now and run through my hair and then down along my shoulders. I look up; your eyes are open now, and the smile is stronger and more direct. I move up and touch your face with the back of my hand, fingers run along your jaw, trace the full curve of your lips and then around your neck, bringing your mouth to mine. The kiss is soft at first, your lips barely moving, then I feel the tip of your tongue along my lips and feel your breath come stronger now. I take your bottom lip in my teeth and then — soft but strong — kiss more deeply, tongues touching lightly.

My lips and attention move to your neck, I smell your perfume and breathe in the warmth of your body as my hands move over your shoulders and cup your breasts. My thumbs hold you below your breasts while my fingers explore the silky skin, the tightness of your nipples, catching them, stretching them slightly then releasing. Now my palms brush the tips of your nipples, just barely skimming over the erect peaks. I sit up and gaze down at you, brush back your hair, watch your eyes come open and hold mine, feel your hand slide along my thigh and brush my cock, feeling my hardness and desire.

I stand and take your hand and we walk slowly to the edge of the pool above the wide steps leading down to the cool and inviting water. I slide your top off your shoulders, and unfasten your shorts. You wiggle to free them from your hips and step out, moving so close to me that your nipples brush against my chest. I slide a finger in the waistband of your panties, a mere slip of red lace, and then take you in my arms and like a dancer lead you in a step out and around so that I can see you altogether.

You spin slowly to the music of the wind and I tell you I have never seen a more beautiful woman. You are truly radiant with the flush of desire lighting you from within. I catch you in my arms and reach down along your sides to your hips. Fingers catching the red lace and easing down first one side and then the other until like a small curtain they fall at your feet and you step against me fully, arms around my neck. And now it is your hands along my sides, along my hips catching my shorts and sliding them down, stepping back with hands still grasping, and I feel your eyes as strong as a touch on my chest, my belly, my cock, and I feel the pulse of desire surge hot through me, and see you smile at the power of even your glance.

You step close to me, hands on my shoulders, breath soft and warm against my neck. I tip your face up to mine and kiss you again, deeper now, tongue to tongue, lips moving soft and slow and then harder, then soft once more, a language of sensation and response. My hands run the length of your back, pausing along the small of your back, then over your hips. Your skin so soft, so smooth, so warm. I turn you so your back is against me and your ass pressed into me; one hand brushes back your hair so I can kiss your neck while the other cups your breasts and then teases your nipples, first one, then the other; then back again before sliding over your belly and between your legs, holding your lips there, rubbing them together then sliding between, into your growing wetness. I feel your hands reach back to catch my hips, my neck, I feel you restless against me and see the flush of desire rise from your breasts to your neck, feel your breath quicken.

“Oh, lover,” I whisper. I want you now, and hard, and yet I want this to last and last. I want to hold onto these feelings, hold onto you. And so I step away now and smile and together we walk down the steps and into the pool. The water is cool and for a moment the heat of you and me is cooled. We swim slowly, arms touching, then float together, legs entwined, and our skin is slick and smooth and delicious. We slide past one another, I feel the tightness of your nipples against my chest and know you feel my hardness in turn. We drift into the shallows and lie together, moved by the soft waves we made a moment before, lifted apart and then brought together again, moving as we are moved. You lean back against the steps and your eyes close as your fingers reach and find me, pull me closer, wrap around to grip my back. I slide forward against you, kiss your cheeks, your lips, your forehead, feeling the sun strong now on my back and the back of my legs, feeling the springy hair of your pussy soft against my legs, until with the sun and your warmth and promise so close, I know I want you and standing before you I take your hand and we walk out of the water, stand for a moment in the sun, towel each other dry and walk leaning against one another into the cool and dappled light inside.

The curtains sway in the breeze and where they open slashes of sunshine break through the quiet shadows. You cross to the bed and lie across it on your stomach with your chin in your hands. You lean to one side and smooth your hair back and I am struck by the strong lines and planes and curves of your body in the shifting light. I sit beside you and let my fingers trail down your back, along the curve of your waist to the rise of your hips, the swell of your ass, the softness of your thighs, my fingers trace secret letters there, as if writing messages. I shift and kneel beside you, hands on your shoulders, finding the little stresses, stretching them and then releasing, along the deep curve of your back to your hips, pausing in the hollow there at the small of your back, touching first so lightly I can feel the tiny hairs rise up and then more strongly, feeling you rise up to meet me now. You bring a hand around to touch my knee but I won’t let you turn, not yet.

I lean back and my hands slide down your legs to find your feet, pressing in, stretching, pressing here and then there along your ankles and over the smoothness of your calves. Finally sliding up between your legs until my palm slides over the mound of your sex, slides up and over and then back again, your hips and ass rise up to meet me then press down to push against my hand. I turn you now and leave a line of kisses up your thighs until my tongue finds your heat and wetness and slips between the swollen lips of your pussy, slips in and up, catching the tight bud, flicking over it and up, down again and in. I feel your hands in my hair, catching my ears, pulling me in, as you press up against me.

