The fire inside you

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“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.” ― Marilyn Monroe

I just went through a few quotes about sex, and the one above is one of the most beautiful lines ever written. Don’t you think so?

A little poetry before I start this post:

“Make love before life leaves you,
Create your own life before love disowns you,
For every time you do what others believe,
You are doing nothing but wasting time
you could use to have sex…”

So many taboos, so much judgment around making love, sex, fucking, having desires, the lust inside you, the wants your body creates and much more, do you think it’s fair? I am not sure, because as the above quote says, we are sexual creatures and we are born in a certain way and like every other drive throughout your existence — food, shelter, love, passion, ambition, success— SEX is a major need and you cannot simply ignore it. Can you?

We live in a generation of live-in relationships, beyond virginity definitions and taking our own time to decide when to get married, SEX not being the only reason. Why do we still not give making love its due importance? The fire inside you is there for a reason and you cannot blow it off at your own convenience.

We have goals and ambitions in life, we don’t have time, we are BUSY all the time, enough to forget to even eat sometimes; but is that healthy? Your stomach needs food, your body needs superior health and just to give you a spark of realization, your imagination, flowing blood and hungry soul needs its portion as well.

There are so many theories and stories which have correlated spirituality and sexuality, also innumerable facts which prove how good sex is for your body, your physical and mental health. Why not then just take the plunge? Why be so insecure about it?

I strongly believe in CONSENT and also that like LOVE, SEX is earned.

I am not here to sell SEX, I am here to tell myself that it’s okay to have desires, it’s okay to feed your soul and bodily needs, I am here to acknowledge that the rush I feel, the wants I have are legit and there’s nothing wrong in asking for Sex or Love or Cuddling or Nibbling or Hard Core Fucking or Sleeping skin to skin for days or Making Each Other Breakfast or Having Sex Anytime you want, evening, morning, afternoon, midnight, late night, post dinner, pre-dinner, whenever the FUCK you want.

When you initiate and make a move, or someone does that and you reciprocate, understand that two people who are together need to kiss, hug and fuck each other enough to become one; and just to be clear, my definition of love and life is not just sex, I am a staunch believer in humanity, kindness, support and sharing chores as well, I am a human being of this millennial generation where both work, both do the housework, both get groceries and both initiate sex too.

Experiences have made me believe that making love is a workout, both for the soul and the body. Your spirit wanting to rekindle the spark is absolutely normal… and being an annoying person when you don’t get it is also absolutely normal!

Each individual or couple decides the intensity and frequency on their own, there are no written rules to SEX.

We are exposed to a lot of information for reference but make your own guide and be open about your desires. Because, if you are going to stay stuck in that rut of the rat race and not listen to your needs, they will also stop listening to you and that will cause future regrets.

Ending this piece with another quote:

“Books are finite, sexual encounters are finite, but the desire to read and to fuck is infinite; it surpasses our own deaths, our fears, our hopes for peace.” – Roberto Bolaño

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