One Girl, Two Men, Multiple Orgasms

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Is there a happier position for me to be in than upside down with one cock thrusting into my mouth while another fills my pussy? If so, I’ve yet to discover it. Turns out yoga gurus are right when they advocate the benefits of inversion (although I don’t recall my teacher mentioning the part about getting fucked by two guys at once). Right now, the blood is rushing to my head, making me feel slightly giddy — although I might just be getting cock-drunk — as I relax and let them drill me in unison.

I might be upside down on the world’s ugliest chair, but I’m starting to appreciate its utility…

Come and try out my new sex chair,” my best fuckbuddy Tony suggests, as we’re having coffee near the gym after a class.

“What the hell is a sex chair?” I laugh. “Like, a swing hanging from the ceiling or something? Actually, that could be quite fun…”

“No, it’s a proper chair, only for sex,” he says, as if explaining to someone extremely dim-witted. What the hell. The workout has made me horny — as usual — and I was planning to hook up with my personal trainer Victor anyway, so why not do both? It won’t be the first time they’ve double-teamed me, and it guarantees me the high-energy fucking I’m craving.

We wait for Vic to finish up with his client, and the minute he’s showered we head to Tony’s place to test drive the chair.

“Holy fuck, man, that’s one hideous chair,” says Vic. He’s only voicing what we’re both thinking.

Although I’ve been trying to picture a “sex chair,” I did not once anticipate a retro style, metal and acrylic suspended half-globe. Apologies if you have one of these in your house and think it’s the last word in classic design, but seriously? It makes Tony’s sleek den look like a louche bachelor pad; maybe that was the plan.

I don’t want to hurt my sweetie’s feelings, so I distract him from asking my opinion by undressing. The guys watch as I lie back against the leather cushion, slowly parting my thighs, then lift my feet up onto the rim of the chair so my pussy is blatantly offered up to them, little blonde landing strip leading their eyes downward.

Vic is on his knees in a flash, lapping up the moisture that’s welling between my smooth, plump pussy lips, as Tony simultaneously watches, jerks off and undresses. I love how comfortable the three of us are together; no inhibition, no competition, just the harmonious pursuit of mutual pleasure.

“Turn around, baby,” Vic says, when he’s licked me into a state of buzzing, quivering arousal. As I get on my knees, gripping the metal rim of the chair, I see what he has in mind. The chair tilts at just the right angle that Tony can stand slightly to the side and feed his cock into my eager mouth, while my pussy and ass are presented at the ideal height for Vic to eat.

“Great sex chair,” I say with a grin as I reach for Tony’s erection.

I look up at him adoringly as I run my tongue all around the tip and up and down the shaft to get it wet, then close my lips around it and start to inch it into my mouth, watching his face light up with bliss. I’m savoring his taste and feel, the vibrant throbbing against my tongue, the girth and heft stretching my mouth. Vic’s probing tongue is stoking the wet heat at my core, making me moan around my mouthful of dick, the vibrations making Tony groan in response. Vic shoves a couple of fingers into me roughly, seeking out my G-spot as he rubs my clit with his other hand, sending sparks of delight through me. I suck harder, trying to keep my orgasm dampened down, delaying the inevitable explosion.

Vic stands, shedding the last of his clothes, and grabs a footstool to rest on. We’re in a slightly precarious position with me clinging on to the chair as I slide my lips up and down Tony’s bone, drawing out a fresh droplet of pre-cum with each long suck; but by kneeling on the footstool behind me, hanging onto the chair with a hand either side of my body, Vic manages to line the fat head of his cock up with the creamy entrance to my pussy.

The feeling as he pushes inside me is pure ecstasy. His cock seems perfectly designed for my pussy, by which I mean it’s just that little bit too big, so the stretch never fails to shock and thrill me. My sugar walls immediately start to flutter around him, and he holds almost motionless, just stirring his cock in tiny circles inside me, as the fluttering builds to a crescendo of cumming.

Tony’s dick has been in my mouth the whole while, and as the wild shudders of my climax peak and then subside to gentle trembling, the guys start to thrust into me, coordinating their rhythm to the swinging of the chair so I feel like I’m being screwed in every cell of my body at once. I relax and let them take control, shunting my body back and forth between them, until I feel the world melt away and my entire consciousness is suspended between the two hot, wet, steely points of penetration.

Then they turn me upside down.

My orgasm has left me hyper-sensitive and as the blood rushes to my head it seems to intensify every sensation. On my back, my head is hanging off the edge of the chair, tilted at the exact angle that allows Vic’s thick cock to slide into my mouth. My tastebuds are flooded with our mingled sweet-salt flavor as my tongue caresses his shaft, tracing over the veins, feeling it pulse. I can sense all his barely-restrained virile energy aching to be released, hard abs twitching with the effort of holding back.

Letting go my iron grip on the chair frame, I wrap my hands around his thighs to balance myself, then nod to him to take control. After a few shallow thrusts, he starts fucking into my mouth deeper, deep enough that I can feel him nudging the back of my throat, making me see stars. I may have mentioned once or twice before that I love to suck cock and I enjoy surrendering to getting my mouth fucked just as much as I get off on being the one in charge. Within moments I’m utterly consumed by the sensation of such intimate transfixion.

Tony waits until Vic and I are settled into a steady rhythm before sliding his hands up my legs — which are hooked over the top rim of the chair — to my pussy. The first touch of his fingers on my clit makes me buck wildly, clinging on with all four limbs, but luckily Vic’s fat cock in my mouth serves as an excellent anchor. I suck it harder, steadying and centring myself, as Tony’s fingers work their magic, two sliding into my drenched slit to drum my G-spot while he rubs my clit firmly. He knows my body’s responses so well that once I start cumming again he doesn’t let me stop, easing up for a second and then pressing harder again, over and over.

By pulling my body up so my torso is straight, then angling his cock downward, he somehow manages to slide it into my pussy. He matches his tempo to Vic’s as he starts to piston into me, so that each time I suck the bone invading my mouth, my cunt clutches at the one filling it simultaneously. It’s literally mindblowing; my body is almost numbed with orgasm overload.

I’m experiencing one long chain of tremors as Tony unhooks my legs from the chair and folds my knees back so my soaked slit is splayed open obscenely, his fingers inside me again. Now Vic is able to lean forward to suck my clit, cock buried to the root in my mouth. The feeling of his weight holding me in this position, his cock and Tony’s fingers pinning me in place, is overwhelming. I’m shaking, seeing stars, cumming so hard it feels like I could disintegrate into a million fragments.

Vic pulls out halfway so as not to choke me as he starts to cum, cock jerking with every fresh spurt. I can barely swallow in this position, so I let it pool in my mouth around his twitching shaft. He leans back out of the firing line just as I feel the wet heat of Tony’s cum splatter down onto my upturned cunt.

The guys have to pick me up and lie me down on the floor until I stop reeling. Whether it’s from being upside down or from the sheer number and strength of my orgasms, I don’t know.

We’re all agreed that ugly as it is, the sex chair is a keeper. Tony can’t take it back now anyway, since we got cum all over it…

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