The Innocent Sofa

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photo: SexArt

It was standing under the large mirror hanging on the living room wall. The first piece of furniture you’d see as you walked in. Present but not in the way.

That night it was to be subjected to a passionate love skirmish. The two of them stumbled out of the bedroom in the middle of the night, with that one sofa in mind. The shine of the street lamps seeping through the windows guided them to it. He placed a pillow on the sofa before he gently installed her on it, in a very, very convenient position.

She opened her legs and presented herself to him. Her vulva was already engorged, after all they had been doing in the bedroom. Her clit stood like a soldier on guard, her well of pleasure could be clearly seen. She held her legs open, fully ready for him.

With no more formalities he placed the tip of his shaft to her entrance. She gave him a look of complicity, the kind that gives the green light to proceed. His heart missed a beat when he looked at her sexed up image, her beautiful hair framing her smile and the curls covering her breasts.

He drove inside, all the way in. And it felt like home. They had to stop there, as you stop at a viewpoint on a scenic route. She loved the fierce look in his eyes. The kind that showed that his primal instincts had taken over. The kind that made her felt wanted and desired.

He placed his knees on each side of the cushion and grabbed the upper frame of the sofa, searching for balance. She looked up at him and they locked their mouths in a long kiss. The kind where they remain hinged on each other as their owners rocked back and forth.

The way she was presenting herself amplified every move he made. As he was sliding in and out of her wetness, her hips kept meeting his halfway. The angle allowed her to feel his shaft all the way inside. She placed her hands on his chest, then caressed all the way to his back where she dug her nails into his flesh in a sudden spasm of pleasure. Only to immediately continue down to his butt where she grabbed its flesh and pushed him deeper with every thrust. She could see the shape of his body as he danced above her. She loved the way he moved his hips.

Momentum started building in her. She had to stop kissing him to grasp for air. Her “oh god” and “fuck” expressions became a prelude to her “just like this” and “don’t stop”. He cradled her in his arms as soon as “I’m going to come, Teddy” left her mouth.

She collapsed in his arms, while her legs kept shaking as she temporarily lost control. Her vagina spasmed on his rod, as he held it all the way in. He could feel every single tremor.

But they were not yet done. As soon as she recovered her breath he asked her if she wanted to try doggy. She eagerly turned around, grabbing the sofa in the very spot he had just moments ago, and spread her legs open.

The reflection in the mirror was extremely sexy. They looked at each other as he used his hands to open up her butt cheeks a bit more, as if to make a statement, and get a few millimeters deeper inside of her just before he drove all the way in.

With every push she felt her melting point getting closer and closer. He held her neck and pulled her closer, wetting his fingers in her mouth. Knowing what his intentions were she sucked them eagerly.

Soon he reached the tip of her sex. He was now fucking her in semi-vertical doggy with his fingers stimulating her engorged clit and his other arm holding her in position. She could see how his face was reflecting her feelings, with their smiles announcing the intense concentration right before the orgasmic wave hits.

And so it came down on her. So strong that it almost made her faint. She felt his embrace holding her and the power of his manhood fixed inside of her. For a second it felt as if she was made of gelatine, and that his embrace helped her regain solid form again.

It was a beautiful reflection of two souls who had just consummated their love in a physical act. Each kiss was worth more than a hundred thank you’s. Her hand caressing his arm, feeling the protective cocoon they had built around themselves with their feelings for each other.

Next morning the sofa was looking the same as it had ever been. The silent witness of a loving skirmish between two bodies that were made for each other. Two souls that had long searched for one another, and who had finally met. The secret would be kept, except for the ones who knew about it…

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