Thaddeus Black Stops By

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Thaddeus Black cruised into Sherman Oaks in his custom-made Coupe DeVille. He lounged with one hand holding the wheel and the other reclining out the window. He held a piece of paper in his hand containing the home address of Donald and Mary Clauston.

He found his designated house — the address matched that on his paper. Thaddeus drove past the house; it was way too early for him to start his business. Clauston wouldn’t be leaving for work till the next hour or thereabouts. If his wife intended fleeing the scene, that would happen afterwards, he knew this. Usually that’s how cheating spouses tend to operate; Thaddeus was yet to encounter one who did things differently. He had clocked in hundreds of hours chasing after runaway wives and duplicitous husbands and could handle his job even with his eyes firmly closed.

He had plenty of time to burn. Might as well go chill at his friend’s place and wait.

Thaddeus came to a stop at the curb in front of Alan Field’s home. He got out of his car, planting his fedora hat on his head and turned around in time to see Alan pull out of his driveway with his kids making a racket in the backseat. He waved as he approached them.

“Hi Thad,” Alan shook his hand. “Didn’t know you’d be dropping by this early.”

“To tell the truth, I wasn’t thinking too serious about it before coming. I should have called, but that kinda slipped my mind.”

“That’s all right. Go on inside and make yourself at home, I need to go drop the little ones off at school.”

Thaddeus stepped back and waved back at the kids as he drove off. He covered the short distance to Field’s front door, pressed the doorbell and waited. The door opened and he stared at the startled features of Robbie Field. Her face broke intoan instantaneous smile.

“Thad Black,” she exclaimed before pulling him into a hug. “Never thought I’d see you drop by this early.”

“I know,” he said, enjoying the feel of her body in his arms. “Alan mentioned the same thing too. It’s business that brought me here. I thought I’d stop by and see how you both were doing.”

“Doing just fine, thanks; always good of you to drop by. Come on in.” She took his arm while leading him into the house.

“I was having coffee,” Robbie mentioned. “Care to join me?”

“Coffee sounds good. Don’t mind if I do.”

Thaddeus took off his hat and followed her into the kitchen. Robbie got him a mug and poured some coffee for him. The sun’s glare filtered through the partition, splashing the room with a flaming hue. Robbie wore a sunflower robe that added further translucence to the kitchen as she moved about. Her eyes were on Thaddeus as he sipped his coffee.

“Good coffee,” he commended. “Far better than anything I’ve had lately.”

“Thanks,” she sipped hers as well. “You gave me quite a surprise when I came to the door. I thought you were done with coming by here.”

“Whatever gave you that impression?”

“You haven’t called in a while,” she said.

“I do call,” he replied. “I called Alan a couple days ago. Ask him, he’ll tell you.”

“Oh I know you’d call him. You haven’t called me,” she emphasised the ‘me’ part.

“It’s been only a week, Robbie,” he said. “I might be wrong, but I think it’s that long last time we talked.”

“It’s been two weeks and some days,” she corrected him. “If you hadn’t shown up now, it’d probably go into a month.”

“Yeah well, a brother’s got to be discreet sometimes, Robbie. You know that better than I do. You and Alan are my favourite people.”

“I’m not so sure of that anymore,” she said. She was holding her cup inches from her lips, staring at him with curious eyes.

“You know you can take that to the bank and cash it.”

“You’re going to have to prove that to me.”

Thaddeus smiled and sipped his coffee. “There ever been a time when I didn’t?”

“I wouldn’t know; not right now. You’ve probably changed since last time.”

Thaddeus took a last sip of his coffee and dropped his cup, then walked across the table to her. His hand came to the back of her head. Robbie too left her cup on the table seconds before kissing him.

“I don’t change that easily,” he said after pulling away from her.

Robbie felt reassured by the kiss, but wasn’t done with him by far. She grabbed the lapels of his jacket and pulled him closer for a deeper kiss. Unadulterated lust glimmered like a lit torch in her eyes; it was expressive enough for Thaddeus to know what she demanded of him. Though that hadn’t been his idea when coming here, he wasn’t intending to disappoint. It was an active clause in his retainer agreement with her husband, Alan.

