Stolen Pleasure

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SHE: There is a game we play. Tease without touch. I walk past as you write. Sundress light and floating around my legs. I can feel your eyes follow the sway of fabric. Feel you find the tie at the top of the open back. I bend to straighten a book on the corner of the table and catch you far from your story.

“If you are looking for the right word, you won’t find it there,” I smile, loving that you still blush even as the wolfish hunger is in your eyes.

“Where?” you ask. Equal parts innocence and impish charm.

I cup my breasts and spin away, leaving you inspired but likely lost as far as following the plot goes.

Later, as shadows lengthen and the day finally begins to cool, you come into the kitchen for a drink. I lean against the counter, reading, loving the cool of the marble against my tummy. I know you stop in the doorway. I feel your shadow like a hand. I sway to the music of the wind in the silver leafed poplars. I hold the glass against my cheek. The ice against crystal is like a bell in the stillness. I imagine you stepping close behind me, lifting the sundress, finding me wet and so, so ready, fitting yourself to me, in me. My thighs quiver as you walk across the tiles. I want it to be you who gives in first. Who gives voice to the passion and lust that have filled the house since before sunrise, that have made a delicious agony of the long, hot afternoon. I feel you close enough to reach back and touch, and hold my breath. You take the glass and drink, then move on.

In the softness of twilight, I stand before you, lift my arms to pull back my hair. Slip the straps off my shoulders and step out of the sundress like stepping out of the day’s constraints. I watch you take off your shirt, loving the pull and play of your shoulders, the tan going down your chest and back, the careless way you cast it aside to lie, like the sundress, making small rippled pools in the rising tide of desire that sweeps us forward.

HE: Your knees tremble as I kneel before you and tease your panties down until they lie like a pool of silk at your feet. I don’t know why or how but somehow I have the sense that you have won even as I begin my conquest. I don’t know where these thoughts come from and I shrug them off as the magic of your beauty overwhelms me. All day, I have felt the pull of you like gravity and me caught in it like some trailing satellite, a minor moon, caught by the invisible bonds of attraction and longing. No matter, I think, as I brush your inner thighs with the barest touch and let you feel the warmth of my breath between your legs. I glance up and smile, your eyes shine part in anticipation and part in a desperate longing. Your mouth shapes more and please without a sound. I would love to make you wait, play out this game as long as possible, but my need and longing are every bit as aching as yours.

I lean in so my nose presses your pubic bone and my tongue slides along the slit of your pussy, reaching in and then flicking at the top. Softly, sometimes only the very tip and sometimes the whole width of it parting your lips. You lean into me, holding my head to pull me in and just as much to steady yourself. I lean back so I can reach all the way down, down to the tender space between your pussy and the curve of your ass. Your hands are in my hair and I feel as much as hear the quick catch of indrawn breath and the moan as you let it out again.

My hands slide up, admiring with touch the lovely curves of your legs, up over your ass and the strong plane of your back, pressing you into me, letting my tongue search out every secret fold and soft place inside you.

I stand then and step away from you, let you see my desire. My cock hard and strong through my pants. In the breathless pause, I take your hands and bring them to my lips, still wet with you, and then let them fall along my chest to my hips. You unzip my pants and slide them over my hips, slide my boxers down with them so my cock bends down and then springs up, tight and taut and ready, finally free. I watch your fingers go around the shaft, feel you squeeze. Squeeze until a drop appears on the tip. Smile as your eyes hold mine, as your fingertip slides in the moisture, grazing the slit with your bright red nails.

I hold my breath at the sharpness of the sensation, the very edge between pleasure and pain. Your eyes narrow and your smile widens. I know you love the control you have right now. All my power focused and yet so helpless in your hands. You know I am yours to command, yours completely.

