The Morning After

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photo: SexArt

Showers, bubbles, and mimosas.

The night Matt went down on me in the supply closet at the Big House bar, I had a tough time focusing on slinging drinks. I couldn’t stop thinking about the intensity of the orgasm and the way he slid my panties back into place over my sensitive clit. Needless to say, I walked around wet for the first part of the shift. He didn’t make things any easier for me with his languid laugh and gorgeous blue eyes.

Fortunately, what started out as a slow Sunday night turned into a shit show when a local soccer club came in after their game and packed the bar with hot jocks and pretty women. There’s nothing like trying to get out of the weeds to snap a girl back to reality. By the time we had last call and cleaned up, I was so wiped out that sex was the last thing on my mind.

Matt was a doll and did all of the heavy closing work, like mopping the floors and lugging empty kegs and trash to the back. I focused on wiping down the tables, chairs, and bar. The place was a royal disaster. We finally finished up around 3 am and all I could think about was getting home to my soft bed to sleep.

He walked me to my car like always and bent in for a kiss. And I dunno, maybe it was because it had been so long since anyone was this into me, but the way he gently sucked on my lower lip and held my face in his hands made me feel like a million bucks and also a little shy.

“Do you wanna come over to my place?” I asked so softly that he had to lean in to be sure.

“You know I do. I can drive if you want.” I handed him the keys and hopped in the passenger side.

I lived in a cute little condo just a couple of miles from the bar but Matt had never been over. I’m a classic introvert and really need my privacy, but I guess there’s a first time for everything.

When we got there I clicked on the lights and the fireplace. It was unusually cold for San Diego and it felt good to make the place cozy.

“There’s beer in the fridge if you want. I gotta take a quick shower.”

He grabbed two IPAs and popped the tops. “Can I join you?”

“Umm, sure.” But I wasn’t sure. All I could think of was how imperfect my mom bod would look standing up with nothing to hide. Thank goodness I’d had a good bikini wax earlier that week so I was at least smooth and soft in that department. Even so, I was a little insecure. I was in decent shape but having a kid tends to make the belly and hips look a little less than perfect. But the beautiful thing about Matt is that he seems to think I’m sexy just as I am.

I was bending in to turn on the shower when he came up behind me and turned me around. He pulled my work shirt over my head and unsnapped my lacy black bra. I unbuckled his belt and tugged down his jeans and cotton boxers. I loved that he wore the saggy old fashioned kind with the vent in front. The shower was steaming as we stepped in together. I sudsed up my hair and he lathered me with coconut body wash.

I gasped as he moved his hands over my nipples and then between my legs, sliding his slick soapy hands over every inch. I scooped the suds from my breasts and took his gorgeous cock in both hands, sliding up and down from the shaft to the tip.

He groaned and tilted his head back. “God, your touch feels so good.”

“Jesus, you’re so hard.”

“I can’t resist you.”

I took the waterpik shower handle down and rinsed him off, then shot a pulse of warm water between my legs and over my breasts before turning it off and handing him a fluffy warm towel.

“Hey, it’s officially morning, do you want a mimosa?” I definitely needed a minute to chill and relax.

“Yes, I’m on it.” He popped the bottle of Moet I had been saving for Christmas and topped it off with some OJ in two coffee mugs.

I went to the fleecy white rug in front of the fire and plumped up some pillows. It was weird, I really wanted to have sex with Matt but I also felt like things were moving so fast. I was in no good space for anything serious.

Matt sat down beside me with the mugs. “Here’s to us.”

I leaned back on the pillows. “God, I’m so wiped out.”

The towel slid off of me as I soaked in the warmth and crackle of the fire on my skin. Matt scooted down sideways to lie facing my thighs. He squeezed my ass in his hands and rolled me to my side. Then he bent my knee into a V and took a sip of bubbly. With the first swirl of his cold tongue, I felt an electric shock of heat in my belly and chill on my clit.

“Shit,” I blurted.

He stopped and propped up on one elbow. “You ok?”

“Yes, I mean, sorry. Your tongue is so cold. But don’t stop.”

He lay back down and lifted one leg over his shoulder. As he fluttered his tongue over my clit and slid two fingers inside of me, the tip of his smooth hard cock brushed my lips. He smelled like my delicious coconut body wash; clean and crisp.

As he sucked on my clit he began to gently rock his hips sliding against my cheek. He didn’t ask me to suck but I knew he wanted my lips to slide around him. The problem was that I hadn’t given a blow job since my ill-fated marriage and I didn’t want to disappoint him.

This thought was just a flash in my mind as he spread me apart. My cunt fluttered and pulsed with wet heat and I wanted to take all of him in. I wrapped my hand around the bottom of his cock and sucked. The sensation of my mouth being filled with the curve of his sex while he licked and swirled inside of me sent me spinning. I stopped thinking about technique as we both used our fingers and lips to get each other off. As he got closer to cumming I could feel myself tingling and pulsing on his lips.

The soft fleece rug and the crackle of the fireplace heightened my sensations. The taste of his delicate skin throbbing in my mouth excited me even more. I flicked my tongue under the tip of his cock and slid my hand back and forth. He groaned and circled my clit with his tongue and fingered my ass. The sensation was so intense I felt the orgasm pulsing from deep inside and up through my belly. As the waves of ticklish pleasure rolled over me he came inside of my mouth in a rush of warmth full of coconut and salty smoothness.

We both fell back gasping on the rug, wordless and unable to move for a few minutes. I finally sat up and poured us each another mimosa. We thirstily gulped them down and pulled more pillows and throws from the couch. The fire danced and our bodies tingled with pleasure as we both fell into a deep dreamy sleep.

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