The Birthday Present

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photo: The Life Erotic

What do you give the perfect little submissive for her birthday?

She knelt blindfolded in the middle of the bed, listening for sounds of life. Her ass rested on her heels and, when he deliberately bounced the deep soft mattress, her stomach gripped, her abs balancing her.

She wished she had agreed to have her hands cuffed behind her back when she found herself battling the overwhelming urge to move them. Her fingers twitched and fidgeted, impatience sending waves of excitement through her.

She always loved being blindfolded but tonight she almost begged him not to, but, she trusted him. He always protected and looked out for her. She knew that while she was his submissive she was safe. That thought filled her with warmth. Not a sensation she could explain to any of her friends. They’d never understand.

Love was the closest she could come to describing it but knew that wasn’t the right word. She’d loved before. This wasn’t love. It wasn’t lust, she’d felt that before and knew it well. Yet, it was more than friendship. They may have started out as Friends with Benefits but now they were something different, something more.

Trust? Absolute trust?

The way he always made sure she was comfortable and happy, before, during, and after every new adventure they had filled her with more of this feeling of love than she knew what to do with.

Tonight, on the drive to the hotel she had questioned him over and over, determined to whittle the details out of him but as always, he was solid and reliable. He was a great person to tell secrets to but a terrible person to play poker with. His eyes had twinkled as she got over-excited and on at least two occasions he had made her close her eyes and breathe. But, he still hadn’t given away a single detail of her birthday present.

When they had arrived at the hotel room, she saw her one last chance to get information from him. She had dropped her dress on the floor, fallen to her knees and, hands clasped behind her back, she had sat with her mouth open.

“Oh, no, baby. Tonight isn’t for me. It’s all about you,” he had said, running his fingers along her jawline. Her breathing stuttered and she quivered at his touch. She would never understand how such a simple touch from him could create such ripples of anticipation and excitement. “And, who told you to get undressed?” he said, wrapping his fingers around her ponytail and pulling her head back. “Well?”


Her stomach bubbled and fluttered creating a burning in her groin when he bent down to look in her eyes, his hands resting on her shoulders. His hands ran down her arms, stopping just above her elbows and she leaned in toward him, her mouth begging to be kissed.

He stood slowly, taking her up with him, placing a single gentle kiss on her open lips. When he pulled back her body followed, desperate for him.
Mischief danced in his eyes and he turned his head to stare at the bed. Her eyes followed his. In the middle of the bed sat a single item, a blindfold, and she couldn’t resist the smile that had spread across her face. She felt her back arch and her breathing grow shallow as she climbed on the bed, not taking her eyes off him.

“Kneeling, hands in position.” His voice had that dominating tone that she would walk over hot coals for and she could feel her legs threaten to quiver as she got in position.

“Do you want me to take off my bra and knickers?” she asked, staring into his eyes, waiting for a reaction, her tongue tracing the line of her lips as she found her gaze fixed on his mouth.

“No. If I wanted that, I’d have said. But, good girl for asking. Besides, I think somebody else might rather like to do that.” His head tilted to the side as he watched his words play out on her face.

Her eyes widened and her mouth moved to speak but no words came. She closed her mouth, licking her lips and swallowing a long deep gulp.

“Somebody else?” she said, her voice low and soft in an almost whisper.
He backed away, pulling a chair up near the bottom of the bed. He sat, loosening his tie and placing his elbows on his knees, now wide open and revealing the bulging in his trousers.

“Blindfold on, please,” he said, his words stretching and teasing her.

She sat patiently with her blindfold on, listening for sounds of life, careful to pay attention to where he was. The subtle sounds of his breathing as he breathed on her neck occasionally, coupled with the distinctive smell that was him, created a lump in her throat and she battled her own impulses to move.

Her legs pushed her up as her back arched. “Ah, no, no, no. You know better than to move,” he whispered in her ear. His hand hit her ass with a loud slap that filled the room. “Do you need me to restrain you, baby?”

“Yes, please.” Knowing her limits and admitting them was one of the greatest things he had given her. He always seemed to know when she was struggling to break through a barrier.

