Suck It Now

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We had eaten a rich and satisfying lunch of barbecued spare ribs in the piquant sauce he had so masterfully prepared, kicked up with a hit of sriracha since we both love it sweet-hot. Succulent finger food designed for savoring on our tongues, for slowly biting off the bones, for teasing out the last luscious bits with our teeth. And naturally for licking steadily from our fingers. Watching me feast, leaving only the bones, he knew that I was more than ready for a heaping portion of fucking. Our meal finished, he had been eating my clit and finger fucking me for the past I don’t know how many minutes. Five, fifteen or fifty, I couldn’t tell, didn’t care. The need to glance at the phone for the reassurance of time as a measure of existence had fallen away with the rest of the world.

My fuck buddy’s deliciously persistent tongue and fingers were melting my clit, along with my G-spot and the small tsunami that gushed from it. Sex, especially when it gets fast and fierce—the way I usually like it —is a great transformer. Now, as his fingers expertly zinged my G, my low moans become shouts of his name that become shuddering screams oscillating from the molten core of my pelvis and driving my voice octaves down, deep into my pussy, into my throbbing cunt.

One time we were talking and laughing after having this intense caliber of sex when he remarked, “You’re laughing from a different place.” Highly attuned from years of mattress acrobatics, he never misses the subtlest vibration a woman can emit under any circumstance, indoors or out as I have come to learn. Experiencing orgasms with him, I have discovered that my cunt has a laugh of its own that feels like the Earth Herself is laughing.

I sprawl in the plump armchair, my breasts and bottom bare, my sundress bunched around my middle and gaze upon him reclining naked on the sofa opposite. I know what I want to do, yearn to do — suck his cock — except the handsome, tanned, broad chested, well hung view is so nice that I stay planted in my seat. Until he commands, “Suck my cock now, you fucking slut!” And I hop to it, loving the dominant call from a guy who is actually a sheer gentleman.

I kneel on the floor between his long, well muscled legs with their fine tracery of hair. The first time we had sat across from each other many months back, both of us clothed, he was wearing Bermuda shorts and I knew that I wanted to be involved with those legs. They now warmly embrace my back as I surrender my mouth to his cock. My tongue begins its dance, snaking around the head, brushing its tip across the slit, sliding up and down the shaft while my hands caress and squeeze his balls. I periodically remove one hand to enter myself, withdrawing nectar from my pussy and shooting the honeyed hand up to his mouth for him to taste, suddenly realizing that I am the dominant one now.

When he commands, “Suck it harder!” my mouth gathers force and thrust with the addition of the slurping sounds he so loves to hear. Saliva drools from my mouth onto his cock as he pulls my head closer for a brief but furious skull fuck. Yet I hardly gag, even though there’s eight inches of him and it’s thick. The way he fills my mouth feels too fucking good.

He tells me how good it feels to him too and he comes hard, moaning loudly and clutching fistfuls of my long hair. I swallow his cum and bear down on him again. And yet again. My mouth won’t quit. Neither does he want it to. Not. Just. Yet.

All this time, while my tongue has slurped his cock during these extra innings, my legs have been clutching his shin, my pussy grinding it, my nipples grazing the insides of his thighs. “You need a toy,” he says knowingly. “I’ll get you one. Close your eyes.”

I extract myself from his body so he can go into another room for the toy. I settle back onto the armchair as he returns, smiling and holding a bright pink vibrator with a crooked end. “Close your eyes now,” he reminds me. I do, and feel his hand smooth a wash of cooling lube over my clit and pussy lips. I hear the whir of the vibrator and then the click that sets it higher. He deftly guides the toy into me and I feel myself expand in wave after magnificent wave that starts in my pussy and soon takes over my entire body. Moaning, I open my eyes to watch his rugged body leaning close by me, pleasuring me with this neon pink magic wand and I shift my hips to take it in still deeper. As the crazy alto wailing and the shuddering overtake me again, orgasmic sparks flying everywhere inside me, we both open our eyes wide, eurphorically realizing that there’s way more than 50 shades of grey. “There you go,” he says softly. “There you go.”

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