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It’s been a long weekend of debauchery… Podcast written by Rose MyErotica, read by Lora Vestaloyne

We’re burned out after a weekend of debauchery; bar-hopping, dirty dancing and fucking, so much fucking. He’s screwed me in the kitchen, the laundry room, the shower (twice), and on the rug in front of the fire, as well as an alleyway on the walk home. We haven’t even made it to bed yet.

He’s an ex-boyfriend turned long distance fuck buddy. I don’t remember him being this much fun when we were actually dating. He has to leave for the airport in a couple of hours, and all I really want now is to cuddle up with him on the sofa and doze through some guilty pleasure on Netflix. His cock has other ideas, though.

His erection is poking me insistently through his sweatpants as he spoons me. His arm rests heavily around my waist, his breath hot against my ear. He nuzzles my neck, his hand sliding up under my shirt.

“Seriously?” I murmur.

“Seriously,” he growls, fingers closing around my nipple. “Let’s do it one more time before I go…”

His hot lips against my skin would probably be enough to convince me, never mind the answering heat flooding through me as he pinches my nipple harder. My body feels chafed and delicate, peppered with bruises and sore spots from our energetic play earlier; but still, I feel a sudden awakening of arousal as he rocks his hips into me, rubbing his stiff cock against my ass.

“Go slow then,” I say, and feel his mouth curl up in a grin, before he latches onto my neck and sucks. I can never resist that. I arch back against him, grinding onto his crotch, feeling his dick twitch as it slides up and down the cleft of my ass. He tugs down his sweatpants and my towelling shorts and slides his cock between my legs, stirring it around to open up my pussy enough for him to ease the head in.

I’m so tender and over-sensitive from all the fucking we’ve been doing that he has to push in really slowly, and his cock feel huge and incredibly rigid against my swollen walls. It stings a little as it stretches me open, even though I’m already getting wet as he bites my neck harder. I wince when he catches a tender spot, but then his fingers move to my clit, stroking and soothing, and it suddenly feels amazing as he thrusts all the way inside.

He starts to move in and out so slowly and deliberately, fingers dancing on my clit much more gently than I usually prefer. It seems designed to tease rather than to get me off, but the way I can feel every inch of him pressing into me, filling me, is driving me crazy. His arms are wrapped tight around me, his body possessing me inside and out, coaxing me inexorably towards orgasm. The tension builds steadily to a crescendo, and when his fingers suddenly press firmly against my clit and he thrusts his cock in to the hilt, I come apart with a gush of wetness and a blast of pure bliss.

When my shudders have calmed he slides out of me, his dick wet on the back of my thigh, and turns me toward him so he can pull me on top.

“I want to see your face when I make you cum again,” he says. “I won’t get to kiss you again for weeks, maybe months.”

I raise an eyebrow as sardonically as I can, considering how attracted to him I’m feeling right now, still high from my orgasm.

“Careful, that sounded a little… romantic…” I say.

“Shut up and kiss me,” he replies, wrapping a hand around the back of my head to pull my lips to his. And really, he is a great kisser and as his tongue explores my mouth and I raise my hips up to guide his cock back into me, I feel an unexpected surge of something more than mere affection. We’re great together — as fuck buddies, anyway.

Now it’s my turn to control the pace, teasing him with the agonizingly slow tilt of my hips as I ride languidly. The hot throb of his cock inside me keeps the aftershocks of my climax sparking through my whole body, my cunt pulsing and rippling so that I feel like I could cum again any second. He lets me lean back so he can rub my clit and admire the way my breasts jiggle, then pulls me close to kiss me harder. My pussy tightens around his shaft as the heat rises in me again, and he groans and starts thrusting up into me. Fingers tight on my hips, leaving fresh bruises on top of the ones he’s already marked me with, he starts to cum; and the hot spurt inside me triggers my orgasm, even more intense than the first.

We lie there kissing and kissing and kissing, his cock still buried deep and staying hard for ages as his jizz seeps out of me to soak his groin and the insides of my thighs. We finally drift off into a post-coital haze. The room is getting dark when he wakes with a curse and slides out from under me.

“Fuck, I haven’t got time to shower!” he grumbles. I toss him my shorts for him to wipe down his sticky crotch, grinning at how dishevelled he looks. He grimaces as he throws on a hoodie over his wrinkled t-shirt and casts around for his keys and phone.

“You stink of sex,” I tell him as I kiss him goodbye.

“I smell of you,” he says. He pulls back a little so he can look at me, a soft expression on his face. He hesitates, about to add something; then shrugs and grins.

Go, you’ll miss your flight,” I say, pushing him out the door, before either of us can say too much.

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