His hands pulled her wrists together and she felt the tape wrap around them, a release calming her and taking her one step closer to the calm space where only he could take her. When the tape bound around her ankles, one at a time, she gave over all control to him and found herself bursting inside as she gave herself over to him.

“I’m yours. All yours,” she whispered to an unasked question.

She listened as his breathing left her and heard the faint sound of him sitting back into the chair she knew was at the bottom of the bed.

When somebody knocked on the room door, she pulled herself straight, her ears grasping for any indication of who was there.

“Just put them over there on the table, please,” he said, his voice suddenly polite and lifeless.

The sounds of a second set of feet entered the room and she focused on them.

The sound of glasses clinking on the table was followed by a wavering, hesitant male voice. “If that’s all, sir.”

A small inside smile made her silently chuckle. She knew he had deliberately brought the room service waiter in to embarrass him.

When the door closed, she wriggled slightly, sitting up as straight as she could. “I’m not falling for that. You embarrassed that poor waiter.”

“Ah, yes but it was worth it.” His voice came from next to her left ear, confusing her momentarily, as she listened to the clinking glass on the other side of the room.

Was there another person in the room?

She felt her back arch and her mouth searched for him. “Can I have a kiss, please, for my birthday,” she whispered toward where his voice had come from, reaching forward with her mouth.

An ice cube rubbed against her nipples, soaking the lace, and a heaving groan escaped from her. His other hand circled her other nipple with another ice cube before sucking and kissing it. The ice cube stung the nipple until she felt her bra loosen from behind.

The sudden realisation that a second set of hands had loosened it sent a shudder of anticipation through her, and she tried to push up. The tape tying her hands to her ankles pulled tight as her body reacted to the hands. One set flicked, tickled, and teased her nipples while the second set of hands ran down her back, the nails scratching her skin.

“Hello,” the voice said in her ear before kissing the sweet spot behind her ear. She teetered on the edge of oblivion, her body screaming at the attention from the two of them. The fingers teasing her nipples, she recognised. Those were the hands she loved; but the hands caressing her back, she didn’t know.

When a hand suddenly and silently pushed between her legs, spreading them gently apart, she fell over the edge and her orgasm consumed her.

The third set of fingers, and then a mouth drove her beyond the point of oblivion and she wanted to scream to stop. Instead, her inside voice groaned and moaned with animalistic pleasure. She writhed and screamed as the hands and mouths continued to pleasure her.

She threw her head back and her body, taped and restrained, followed. She felt the toned chest of the second person as she landed. They must have cut the tape off because, within seconds, her hands and wrists were free and her hips thrust wildly.

“Please,” she whimpered in a pathetic tone that told everybody in the room she submitted to their direction.

The familiar hands that had been caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples disappeared and her body reacted, moving toward where he should have been. When suddenly they reappeared it was to twist her over and she soon found herself on all fours. With a swift and gentle movement, her blindfold was removed. She saw the owner of the nails that had taunted and tickled her, now sitting in front of her, naked and with his legs open.

She smiled and chuckled. “Hello, again.” Her eyes met his as his hand grasped her ponytail and thrust her face down onto his cock. She always loved the moment she gagged. It was the moment everybody could tell she wasn’t in control. The gagging served as a recognition that she was submitting to and trusting somebody else with her most basic need. Oxygen.

Without any fuss and without ruining the flow of her blowjob, another man she hadn’t seen before moved underneath her torso, pulling her body as though it weighed nothing until his throbbing cock pushed its way inside her and she gasped. That first thrust as her pussy grabbed hold of him. Her body instinctively met his rhythm and they rode the passionate journey, her body and then her moans, screaming to fill the room.

Just as she was sure her body could take no more, a bite on her backside reminded her of the most important man in the room. Her dominant. The man responsible for this script. The man she loved.

The cold of an ice cube circled and then entered her asshole while his fingers teased at the opening. First one, then two, and then three fingers taunted and promised the prospect of the third hole being filled. Her body lurched and she arched her back slightly, raising her hole up to the prospect of his cock. He slid his cock in. The heat and size of him filled her and, as she screamed in ecstasy, she knew this was the best birthday present ever.

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