Make me cum in front of my husband…

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I couldn’t believe my husband wanted me to fuck another man. In front of him. He stood before me, his black dress pants sitting perfectly on his hips and his white dress shirt, unbuttoned, exposing his chiseled stomach and pecs. I loved nothing more than grabbing onto his chest while riding his cock. But tonight, on his birthday, he was asking me to fuck someone else.

“Are you sure?” He had said the words over and over again, but they weren’t sinking in.

“I’m sure, honey. It’s what I want. I want to see the look on your face and the sounds that you make under the touch of another man.”

I was confused but secretly aroused.

“It is my birthday, after all.”

My husband walked toward me, placing his hand on my jaw and lifting my face to meet his. He kissed me deeply. He was right. It was his birthday and if this is what he wanted, I guess I had no choice but to oblige.

I heard a knock at the door. My husband’s eyes lit up with desire.

“It’s time.”

“What? Now?” I stood up quickly from the couch. I wasn’t ready. He’d given me no warning. I knew he wanted this to happen but I didn’t think he meant right at this moment. I quickly tucked my hair behind my ears and straightened the black silk nightgown I was wearing. It left little to the imagination but soon enough, none of that would matter.

I heard muffled voices coming from the foyer. They grew louder and closer. My husband entered the living room following by a tall, attractive man. I first noticed his beard, and then his tattooed arms. He wore a plain white t-shirt and jeans. Casual. I was pleased. I felt the blood rush to my crotch and my nipples perked slightly.

“Adam, this is Veronica.”

Adam held out his hand and gently brought my own to his lips. His beard was surprisingly soft, as were his lips. I simply nodded and smiled. I couldn’t speak.

My husband didn’t say another word. He went over to the wet bar, poured himself a small glass of Scotch and grabbed a cigar. He took his place in the corner of the room, sitting in the large chair. He set the drink down on the coffee table and lit the cigar. I watched several rings of smoke disappear into the air above him.

I turned my attention to Adam. He was smiling warmly. He seemed kind and gentle. He removed his shirt, exposing a chest full of tattoos and two pierced nipples. I felt my pussy start to pulsate. Adam was very different from my husband and I liked it. He stepped closer and rested his hands on my hips. He smelled of fresh mint. He kissed me softly. I was hesitant at first, but I found his gentle nature was turning me on. I reached up and grabbed his face, pulling him closer for a more intense kiss. His tongue was pierced as well. More blood rushed to my pussy. I imagined the wetness gathering between my legs. My back was to my husband. I couldn’t see him but heard the ice clink in his glass.

My hands found the top of Adam’s jeans and I began unbuttoning them. I could feel his erection swelling. He brushed his hands against my nipples. They were rock hard now beneath the silky material. He slowly dropped one strap at a time, exposing my small, perky tits. He cupped them gently at first, then gave each nipple a squeeze, tugging on them with the perfect amount of pressure. I let out a sigh of pleasure and unzipped his pants.

His cock was much larger than I’d expected. Thick and firm with a bulbous head. It looked delicious. I licked my lips, and Adam noticed.

“Go ahead, baby. Give it a little kiss.”

I dropped to my knees and engulfed the head of his penis. He grabbed the back of my head and gently guided my mouth up and down the length of his shaft. I could only take him in about halfway before my gag reflex kicked in. He let out a deep, throaty moan. I cupped his large balls in my hand. His grip on my hair tightened, but not enough to hurt me.

He lifted me to my feet.“Your turn,” he said.

Adam sat me down on the couch, but not before slipping my nightgown down over my feet, leaving me completely nude and exposed. I glanced at my husband. I couldn’t read his expression. His face was masked in the dark shadows. All I could see was his fingers wrapped around the cigar. His body language appeared relaxed.

Adam draped my right leg over the arm of the couch and shoved my left leg out to the side. I was spread-eagled before him.

“That’s one tasty looking pussy.” With that, he buried his bearded face between my legs. I threw my head back and yelped. It was a strange sensation — the feeling of another man’s lips on my cunt. His beard tickled my asshole. He ran his tongue up and down my folds, spreading my thick pussy juice from the top of my clit down to my honey hole. My clit was throbbing. I squeezed my breasts and rubbed and pinched my erect nipples. I watched Adam as he grabbed onto my thighs and moved my body up and down, fucking my pussy with his face and tongue. He moved his tongue from my hole up to my clit, rolling my nub in perfect circular motions. He pulled away for a brief moment and gave my pussy lips a firm smack. My body flinched. He did it again, this time focusing the pressure on my clit. With each smack my body twitched in pleasure.

Adam lowered my legs down and turned me onto my belly. He positioned himself behind me and I pushed myself up onto all fours. I love being fucked doggy style. I wondered if my husband had told him that. I looked over at my husband. I still couldn’t quite see his face, but I thought I saw him grinning. I felt Adam enter me from behind, slow at first, but before long he was fucking me hard with his beautiful, thick cock. I grasped tightly onto the arm of the couch, preparing myself for each thrust of his dick. He squeezed my ass tightly, pushing my cheeks together around his cock. My tits bounced freely beneath me. I reached down to my wetness and began rubbing my clit in unison with his movements.

Adam began pulling on my hair. He tugged my head upwards, but I never lost sight of my husband. Adam fucked me hard and fast. His cock filled every crevice of my body. My pussy walls were throbbing. My clit was slippery beneath my touch. I was so fucking wet.

As Adam tugged my hair tighter, he delivered a firm slap to my ass. He was strong and in control. I couldn’t stop myself from calling out.

“Fuck me, make me cum in front of my husband.”

Adam let out a loud, long cry. I felt his cock grow inside me. We climaxed together, him never letting go of my hair and me never looking away from where my husband was sitting. I leaned onto my forearms, absorbing the force of Adam’s thrusts as he came down from his high. We stayed in that same position for a few seconds before I looked back up in my husband’s direction. He still hand’t moved. Adam’s dick was half-flaccid and began slowly slipping from my pussy. I smiled.

“Happy birthday, baby.”

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