Take Me Home Tonight

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The door to the bar is painted black. The warm night air is ripe for an evening rendezvous. Silhouettes of club-goers crowd up in a line against the window. Two bouncers guard the black door. I wait at the back of the line, texting him. I’m in tight shorts and a tank top; I lean over the velvet guardrail and watch the passersby. A couple stands at the corner of the street sharing a cigarette. The woman is in a tight white short dress; the man in all black. He leans over to grab her ass. As he hands her the cigarette a puff of smoke expels from his mouth, blowing a perfect sphere above their heads. It dissipates. The chemicals mixed in his lungs formulating a cloud of smoke, held by his tongue, blowing delicately out of his lips, weightlessly lifting into the heavy summer air.

I breathe in to capture a piece of the cloud before it blows away like a ghost into the night. My rendezvous appears out of the white mist from the black door as the smoke dissipates in his face. My eyes focus in on him. His pronounced cheekbones. His broad shoulders. His inviting smile.

“Hey.” He saunters in, pressing his sweaty chest against me. His hug is loose and friendly; yet his muscular frame portrays itself as a tight embrace. I lean in. He guides me inside, his hand pressing gently against the side of my bare midriff. I feel weightless as he looks at me, his hands feeling me softly. I breathe in his air. It moves through my lungs, into my mouth; I taste him. The bar is packed and the air is thick. His sweat permeates through my skin and his saliva drips through my veins. The chemicals mix inside me as I dance; I float above the crowded bar into a perfect weightless sphere.

My pussy is warm and pulsing. “Take me home tonight,” I whisper into his ear. The room goes silent as he nods. He grabs my hand and pulls me to the other side of the black door.

I lie on his bed as he showers off the night. He asks me how my day was as he dries himself off; he catches me mid-response, silencing me with his kisses, dripping wet dew from his shoulders onto my breasts. He pauses and pulls me onto the bed. He pins my arms down and places his lips on mine, interchanging between soft and deep kisses. His cock is hard as it presses against me. He grabs his bare cock and pushes it against the outside of my panties. I feel the sensation run deep inside me. He watches me as I quiver and bite my lip for more. He takes his cock again and presses the tip against the opening of my vagina; my satin panties push inside me as he intensifies the pressure.

“I want it, I need it,” I exasperate. I reach for his cock and he pins my hands down again. He grabs my ass firmly from underneath and lifts me up, pushing my legs into the air. He dives in, eating my pussy like a hungry animal devouring his first meal of the day. His wet lips drive me to my first orgasm; there are more to come.

He drives his cock into my dripping wet pussy as I moan with orgasmic delight. He leans in close as he fucks me, pulling my legs over his shoulders. Pumping his body into me in a rhythmic dance. His intensity makes me cum again. I feel every inch of him on me.

I pause to collect myself and regain feeling in my legs. I straddle him like a drunk, dizzy from my body’s contractions and rushes of blood. I swipe away my wet hair from my face and dive onto his cock. I drip saliva across his pelvis, teasing across his balls, slowly up his cock. I feel his cock pulse in my mouth. I could cum just feeling that beat.

He flips me around and fucks me on my back. Kissing my neck. Pounding his cock. Kissing my ear. Thrusting his pelvis deeper. He increases his speed. I feel him close to cumming. It makes my pussy contract as it wraps itself tighter around him.

I lie on my back catching my breath. His arm falls in front of me, his wrist suspended in air and gravity pulling down his fingertips. They graze my exposed hard nipple. I shiver with heightened sensation. My pussy pulses. I move his fingers away; I’m in sensory overload. His hand falls again. I gently hold his fingertips away from me. Our hands intertwine in mid air. I lie on my side in post-orgasm bliss. I open my eyes to see his wet hair draping his face. I close my eyes again. It’s almost 3:00 am. If I let myself stay in embrace I’ll surely pass my state of wakefulness into sleep.

The organic rhythms of unrestrained sex drive me into a harmonious state which I’ve only achieved during sex. When the rhythm stops and the room is silent, my perfect sphere begins to dissipate. My drooping tired eyes and relaxed body become conscious mechanisms. If I embrace them as natural states, I’ll fall asleep in his arms.

Falling asleep is easy.

Waking up requires blowing spheres of thoughtful thoughtlessness into the atmosphere.

I dissipate and leave hastily into the night.

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