The Morning After

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It’s the morning after New Year.

I’m not wearing my watch so I cannot tell the time, but there is a crack in the curtains that tells me it’s daylight outside. Not that I care––we are miles from home. No kids, no work; nothing but fun and play in this island paradise out in the Bahamas.

I’m lying in bed in a fancy hotel room naked with the sheets pulled off me. My wife and her lover occupy the opposite bed, asleep. My wife’s hair is flopped over her face with her arm and feet resting over her lover’s torso and leg, both of them breathing lightly. They look good together. The air conditioner is on, but so far it hasn’t gotten rid of the pervading smell of sex. An empty bottle of champagne along with two glasses lies forgotten on the floor.

I adjust myself on the bed and spread my legs and start jerking off as I recall exciting images of them fucking last night. I lick my lips at the thought of them waking up soon to fuck once more.

The night had been spectacular, starting off at the end of year party hosted in the hotel’s main ballroom. Pretty much everyone had attended. Drinks and confetti had flowed. I had nursed a glass of scotch as I watched Becky and Dave frolic to the bandstand music that played, amidst the wave of other couples. I could just picture Dave feeling up her dress, unconcerned about whoever might be watching. At one point they locked lips. Nobody around looked like they cared. Nobody besides me. I sat where I was, nursing my drink and my boner in my pants, praying I didn’t embarrass myself too soon.

As the party wound into the night, at about 11:30pm, they quit their dancing and approached me. Becky grabbed my arm and yelled into my ear, over the roaring noise. Though it was hard to catch her words, I knew she said we should head back to the suite. I drained my scotch and took off with them.

Our building was a block away from the main ballroom. I strolled ahead of Becky and her lover, listening to the sound of fireworks already dazzling the night’s sky along with them giggling into each other’s ear. We rode the elevator to our floor. They were already kissing as we went up. Dave tugged at my wife’s dress, squeezing her tits; I was so hungry to start jerking off. We reached our suite and I opened the door for them and shut it behind me and followed them towards the bedroom.

“Darling, come be of use,” Becky teased me, gesturing at her feet. I went down on my knees and one after the other helped her out of her shoes. “There. Such a good boy,” she cooed. “Now, unzip me.”

I came up behind her and dutifully unzipped her dress while she continued her foreplay with Dave. Her dress fell down to her hips and she did the rest herself.

“Don’t forget about me, boy,” said Dave.

Yes sir,” I answered and went back on my knees to relieve him of his shoes, then undo his belt buckle.

Becky sauntered towards the bathroom. “I won’t be long. You boys get comfortable and don’t do anything naughty till I return,” she chuckled before shutting the door.

“You heard her, cucky boy. Go ahead and get me ready for your bitch.”

I extracted Dave’s flaccid girth out of his briefs and murmured in my throat as I took him into my mouth. His cock tasted good. The longer I stroked his member, making him rock hard in my mouth, the more I fancied how he was going to punish my wife tonight. Even he loved what I was doing from the way he groaned in response.

“I’m gonna fuck your bitch into the new year, white boy,” he declared. “Tell me how bad you wanna watch me do that.”

I stopped to answer him, gasping and dripping saliva over his cock. “So bad, sir.”

I went on sucking his erection. He jerked his penis down my throat, forcing me to gulp. My glasses nearly fell from my face. There was the sound of the shower running behind the bathroom door.

“Tell me you want me to breed your bitch tonight,” Dave groaned.

I want you to breed my wife, sir,” my voice sounded ominous in the comfort of the room. Who would have thought a grown man in his fifties, a business executive for a Fortune 500 company, would be on his knees saying this while having a man’s cock jammed in my mouth. And yet hearing my own voice got my erection feeling like it wanted to rip out of my pants. I was so fucking hard I came in my shorts, as I was slurping Dave’s hard-on like a lollipop.

“Please, sir,” I continued like the obedient servant I was. “Fuck my gorgeous wife. Breed her for me; I’ll pay you every night you fuck her.” And I meant it.

The bathroom door open and Becky’s nude silhouette filled the door frame. She entered the room dripping water and came and took her position beside me.

“Did you keep him warm for me, cucky?” She took charge of her lover’s cock and applied her mouth to him. “Mmmm, that tastes good. Doesn’t it, babe?”

“Sure does,” I acknowledged and kissed her shoulder as she went on ingesting her lover’s girth with aplomb.

I stood aside as Dave ditched the remainder of his clothes then lifted my wife onto the bed. She was giggling as she spread her legs for him. That laughter turned into a sharp, aggressive moan as he thrust himself into her. I checked my watch and saw it was less than five minutes to New Year. Dave pressed down on Becky’s thighs, grunting as he fucked her hard. Already I had my penis in my hand, already wet from me having climaxed beforehand but still jerking harder for another release.

Becky whimpered and moaned.

Dave was in charge of her.

The bed squeaked louder as he fucked her harder.

Now and then I glanced at my watch, knowing the countdown time was near. My eyes switched between my watch to my hand stroking my cock hard, then to Dave who now had Becky lying on her shoulders with her feet stuck out to the side, still plunging into her hard and deep. Her gasping cries filled the room. Though the curtains were shut, I could make out rockets of fireworks exploding bright colourful lights into the night sky. I, too, was gasping hard. Pools of sweat popped and dripped over my glasses.

I switched to my watch. Less than a minute to go. Dave turned Becky over and was smacking her ass and slamming her hard. My mouth hung open and I could hear myself breathing heavily.

The hour was approaching. I counted the seconds aloud: “Five . . . Four . . . Three . . . Two . . . One . . . HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

Dave must have been aware of the time because it wasn’t long before he became still after thrusting deep into Becky, and groaned repeatedly as he pumped his load inside my wife. I inched forward, waiting for him to pull out. He did eventually and I rushed over and spread Becky’s ass cheeks and pressed my nose and glasses against her asshole while my tongue consumed the ounce of semen stuck in her cunt. My penis dribbled semen down my thighs while I ate Dave’s seed out of wife.

I am relieving all of this while jerking my cock, and gasp with relief when I spurt over my hand. I head into the bathroom to clean myself up and take a shower.

Becky is awake when I come out of the bathroom. She cracks a yawn and rubs her eyes while staring bleary-eyed at me.

“Hey, cucky. You wanna order breakfast?”

“Sure.” I put on my glasses before going to pick up the phone.

What a great way to enter the New Year. Do clap if you enjoyed this story, also if you’ve fantasised of something like this before. Welcome to 2019.

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