“Too many times I fantasise about you,” she moaned as she slid to her knees before him. Her hands traced a path down his shirt to his pants. She stopped at the junction that was his crotch. She gazed up at him. “Every time Alan and I have sex, every time he’s on top of me, I always imagine it is you instead. I always pretend it’s you fucking me instead of him.”

“That sounds hot,” Thaddeus answered. “You’re still keeping him in check, aren’t you?”

“Of course, I am. He knows it, too. I allow him some leeway, but never a lot. We were talking about you yesterday, wondering when you’d be dropping by. I’d have worn something more comfy to welcome you with if you’d told me you were dropping by today.”

“You look comfy enough already. Sexy, too.”

Robbie’s hands caressed the hardened bulge in his pants. She unzipped his fly and was reaching her hand inside when Thaddeus stopped her.

“What?” she said, hurt by his interruption.

“I can’t, babe. Not right now,” Thaddeus said. “I’m on a case.”

“What you talking about?” Her hand still dug inside and fleshed out his semi-erect member.

“I’m here for one of your neighbours. Mary Clauston. Her old man dropped by my office yesterday and assigned me to trail her.”

“Oh, you’re talking about Mary living down the street. I know about everything — Alan told me. She got herself a rough taste of black cock and she’s in love with it now, except her husband Donald doesn’t get it. Better late than never, is what I’d say.”

She kissed the tip of his prick and it sent a shiver up Thaddeus’s brain and back down his spine. He felt himself responding to her even without trying.

“Yeah, that’s what the old man told me,” he said. “He thinks she’s into something funny. I want to follow her when she steps out today.”

“You think she’s going to step out this morning?”

“Either now or later, that’s what my work is about. How about you come do some stakeout with me. You can blow me in the car while we wait. Give you some adventure while you’re at it.”

Robbie threw her head back and laughed. “You’re such a charming devil, Thad. That’s what I love about you.” She gave his cock one good pull with her mouth before letting it go. She got to her feet and tucked his erection back in its resting place, then zipped his fly. “I like to have my fun early, so this stakeout thing better be worth it. Let me go upstairs and change.”

“Yeah, you go do that.” Thaddeus adjusted his clothes then checked his watch. “7:30am. I’ll be back a minute. Need to go check outside and see if she’s already skipped.”

“Don’t be such a scared rabbit, Thad. No woman’s got an itching pussy to want to leave home so early. You’re been nervous for no reason. Worry instead about what you’re missing here.”

Robbie walked past him and raised the back of her robe, exposing her tanned, bare buttocks to him as she left the kitchen. Thaddeus felt his prick nudge awake inside his pants as he savoured her butt cheeks strutting away from him. She looked over her shoulder and flashed him a seductive wink before disappearing up the stairs.

Thaddeus remained in the kitchen for a minute, undecided about what to do. He looked at his watch and groaned. “Ahh, what the hell!” he said to himself as he left the kitchen.

He left his hat on the balustrade before marching up the stairs. He freed himself of his jacket as he got to the landing and laid it over the banister, followed by his shoes. He was struggling with his belt buckle as he approached his friend’s bedroom door and knocked. He let his pants slip down his ankles when Robbie’s voice floated from behind telling him to come in. Thaddeus pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Robbie lay on the bed naked with her legs spread apart, fingering her pussy; her robe lay discarded on the floor. She was chuckling as she watched Thaddeus working to get out of his shirt.

“I knew you couldn’t resist,” she said triumphantly; her hand slapped her vagina. “My pussy’s begging for you, Thad,” she purred. “Come over here and fuck me now.”

“You’re such a nasty, horny bitch, Robbie,” Thaddeus said as he threw his shirt aside and came at her with his hard-on looking like a bent pole inside his briefs. He crouched between her legs. “Where do you want me, babe?”

“Nowhere but here,” she pointed at her pussy. “That’s the only place I want you to be.”

Thaddeus buried his face in her crotch. Robbie watched him for a while. Her hips pushed her crotch upward to meet his face, then her head fell backward on the pillow and her lips gave off a mewling cry as he tongue-fucked the delicious slit that was her vagina. His tongue flickered like lightning upon her clitoris. Robbie groaned and squirmed like a cat in heat. She rotated her hips to capture more of his probing tongue. Her hands squeezed her breasts with both hands, her back arched upwards while her pussy yearned for more. It felt as if she had died and gone to heaven.

