The Quiet Game

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photo: Viv Thomas

Ally and I are eye fucking each other over dinner. We haven’t spoken a word to each other all night. I’ve had one sip of my raspberry tea. Our entrees have yet to be touched. She has me trapped in her gaze. I can’t look away, and she has yet to break eye contact with me. Her gorgeous blue eyes are sparkling with lust. Her plush raven hair resting over her shoulder. Those thick soft lips are taunting me to taste them.

I lean over and extend my hand without looking down. She does the same. Her hand rests over mine, the warmth of her palm soothing my fingers. She flips my hand over and gently scrapes her nails on my palm. I feel my pussy tighten immediately. She trails her finger slowly back and forth, like she’s spelling words on my skin. Then, I flip her hand to the table and do the same. Now, we’re hand fucking.

I hear one of her heels kick off under the table. She gently raises her foot to my lap. Her sole rests perfectly on my pussy. I lean forward and spread my legs wider under the table, welcoming her touch.

She smiles. We are still having this sexy staring contest. My temperature rises as she slowly swivels her ankle. My lips part and my breath grows heavy. She grips my hand and licks her lips, feeling my wetness soak through my panties. The fabric increases the friction between my thighs. I’m so close!

Suddenly, our waitress walks up and breaks up our little game. Ally giggles when she asks us how we liked the filet mignon we didn’t touch. We quickly pay and leave, walking hand in hand to the parking lot.

I stop her right when we get to my car and press her up against the door. I kiss her wildly, smearing the gloss on her soft lips, pressing my body close. Then, I stop to let her in the passenger side. I want her so bad, but I’m getting cold and I want to go home.

That short five minute drive to my place is torture. Her hand is between my legs, caressing my skin, deliberately avoiding my pussy just to tease me. I’m so wet, I can feel my juices leaking.

We’re finally in the driveway. I quickly step out to open her door and she grabs my pussy instead of my hand coming out of the car. I’m beyond horny, my composure shattering to pieces every step we take to get inside and into the bedroom.

I turn the light on and sit her down on the bed. I kiss her lips again. Then, I take her heels off one by one. Ally’s feet are so soft and beautiful. Her wine red pedicure looks so pretty and matches her lips perfectly. I like that. This is my first time to really admire them. I raise her left foot to my lips and gently kiss her toes. I lick the bottom of her feet, trailing the tip of my tongue up the arch while I caress her calves. She moans softly and starts playing with her pussy. I lick and suck her toes harder, feeling my own wetness drip down my thighs. I gently nibble her ankle and kiss slowly up her leg, my fingers curling around the seam of her panties to roll them down.

I make my traditional kiss to her kinky thigh tattoo and see something glistening between her lips, more than her wetness. Two small silver balls rest right on each side of her clit like a beautiful ornament, decorating her smoothly shaved pussy.

I look up at her and smile seductively while I lower my face, my mouth watering to taste her. I slip my tongue inside her and spread the hot glaze up her clit. Then, I press my lips gently to her flesh, using her piercing as a guide for my tongue’s homebase. I begin whirling my tongue in various speeds, then sucking her clit softly. Her hands reach for mine just like they did at dinner. Except, this time, I’ll be damned if I leave this filet mignon untouched.

Our hands grip tight over her hips as I increase speed, my tongue running a spin cycle around her slippery flesh. Her hips grind up and down my face as her sexy moans echo to the ceiling. I feel her clit erect, squeezing past her piercing, so I slow my pace. I press my lips lightly, circling them slowly around her clit. She curses as her hips shake. I let the tip of my tongue touch her clit as I continue my sweet torture. Her upper body starts winding like she’s doing sexy crunches, her moans elevating to screams. I suck her clit even slower, pressing my tongue firmly between her lips. In a shivering moment, her pussy throbs in climax all over my lips. Her piercing clinks my teeth. Her thighs shaking over my shoulders. Her sweet juices leaking in and out of my mouth.

I lap her lower lips clean, savoring every drop of her wetness. I flip her over. I press the small of her back, making her lift her gorgeous ass in the air. Then, I slide my fingers inside her. I feel for her G-spot and start coaxing it. I fuck her slowly at first, increasing my pressure gradually.

She looks back at me, biting her lip sexily. I pull her up to kiss her from the side, then reach around to play with her pussy again. She hangs her head back to rest on my shoulder while I finger fuck the life out of her. She places my other hand around her neck, telling me to choke her. I kiss her shoulder and grip my hands right under her jawline to make sure she can still breathe, while giving her the breathlessness she desires. Then I fuck her harder, flicking my fingers as fast as I can until she convulses, the force of her orgasm shooting up her spine like a rocket.

She takes my wet sticky fingers and sucks her cum right off them. Then, she presses her lips to mine. Her kisses are electric! It makes my body want to stick to her like a magnet.

I lay her down on her back and press my pussy to hers. She grabs my bottom tightly, meeting my rhythm perfectly with her hips. Our bodies are so wet, I can hear our pussies splashing together. I lick and suck her neck, my hands wrap around her back. I feel her piercing glide around my clit, pushing me faster over the edge. My body shudders as my pussy melts on hers, nearing an explosive climax I’ve been holding back for hours.

She quickly grips my thighs, pulling my pussy up to her face, as soon as I’m about to cum. She sucks and slurps my clit with her arms wrapped tight around my thighs, making sure she tastes every last throb on her tongue. I cum so hard, I feel tears well up in my eyes, moaning loudly as she breaks me apart.

Then, she pushes me all the way back so I’m straddling her lap again. Her fingers ease inside me with my back arched off the bed. Her other arm holds my waist firmly to keep me in position. I feel powerless as she flicks her fingers rapidly inside me, hammering my G-spot until I cum again and again.

Blood rushes to my head. I have to wriggle away to keep my instantly sensitive flesh from tingling.

She lies on top of me and kisses my lips softly. Then, she stares at me again. The same lustful gaze as at the dinner table, trapping me into looking back, feigning to blink… eye fucking me after physically fucking me. The force is even more intense when we’re naked. Her hands press mine to the pillows, her nails gently scraping my palms, my pussy tightening in anticipation. Not one word comes out of her mouth or mine.

I like this game. Silence truly is golden…

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