Take Me I’m Yours

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I’m lying on my back; legs over my head in plow position. He loves me this way, because he has access to both my open wet holes. My hands are tied together with a yellow and blue Zegna tie. I love the feeling of the silk and can feel the energy of his neck. He’s a powerful man on every level. A consultant with a clientele of big corporations.

My wrists are locked with his wise advice to CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, VPs, Venture Capitalists… I know he knows what he’s doing on this planet, and I feel safe with him. He is my perfect Master. He knows what he’s doing. He’ll be rough, ride me to the edge of pain, and that will instantly ignite pure pleasure. Just writing about this to you, the reader, is soaking my panties. I’m in a cafe, and I completely get when men are self-conscious about getting hard in public. I’m a bit self-conscious; shy like a cat running away. But there’s a part of me that doesn’t give a shit, because last night he fucked me so hard, and hurt me so good, that I can’t count how many times he made me cum. My limbs are still shaking from last night and my pussy is buzzing.

He takes some canna coconut butter and massages my ass and pussy. He licks my cunnie up and down to my perineum slowly, slow, slower still, until he starts sucking my asshole. He’s kissing my ass and spanking me silly. I’m laughing in between short fast breaths that grow faster and faster.

He puts his pointer finger in my asshole and then slowly adds his middle, ring finger and pinky, while his tongue flicks my cunt. God! Fuck’n A! This is way beyond heaven. I keep shaking, and I’m starting to convulse like an epileptic, except this is a full body release from the nucleus of every cell in my bound body.

He takes another tie, this time an Armani, black with a subtle sheen of paisley, and blindfolds me. Everything’s black now, I can’t see anything, yet I can feel the energy of his last business deal. Sure, they have their own in-house advertising and marketing departments, but my man’s a brainiac. He re-brands brands like a wise old wizard.

Yeah, he’s a decade older than me, but I find it a major turn on. He knows what the fuck he’s doing. He’s a master manipulator of my body, mind, and soul.

I can’t see a thing. I can’t move my arms. I can’t do anything but relax into my plow so he can plow me when he’s good and ready. It could take hours. The only way I can come out of this position, momentarily, is if I have to go pee. And even then, he leaves me bound, and blindfolded. He picks me up, cradling me like I’m a baby. Even though I’m adventurous and love this, in comparison to my Master, I’m an infant. So he holds me close, whispering sweet sexy things softly into my ears, while he kisses my neck delicately, as if I were a piece of porcelain that might break.

“Oh, Jenny baby, you’re so sweet. You’re just what I needed after the day I had. The pressure’s so intense that I need to fill you with my cum, after hours of you begging and pleading me to just take you out of your misery. I know you love this misery. I know what you need, and I’m gonna give it to you when I’m good and ready. I promise you, Jenny Baby.”

He opens the door to the bathroom and gently places me on my throne. He may be my King and rule the entire world around him, but when we’re together, even when I’m the sub, I’m still his Queen. He just loves pampering my inner child, and will offer praise for anything I do that pleases and pleasures him. This is the dynamic I’ve been waiting for my entire life. A powerful strong man who knows me inside and out, accepts me for who I am, and can simultaneously read my body and my mind. He knows exactly how to play me and play with me.

What’s amazing is I never expected he’d be a gazillionth as adventurous as he is sexually. I may have some tricks up my sleeve, enough for me to give him the best head he could ever begin to dream of; but my man knows exactly how to take me as close as he can to pushing the envelope, but not dropping it in the mailbox. I can always count on him to fill my box with the loveliest letters. His cock dances the alphabet, writes poetry inside me, and it’s a true gift, because it opens me up to be more in the present. He gives me the gift of accepting me for me who I am, and that is why I trust him; he would never hurt me. I can tell him anything, and if it’s not something he approves of from my past, he never judges me or my mistakes. He sees me for the smart beautiful sexy woman I am.

I’m on my throne, still blinded by Armani, with my hands bound tightly above my head. It doesn’t hurt, the silk is scrumptious, but it ties my hands so I can’t move them; they’re still above my head.

I pee. I can’t see him, but I can hear him stroking his cock slowly, then faster. Then he takes his proud penis and applies his precum to my lips as if it were lip gloss. I would give anything in the world to have a Mac Lipglass with the flavor of his cum. Fuck. As I’m pissing, I start to cum again. And he watches me with reverence and awe. He loves it when I piss because my pee splashes all over my labia. This turns him on in a way I can’t quite comprehend, but because he’s my Master, I just want him to be pleased with any pleasure he can receive from me.