I bring my hands along your neck and cup your face, my fingers trace your lips. You turn your head to catch them with your teeth, gently at first and then more strongly. I pull you close, suddenly impatient with the tease, wanting more, wanting your lips against mine, wanting to to say with action, wanting to say directly without the words between us like an extra layer of clothing, wanting to rip away all that separates us. Wanting. It is a rising tide in me, in us, this need. Hungrily our lips come together, this feeding that is as much sustenance as it is love. Kiss is too small a word for so consuming an act.

Tongues exploring, entwined almost, so the taste and feelings can be mine as much as yours, a single sensing, a dance of sensation. Clinging to one another. Still, intent, deeply focused on one another, speaking directly in a language as ancient and elemental as life. Like a song remembered long after the words are forgotten, a feeling of knowing completely before and beyond context or description.

But all the while our hands are far from still. Busy, unable to resist. You press my cock down, squeezing and releasing. More than anything, I want to feel your lips on my cock, feel your tongue along my shaft, and your teeth sharp for a moment before your lips caress more softly. I start to say this but as if you already know, you press me backwards towards the bed and I fall slowly, bringing you with me.

Watching me all the time, you bring your mouth to my swollen cock and your tongue slowly, slowly traces the head, probes the slit there; then your teeth, then your lips. Lightly, barely touching, dream-like feather kisses, leaving me in agony, aware of nothing but wanting more.

Unable to bear it any longer, I bring you up to kiss you again, to feel your full body against mine. You are a feast and I am wild to devour you, your mouth, your neck, your breasts and then your mouth again until I feel you arch your back offering yourself and asking at the same time. I kneel above you then. Stretch your arms above your head and hold them, then lean down to draw in first one nipple and then the other.

I feel your knees come up, feel your arms twist free, to bring me close and closer. You hands are light but insistent on my back, pulling me down. My cock slides along your belly, down the warm wet length of your pussy and then, so easily, so naturally, we are one, pressing into each other, feeling the beat of our hearts, the rush of our blood flowing as one.

US: We hold just there for a moment that could be forever and yet is barely a pause between breaths and then begin to move, our bodies caught in a rhythm as long and deep and slow as the waves rushing to meet the shore. For so long we have waited for this, and while we are thus time has no meaning, only us, only you, only me.

At times we rush as though to meet something just beyond ourselves, then we stop and hold back, waiting, waiting, and then begin again. At times only the very tip of me touches you and other times our bodies are so deeply connected it doesn’t seem possible there is any space between us.

SHE: You pull back and look down at me, your eyes caress my breasts and neck and belly. Your hand is light on my hip, barely asking a question I am already answering. I roll and lift my hips, feel you kneeling behind me, lifting my hips, caressing my ass. Feel your fingers between my thighs. Parting the cheeks of my ass. I press down to rub against your hand and feel your fingers sliding into me. When I rise to feel you, your fingers slip along the crease of my ass. I am so wet and swollen that no matter which way I move, your fingers are in me.

HE: I bend forward now to fit my body to yours, kiss the back of your neck and feel the fine hairs on your back rise with my breath. I guide my cock back into you, and it is as if I have come home again. Now I can press in even deeper. I lean back kneeling behind you, holding your hips with my hands, and bring you in against me.

US: I want it hard and fast and deep now, want to feel our bodies come together, to let go of all restraint and be ruled by passion. Now, as we pound together, I whisper how good it feels to touch and hold, to feel your hips slam against mine, to make love to you, to fuck with wild abandon. Lost in one another, we find and trace the connection that binds us, trace it back to the source of pleasure and uninhibited joy, climbing higher towards this truth, this being. Finally, rushing towards it, letting go like a wave rearing up as it approaches the shore, the crest wavering, spilling over, and finally breaking in a tumble and rush full of foam and thunder. I cry out in a voice that is without words but is as much laughter as it is a sob.

SHE: He smiles afterwards. I love that smile. So simple and relaxed, at ease with himself and the world. Content. Proud.

HE: She curls close, all tension gone. Lighter and, if I close my eyes, surrounded with a glow. Radiant.

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