Thaddeus dug his hands under her butt and propped her loins to meet his lips. Robbie whimpered and thrashed her head side to side. She was lost in the frantic currents of an ocean, struggling to find the shoreline while wave after wave of ecstasy continuously crashed upon her. Except she wasn’t afraid. Thaddeus was with her, leading her to safety. She hollered his name amidst her whimpering cries while her fingers pinched and pulled at her nipples. Thaddeus brought his hands to her breasts and caressed them for her while still eating her moistness. His lips found her erect clitoris again and this time sucked on it, pulling it deeper into the cavern of his mouth. Robbie’s groaning fit shot up an octave and turned into a delightful scream as he rolled his saliva-wet tongue across her pussy, consuming more of her cum juice at the same time as bringing her towards climax. He sensed she was about to cum and focused again on her clit.

“Ohh God, I’m cumming! I’m cumming, babe! Aiieeee . . .”

Constellations of fireworks exploded before her eyes as finally she found the shoreline at the same time as she melted in a ball of orgasmic delight. She squirted uncontrollably and her body thrashed as she rolled with the aftermath.

Thaddeus pulled away from her and let her catch her breath while he got rid of his briefs. Robbie was still gasping out of breath with her body twitching involuntarily from the throes of her orgasm. Thaddeus positioned himself on top of her. Her cunt’s tightness resisted his entry but only for a moment before giving way to his unrelenting pressure. Robbie came alive the instant she felt his rod pierce her velvet tightness and she thrust her hips upward to meet more of him.

“Fuck me, Thad,” she whimpered as the same time as she pulled him downward for a passionate kiss. “Fuck me like a whore!” she pleaded.

Robbie breathed into his mouth as if giving him the kiss of life while he continued pressing deep inside her. Her tight pussy eventually gave way to his throbbing prick and Thaddeus sighed at the succumbing feel of her contracting pussy. Robbie jerked wildly under him as he fucked her with ease. Her feet kicked the air before settling down on his backside.

Thaddeus fucked her that way before pulling out of her and turning her over to be on all fours. He rammed into her hard this time, grunting like a wild boar as he thrust every inch of his shaft into her pubic zone. Robbie hollered and simultaneously pushed her butt against his pelvis. She screamed with passion when he slapped her buttocks and now was fucking her deep.

“Slap me harder!” she whimpered. “Slap my ass hard!”

Thaddeus gave her what she demanded; Robbie replied with one mewling cry after another. Her buttocks turned scarlet and still she loved the feel of his palm smacking her flesh. Thaddeus grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head backward while still pounding her harder. Robbie’s feature was contorted in a picture of exquisite pain and lust.

Thaddeus slowed to a stop when he felt his thigh muscles lock into an irritating cramp. He pulled out of her and fell on his back. Robbie was on him like a predator feasting on its prey. She pumped his cock into her mouth, sucked him with such vigour before straddling him like a cowgirl on a horse.

“Ohhhhhh fuck! Ohhhh. . . yes! Yes! Fuck me!” she gasped. Her eyes stared down at him with glazed pleasure; her breathing was sharp and rapid, in line with her rocking movement. “Fuck me, Thad! Set my pussy on fire!”

She rocked her hips back and forth non-stop. Thaddeus pulled her down to him, grabbed her buttocks with both hands and rammed into her harder.

Robbie sensed his moment approaching. “I want you to cum in my mouth, Thad! Cum in my mouth . . . I want to taste you!”

She came off him at the appropriate moment and knelt beside him; Thaddeus let her do the work. She pushed her hair off her face and stroked his cock frantically with her mouth wrapped around the crown of his prick. Her lips made slurping sounds with strings of saliva lubricating his shaft. Thaddeus held her head down and pumped his cock into her mouth as he felt his trigger being pulled. He gritted his teeth and gave off a lengthy groan as he spurted his cum into her mouth. Robbie glued her mouth to his cock and didn’t come up for air till she was done ingesting his load of semen. She cleaned his shaft when she was done, licking off every trace of cum off his crotch.

They lay beside each other locked in an embrace, elated with the morning sex. Robbie was the one who enjoyed it the most. She always looked forward to whenever Thaddeus was coming by, or whenever he called her up to see if she could come by his place. It was either his place or they took their fun elsewhere to some motel.

All part of the unwritten clause which neither needed to mention but knew about.

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