He takes some ultra soft tissues to wipe my yellow splattered pussy. He consciously chooses to do this, because he knows how sensitive my labia are when they’re this engorged, and he doesn’t want to overstimulate me. He needs me to rest; take a mini savasana in between our sex sets. He may be a decade older than me, however his body’s build is so fucking hot for a man of any age. I remember when we were first naked, how awestruck I was by his physique. I was so turned on I started to gush. I still feel like he’s my favorite rock star, want him to take a Sharpie and sign my DDs. I always carry an extra pair of panties in my purse, because I always soak through the pair I wear when I first see him.

Yeah, I’m one horny girl. And he loves that about me. He finds my enthusiasm thrilling. It’s a real turn on for him. He laughs at me sometimes when I won’t shut up, and just fucks my mouth with his mouth. I’ve never experienced this before. It’s new. I’ve never seen it in a porno, or had an ex kiss/fuck me this way. To be clear, he doesn’t suck my face. He fucks my mouth with his. His tongue is a penis and he gently takes his teeth and massages my jaw. It’s so fucking good.

He never leaves marks on my body. They’re always on my soul. Sometimes it’s a little rough, but it feels fucking phenomenal. This shuts me up, and I have multiple braingasms. It’s a way of cumming that’s hard to explain. It’s like being on a fucking Ferris Wheel, then riding a Merry Go Round, then lying down on a beach with the softest pink sand, smelling the sea, watching the waves, and just being a grain of sand in the universe.

He’s wiped my pussy. Washed his hands, and carried me back into the living room. I have no clue what kind of carpet this rug is that he lays me on, but it feels like clouds.

To make sure I stay limber, he stretches my body out with a combination of PNF and Tai massage stretches. This man is completely in love with my body, and wants to make sure I’m completely open, willing, and ready to receive all that he’s going to give me. My Master has the patience of a dirty saint. Yes, he’s dirty, and I love him for it. I can’t believe I hit the sexual jackpot with him.

I’m relaxed after he stretches me out, and supports me in other positions; he never had a woman be able to fully bend to his will before. My body’s happy to oblige. I thrive in the environment he created just for me. He built two sex bars. One in the living room, and one in the bedroom, with every toy you can imagine, restraints, gag balls, whips…You can’t possibly picture it all; he even has spreaders. But that’s not for tonight. Besides, when you have a girl like me who’s so bendy, why not put her in an advanced yoga position that’s comfortable for her?

I’m back in plow, all relaxed, just lying there; finally ready to take all of him for all he’s got, and I will take it, and then some. It’s payback time; I’m so happy I can’t stop grinning and laughing.

When we first embarked on our Noah’s ark of sexuality, he kept looking at me as if I were a weird trippy chick for laughing so much when I kissed him. And I’m thinking, “Duh… I’m slap fucking happy because I keep cumming from you just kissing me. My volcano’s beginning to erupt slowly, and it feels so good and gooey, why shouldn’t I be laughing?” Seriously, I’m cumming from my man just kissing me silly. So I’m laughing at the joke of my body’s response to his subconscious sense of humor. And he is funny.

He dips into the canna coconut butter, and starts to massage my pelvis from my iliopsoas to my glutes, rubbing the butter into my body gently in circular motions, as if I were still on the Merry Go Round, and going to grab the brass ring. Yeah, he put on his vibrating cock ring just for me.

He’s kissing and licking both my holes and spanking my ass as it shakes and shivers and shakes…What can I say? We’ve found the perfect rhythm. Now he’s starting to slowly shake and shiver with me, as he spanks my ass and clit with his rigid throbbing cock that’s starting to lose patience.

This is what he loves: pushing his own envelope, riding the waves of bliss in a way that’s brand spanking new for this dirty old man.

He starts spearing me with his sword from one hole into the other. I grab his balls, as he alternates between spanking my ass, massaging it, then nibbling it, and tongue fucking it.

We are all over the place, riding each other, even though I’m upside down, and he’s right side up. We’re both turning inside out, and outside in, as we fall into each other and collapse onto the clouds below forever more.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it. Please applaud, highlight, comment and share on your socials. Let me know if you want more, because I’ll give it to you good. I love you all, and want you to cum back and read more. Again, thank you, Jen X

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