The Virgin Redux

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photo: MetArt

Fluorescent lights flicker and light up obscenities scraped into metal lockers. Papers blow about an endless hallway marked with red “F”s and earnest scribblings of erect penises. School’s been out for a while but I can’t stop dreaming about it.

It must be that lonely pair of legs in front of me. I’m always a few steps behind no matter how hard I try to keep up.

Her boots — up to her knees — are the only thing dignified about the place. She snuck out of the house in those thigh-high fishnets — Daddy would have been so mad. Her skirt is tighter than anything except for the one thing I can’t stop thinking about.

Nothing ruins the mood like echoes of Jefferson Starship. Move on. It’s no good to go back in time.

Tonight, my lover is giving my dreams a makeover. School’s back in session with a uniform issued by Slut Academy.

The red tartan — can I call it a skirt? — fails to cover that heart-shaped ass I’ve never stopped falling for. A big nipple pops out of a wannabe black blouse. The heels in her boots keep her on her toes and bring out the tension in a perfect pair of legs.

“I’m tight for you tonight,” she says, bending over for me and opening wide. My dick is desperate for a kiss from her lubed lips.

“Tsk, tsk.”

She wants me somewhere else. She reaches her hand in between her legs and pushes my cock up at an angle. My dick slowly disappears into her virgin black hole.

I’m still soaked from the sweet juices she dripped over me. Make her come once or twice on any given night and she will sign over her ass on the dotted line. My beloved is mine and my ass is his. It’s a rose that blooms amongst the lilies. I think that’s from the Song of Solomonperhaps, a rare Greek translation. Look it up.

I like to grab her by the curve between her pin-up waist and that wholesome ass. The head of my suffocated cock swells up inside her and keeps me from slipping away.

She wears pigtails not as a symbol of innocence as much as an invitation to be controlled. I grab them in my fists and pull them back until her neck bends. I hold her head in place as I bang her tiny little asshole. Her sweet cushion lets me go as deep as I want.

“Oh, yesss. Fuck your schoolgirl,” she says.

Virgins are only fetishized for their impossibly tight holes. Give me a woman of experience who leads me down a less traveled path. I’ll never find my way back, and I won’t want to. She is my slut, my bride, and everything in between.

I won’t last long inside her and that’s OK. She’s already giving me hints. “Come in me,” she says. “Make me dirty.”

I come and it’s like an orgasm in slow motion — going the wrong way brings everything to a standstill. My dick is in her vise-grip.

My dirty dreams leak inside her. She’ll never let them go.

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