My Roommate

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“Don’t worry, she’s sleeping,” Emily whispered, dragging the guy to her bed in the dark.

Emily was my new roommate. We were both freshmen, but she only arrived a few days ago. Up until then, I’d had the dorm room all to myself.

The red and purple lava lamp cast a dim, colourful glow against the wall on the table between our beds.

“What if she wakes up?” the guy whispered.

He was clearly nervous.

“So what?” Emily responded. “Shut up and fuck me already.”

My heart skipped a beat. I kept my eyes closed, pretending to sleep. I could hear them kissing, Emily giggling softly. I opened my eyes a crack. She was on her bed, legs wide open. The guy was between her legs, kissing her, working his way down over her firm tits.

“Hmmm, that’s so good,” she whispered, arching her back as his face moved between her thighs.

I felt a tingling between my legs. Slowly, I moved my hand down, touching the front of my panties softly. Watching Emily and her guy was turning me on so much.

“Come here,” she said, pulling his face from her pussy.

The guy unbuttoned his jeans and jerked them down. I could see his rock-hard erection in the glow of the lamp. He lowered himself between her legs. I heard a soft liquid squelch as his cock entered her. Emily moaned, grabbing his arms and pulling him closer.

I rubbed the front of my panties, feeling the moisture seeping through from my wet, swollen lips. I bit down on my bottom lip to keep myself from making a sound. I slipped my hand inside my underwear as I watched them. The guy was going at it, fucking her so hard her body bounced up and down with each powerful thrust.

I slipped my finger between my folds, feeling my nub, swollen and sensitive. I started rubbing it, feeling shivers running down my spine.

I listened to him grunting and panting. Emily moaned and gasped every few seconds. I slipped a finger inside, feeling my soft, warm opening gripping me.

Emily’s moaning grew louder.

More intense.

I started fingering myself, my hand slamming into my engorged mound as I increased the intensity. My nipples were painfully erect, begging to be touched.

“Ah fuck!” the guy shouted.

I opened my eyes again as he ploughed Emily relentlessly for another few seconds. A moment later he sat back on the bed, out of breath.

“Did you cum?” he asked, panting.

“Yeah,” she responded unconvincingly.

“Okay, I better head back. Test in the morning,” he said.

“See you later,” she said, remaining on her back, legs wide open.

The guy pulled his jeans back up and left the dorm silently.

My heart was still racing. I was so close to climaxing, and my panties were soaked already. Maybe if I waited for Emily to fall asleep, I could grab my vibrator.

Emily got up from the bed and I immediately closed my eyes.

I opened them in shock as she pulled my covers open and slipped into the bed next to me.

“Emily?” I said, trying to sound groggy.

“Hey, Lucy,” she smiled. Her face was less than an inch from mine.

“Good night?” I stammered.

“It could be,” she said.

She planted her soft lips on mine. I could taste her sweet cherry lipgloss as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I could hardly comprehend what was happening. But I was so horny, I didn’t bother fighting it.

Emily moved her hand under my shirt and started playing with my nipples. I moaned into her mouth, feeling my nipples growing hard again. She kissed my neck, and with one quick movement, pulled my shirt up, exposing my boobs. Emily covered my areolae with her mouth as she sucked on each of my nipples. I ran my fingers through her long hair, moaning as her warm lips teased my pleasure centres.

“You’re this wet already?” she whispered, feeling the front of my panties.

I felt my face turning hot.

She grabbed my right hand and shoved my middle finger into her mouth. She smiled knowingly, pulling my hand out and pushing it between her legs.

Her pussy was still oozing cum. I swirled my finger between her shaven pussy lips, using the cum as lubricant.

“Do you want to taste me?” she asked.

I didn’t know what to respond. I nodded my head hesitantly. Emily pulled the covers off, turned around, and climbed onto me. She spread her legs across my face, giving me a perfect view of her tight ass and pink, soaking cunt.

I felt her pulling my panties to one side.

“Oh, fuck,” I exclaimed, grabbing her thigh as I felt her tongue inside my juicy slit.

She sucked on my labia, before sticking her tongue inside me, teasing my little nub. I ran my hands over her ass and pulled her closer to my face. I ran my tongue over her pussy lips, tasting a mixture of his cum and her pussy juices. I dug my fingers into her thighs and shoved her pussy in my face, eating her out like it was my last day on earth.

We both moaned, the wet sound of frantic pussy-eating filling the dorm. I ran my tongue deep inside her, tasting her flowering lips.

I started bucking my hips, feeling her sucking growing more intense.

The next moment, Emily started trembling. She yelped and squealed as she fucked my face with her wet cunt, grinding it like a cock.

At the same time, I felt a spasm between my legs. I dug my fingers deeper into her thighs as I cried out, muffled by her pussy. An intense orgasm surged through my body, causing me to whimper and writhe uncontrollably. I could feel my face growing wetter, and I could hear Emily sloshing between my legs as my orgasm continued for what seemed like forever.

A few minutes later, Emily turned her body around and lay next to me. Our hearts were racing, and we were both panting uncontrollably.

Ripples of orgasmic aftershock still made me shudder for a few minutes afterwards.

“I’m sleeping here by you tonight,” Emily finally murmured.

“Okay,” I said, my voice still shaky.

Within minutes, we were both fast asleep.

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