Your skin is silk under my hands, and I reach over your belly to find your breasts, teasing your nipples with the softest touch, drawing small circles around them and then catching them with my fingers and then my palms over your breasts in a tantalizing just barely-there brush of touch.

All the while, my tongue is sliding in you and around, reaching upward taut and pointed then softly pressing, feeling your moisture grow, feeling your hips press against me, holding me prisoner though not against my will. Feeling your heartbeat and your breath build and begin to catch, your hips rising, your back arching so my hands can slide under you along your sides, fingers sliding down your back, reaching to meet along your spine. Your whole body now straining, reaching, so tight and hot in my hands.

Your legs come around me and grip me tight like a silky vise, your feet slide along my back, I hear your breath held, then ragged and gasped. My hands cannot be still, I delight in the softness, the smooth feel of your skin, my fingertips draw circles around your breasts, catch your nipples and tease them outward, feeling your response firm in my hands. I feel the tension build in your thighs and belly, feel you tighten and reach toward something only you can see, only you can feel, but through you, with you, I feel it too. Your legs press around me almost blindly now and my world is only the beating of your heart, the rush of your pulse, the quick intake of breath, and though I hold you and touch you everywhere for a moment you are far from me. Slowly your hands begin to move again in my hair, slowly your legs slide once more along my back.

I lean back to look at you and smile, feel the warmth of your smile in return, reach a lazy but purposeful hand up to touch your cheek, slide along your lips, feel you catch my fingers with your teeth. I move up slowly to be closer to you, see the smile spread to your eyes as you feel my hardness against your thigh, your stomach, even as my other hand slides between your legs. You are so wet, so slick and soft. My fingers linger there, teasing and sliding, and I watch you flush, watch your eyes become dreamy and close softly, watch the small signs of desire grow again. Even as I reach for you, now I feel you reach for me, and your hand is warm and strong around my cock. I throb with your sudden touch, your fingers gripping, sliding, the edge of your fingernail circling the swollen head and I catch my breath, I am tight with anticipation but I want to wait, wait until we are both so ready, until we can wait no longer.

I press your hip and turn you over, restless hands along your back, catching your shoulders then down again, down to the flare of your hips and the rise of your ass. Loving the sight of you, loving the smooth feel of your skin, almost drunk with desire now and how close you are, my hands work the muscles of your back, stretch your arms up above your head, and touch all the length of your body.

Your body rises to meet my touch as though you can feel my hand even before I touch you. I kneel beside you and you rise up to face me, arms pulling me closer and closer, lips restless against my neck. I feel your breath hot and quick in my ear and then your mouth seeks mine and I fall back with you on top of me, my cock strains up and you slide your hips over me, I can feel you wet against my hips and then along the length of my cock, and I reach for your hips to pull you to me. Our hands meet around me, fingers slide together and then we fit ourselves together. At first just the tip of my cock slips along your lips, sliding just between them, pressing here and then sliding back, then pressing forward again. Small movements, breath held, watching you, delighting in the way you lean forward, the way your hands twine in mine, the light in your eyes, your breasts above me.

My hands move along your hips, trace the curve of your waist, reach around to cup your ass and pull you deeper , longer motions now, reaching up and in, feeling you press down onto me as I lift into you. I let you set the rhythm, and there under the spinning fan, with the breeze swaying the curtain we sway also to a current that runs between us, to a current that joins us. I reach up to caress your breasts, circle the nipples, let you lean into me until I need you to be closer and I lean up for you as I pull you down against me. I need to feel your body long against mine, need to breathe your breath.

And then, suddenly, you move, rolling me until I am above you, looking down. I feast on you with my eyes and smile, knowing where I have brought you. Then, slowly and deliberately I take your knees and draw them apart so I can see, see where I enter you… watch myself moving in you and then just as slowly, my eyes never leaving yours, wrap your smooth legs around me because now, now it begins, the ending…

Seeing, smelling, taste, hearing, have all come together. I see you open to me and around me, your eyes bright and soft and rapturous. I hear the sigh of our breath released and the gasp of breaths taken, hear the creak of the bed and the restless rustle of the wind. And it is as if we are caught up in the music of the world. And still I taste you on my lips and breathe in the scent of love and lust.

Our eyes are an open link between us through which sensation and feeling flow so that I am unsure where I end and you begin.

Your legs are around me now and although I have brought them there it is as though our minds have merged and hands and legs and fingers move with us, not from me or you separately. Your heels catch the cheeks of my ass and bring me in deeper. I lean forward now, eyes above your face, my hands beside your shoulders and the rhythm increases like the beat of a drum calling us. I feel a long shudder run through your body as my hips slide against yours, as my cock glides through you reaching and reaching again. Your arms wrap around my shoulders and bring me close, tight against your chest, and your mouth, hot and almost feverish, finds mine. We are holding on to one another now as if we are small and fragile craft riding waves in a storm. I feel the muscles of your belly contract and your hands and legs dig into me and in a last and desperate leap I find you and reach a place of complete release. A release so complete I forget for a moment where I am, who I am, just that I have found you.

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