The Auction

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photo: The Life Erotic

A tale of subservience

The Auctioneer stands at the podium to read a declaration.

“Your attention, please. The Lady Katherine hereby consents to be sold in the Auction of Subservience. She has willingly declared her soft and hard boundaries and listed the items for sale. As per her explicit request, the items for auction are as follows: the Lady’s breasts. The chance to perform cunnilingus. One fellatio on her knees. And finally, her cunny and asshole to fuck.”

Kat stands on the stage, blindfolded, wrists tied behind her back. For this event, she has chosen to be completely naked except for a pair of clear wedges that look as if she is standing on glass slippers. Her dom is sitting on a chair close by, enjoying the view, and making sure no one crosses the lines. The Auction is a private event where the participants adopt historical personas. Tonight she is Lady Katherine, a noblewoman finally free to explore her passions.

“Order, please. Item number one is the Lady’s breasts. It is specified they may be touched, massaged, licked, sucked lightly or firmly, lightly slapped, no bites. She has also granted that usage of the item may be split between two bidders. The auction begins at ten credits.”

There is rapid, enthusiastic bidding. Kat can hear alliances being made and broken, making the price rise exponentially. She trembles in anticipation.

“Sold for five hundred credits to the Baron of Lyle and the Marquis of Pembroke. You may approach the stage and claim your prize.”

The winners take no delay in enjoying what they bid for. For ten minutes, they have Kat’s breasts to fondle, tease, suck. They take turns slapping and licking, rejoicing in her sounds of pleasure and the envy coming from the audience. The ringing of a small bell indicates that the time is over. The gentleman retreat, already planning to bid in the upcoming rounds.

“The next item is cunnilingus. The winning bidder may choose between spreading the Lady’s legs as she lies on a table or bending her down on a bed with her ass up in the air. If the bid reaches at least a thousand credits, the winner may use his mouth or fingers on the Lady’s ass too. The bid starts at five hundred credits.”

“One thousand credits,” one of the tit winners offers. The bidding rapidly escalates and is sold for two thousand credits to the Duke of Kent.

A small bed is brought to the stage, and Kat is guided to kneel on it. Her face is down on the mattress, ass up in the air. The winner dives in to devour her; his prodigious tongue takes her to heaven and back as he indulges in both her pussy and her backside. By the time the bell rings again, she is desperate to get fucked.

“The next item is fellatio. The Lady has a specific preference for seed being spilled over her breasts. The bidding starts at a thousand credits.”

After a frenzied round of bidding, the Earl of Sussex is sliding his rock hard cock down Kat’s velvet throat. Every time he holds onto her hair to push himself in deeper, her pussy gives a spasm of pleasure. The bell rings, and the man holds himself down just a little bit longer, then pulls out and paints her tits with thick strings of white seed.

“We are now onto the main event. The winner would fuck any hole of his preference and may invite a friend to take another. Bidding starts at five thousand credits.”

The room goes wild. The winners of the first round team up again and offer an obscene sum. They win. An usher helps Kat take off her shoes and get carefully onto the bed. One of the gentlemen is already lying down with his cock at the ready. They help her position on top, and soon enough, she is impaled on that thick rod. She starts riding him hard but he restrains her so the other bidder can use her at the same time. Kat bends forward to offer her ass. She feels the tip of a second cock tease her and then slowly enter. The Marquis guides his hardness in, deliciously stretching the channel until she is completely filled. The two men find a rhythm, moving in tandem in and out of her. Wetness spills down her thighs; her mind is lost in the intense sensation. She comes hard and loud multiple times, and her suitors reward her with big loads on both sides.

Kat is finally untied and held reverently by her lovers until she comes to be. Her dom carries her in his arms to a private space. After the beautiful spectacle, he wants her more than ever before.

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