Under Water

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Ariel, The Little Mermaid. I remember wanting to be just like her. I would try to mimic her movements under water. There was something about her tiny body and long red hair flowing in the water. It was sexy and I knew it. I suppose on a deeper level that could be why I ended up a redhead. Have I been trying to emulate Ariel the mermaid my whole life? Gosh Disney, you’re good.

There’s this moment when you submerge your head under water… The world becomes quiet. All of the sounds are muffled and it feels like you’re all alone in this serene water world. Your body is weightless. The touch of your own skin glides like oil. You hear the trickling of water moving around you. Submerged in a world below; I’m weightless floating in a world above.

My red hair floats around, dancing around my face. My lips pucker and plump up. My eyelashes lengthen as they flutter in slow motion. I’m wearing a red and white checkered bikini. I slip my finger into my bottom string to adjust it. My finger glides against my hip, down to my ass cheek. As my hand pulls away it snaps my bottoms down. I can feel the sensation of another person’s touch on my body. It’s soft and it gives me goosebumps. I want it.

I painted my nails blood red. As I dripped the polish on them I thought about you. The deep cuts that you make into me. The release your cock gives me. Your body sets my heart and all of its arteries free. The red shines beneath the water. Crystalizing on the surface. My fingertips desire you. I want your body now.

I see you leaning against the side of the pool as I swim my way over. You put your hand on my back and I spin around to press your cock into my ass. Your skin feels like butter against mine. I want to take your cock and choke it down my throat. But I wait. I want it inside me first.

You grab both my thighs and pull my legs back. My pussy is an open window for your hands to play in. You slip three fingers in as I moan. You lift your hand out of the water to cover my mouth. You want silence as you drive me to orgasm. Your hand dripping water against my face. I breathe heavily as you continue pressing your fingers deeper until I feel your fist penetrate me. I convulse back in pleasure as my wet hair wraps around your shoulder.

I spin around to face you as I drop into the water. I want your cock in my mouth and I want it now. You feed me your hard cock. I lick the tip so you can feel the sensation. I see your thighs tighten in agony. I lick it again. Your toes flutter. I come up for air. I press your lips on to mine.

Kiss me damnit.

I draw your cock toward me with your hips. You slip inside. I float back on the surface as I thrust back and forth riding it gently, tightening my pussy for you. Give me your cum.

I need it just like this.

You push into me one last time as you glide your hand over my breast. The sensation leaves me tingling. I feel your cum inside me as I float to place my feet on the ground.

My legs are shaking from my orgasm but they are weightless. My lips numb. My body rises. My hands flutter to keep me afloat. My head tilts back and submerges.

The serene world of sex.

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