Squats and thrusts: my hot ass inspires his workout, and his erection…

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Is there any more inspiring sight while working out than a firm ass riding up and down on the exercise bike in front of you? My friend Victor thinks not. He always likes to be right behind me, enjoying the view. He says it’s very motivational.

Victor’s a professional dancer and I work out with him regularly at my girlfriend Jana’s private gym and dance studio. A lot of my dancer pals are gay, but Vic certainly isn’t, and he made sure I knew it the first time we met, offering to spot me in such a suggestive manner that I couldn’t help laughing. He’s actually a great workout partner, and although he’s extremely hands-on and cops a feel every chance he gets, I’ve never taken it too seriously. Physical barriers come down easily when the people you work out with in the morning are the same bunch you grind on when you hit the dance floor at night.

So this morning, when Victor sidles up behind me and takes some of the strain from the bar I’m lifting just as my triceps start to give out, I’m concentrating more on not dropping the weights than on how good his muscular body feels pressed up against mine. Or how good he smells, cologne and fresh sweat sending out a wave of pheromones. Or the fact that I can feel his cock starting to swell against my ass — and we all know what that does to me (read this if you’re in any doubt).

Damn, now I’m in trouble…

“Vic, you’re supposed to be helping me with my lifting, not distracting me from it,” I protest weakly, lowering the bar to my thighs.

“It’s all part of the workout, baby,” he says smoothly. “I know how much you love to fuck, I’m just making sure you’re in perfect shape for it. Just think what it would do for your quads and hamstrings to squat on my cock, and I’d enjoy watching those glutes work…”

“Not fair, you know it turns me on when you talk about muscle groups,” I tease him. But seriously, the only muscle demanding my attention right now is the one pressing insistently against my ass cheeks, so hard I can feel it pulse like a wild thing, the heat of it seeping through my tight yoga pants to scorch my skin.

Making one last, heroic effort to resist: “We’re in the gym…”

“The door’s locked. Jana’s not getting here until later so she let me open up,” Vic replies, one strong hand sliding around my waist and moving up under my top to cup my breast through my sports bra. As his thumb rubs my hardening nipple I stop fighting it. Sex is great cardio exercise, right?

Bending forward, I place the weight bar on the floor, vividly aware of the way my ass rubs up against Vic’s erection as I do so. He groans and grips my hips, grinding on me. I pull off my top, and Vic peels my yoga pants down over the curve of my ass cheeks — pausing to fondle and squeeze them — then pulls them all the way off, taking my sneakers along with them.

A thought flashes through my mind: Jana would go crazy if she saw me in the gym barefoot, before I realize that would probably be the least of her concerns. We’ve had some wild times in the dance studio, which is a perfect impromptu party venue, what with the mirrored walls and disco lights, but irresponsible behavior in the gym is strictly verboten*. But then, we’ve also established that I’m not great with rules

I stand upright and turn, my arms around Vic’s neck as I kiss him properly for the first time. We’ve kissed loads before — gym buddy kisses, party kisses, dance kisses — but never like this. He’s a great kisser, hungry but with restraint, a hint of scratchy stubble against my face.

I pull his T-shirt off. All that work in the gym is paying dividends, his defined pecs and abs and biceps are delightfully sculpted, and call me shallow but suddenly I’m so turned on I want him under me, inside me, right now this instant. I tug his shorts down, stepping back a little to take in the sight of him naked. Strangely, considering what an open and easygoing bunch we are, I’ve never seen him fully nude before, and… wow. I like what I see. His cock is thick, sturdy with a slight curve, a drop of moisture at the tip.

That’s something I need to taste, and I kneel ready to take him in my mouth, but he says, “Squat, please — your workout’s barely started…”

Laughing, I move into a squat, steadying myself with one hand on his hip and wrapping the other around the base of his shaft as I take just the head between my lips. He groans again as I swipe my tongue over the slit, savoring the salty sweetness, and then start sucking, a little deeper on each stroke. I hit a slow, steady rhythm, my lips gliding the full length of his spit-wet shaft each time; I move both hands to grab his muscular ass, pressing him further down my throat, basking in the sensation of taking him so deep.

I’d happily keep sucking until he cums in my mouth, but when his dick starts twitching insistently, Vic pulls away. “I want you naked and sitting on my cock,” he says. I take off my sports bra and panties, which are soaked, evidence of how much I love to suck cock if more were needed. Vic straddles a bench, and I straddle him, my back to him so he can enjoy the vision he’s been dreaming of: my ass rising and falling in his lap as I ride his thick cock.

It feels blunt and thick as it opens my pussy up, stretching me wide as I inch down on the thick shaft. When it’s buried to the hilt, it feels big and dense as stone. I wind my hips, stirring it inside me to stroke every responsive spot, and then begin to slide up and down on it, gradually picking up the pace. Vic leans back against the bench, letting me do all the work, my quads and adductors flexing hard, my pussy flexing hard too as in that position his cock presses my G-spot on each downstroke in the most stimulating way.

I circle my hips as I ride faster; my thighs are burning, but that’s nothing compared to the heat in my cunt as I slam down on his rigid dick over and over again. I move one hand to my clit, hyper-sensitive and swollen, pressing firmly as I grind against the root of his cock and start to cum, my hips bucking wildly.

I have to catch my breath for a moment, rocking through the aftershocks, and then Vic tells me to spin around. “I want to see your face when you cum again,” he says. I dismount and turn, standing astride him with my tits in his face as I guide his cream-slick dick back into my drenched slot. He leans forward, hands gripping my ass to lift and lower me onto his cock. I hover up with the head barely inside me, then surge down, hot and wet, pussy tightening to grip him, gliding up and down until my legs finally give out.

He needs to thrust now, pushing me onto my back with my legs hooked over his shoulders as he powers into me. He’s super-fit and that stamina pays off, his jackhammer thrusts driving me wild, taking me to the edge and keeping me there, each pump of his hips stoking my pleasure. Heat and tension spirals up around the steely shaft driving into me, until the pressure erupts and I’m cumming, cumming so hard around his cock, gasping his name.

When my climax subsides he pulls out and I grab his cock and guide it to my face, licking and sucking and jerking it until he shoots his load in my mouth and I swallow every drop and lick my cream and his jizz off his cock.

We share a sticky, messy kiss. “Great workout,” I say, deadpan.

“The best,” he replies.

Like all considerate gym users, we wipe the bench down before heading for the showers…

*Jana, if you’re reading this, sorry we fucked in your gym! At least we cleaned up afterwards.

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