She’s Yours, Take Her Baby

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Smiling with a sexy mischievous look on her face, she held her lover’s thighs open wide and inviting for him to ease into her. To take her. To have her who made her pussy cream and made her squeal in delight. To give her to him who she had taunted and teased about her. She gave her to him to ingest and make Love to and eat whole and savor fully, absolutely with relish and wild abandon.

He had been waiting for this moment for weeks.

She had drawn this moment out, building it up, and the anticipation was killing him in the most powerfully sexual of ways. While he was inside her over these past few days and nights she would whisper naughty things to him as she was under him.

“Honey, her pussy is so wet and clean, the kind of cunt you want to just eat, like all night long. Ya, you want to put your cock in her too but her fleshy labia are just the right amount of fucking delicious to suck on and eat and pull ever so gently. I know you love eating pussy sweetie, just like I do baby, and hers is heaven. She likes it kinda rough but she switches between hard and soft in the most sensual of ways, baby. You just wait and see.”

He thrust his raging hardness deeper into her as she went on telling him about her lover’s flesh, “Sweetheart, her grinding down on my face while I eat her is perhaps the most erotic, sexy thing I have ever had.” Her sultry eyes aglow with the telling of it, the being in the moment of it even with this man meat inside her wetness. Her heart pounded faster and she perspired in the heat of him and the thought of her.

The combination of the dirty talk and late night story telling to one another was something these two reveled in. Ever since they found Rose MyErotica and that naughty AF publication of hers, their love lives had significantly blossomed. The telling of so many experiences, fantasies and whispers in the night made their sheets a whole new incredible place. Doors swung open and these two sashayed through with one another in ways neither had any inkling of until Rose had come along, telling of her experiences being taken on a castle wall and being feasted upon on as a platter, and introducing so many other stories by authors amazing and brilliant and oh so erotic. Delicious!

She lifted her ass onto his cock, he submerged into her staring wide eyed and alive into him who was finding, seeking, penetrating the depths of her longing. She adored him, needed him. He fulfilled her and encouraged her to be her true self which only made her love him and want him more. He was open to her explorations as she was for him and there was nothing these two couldn’t talk about and go there with. There were no holes barred for either of them. Giggles and playful laughter abound in the middle of the night, “Oh my gawd, really you wanna do that, cool baby. That is fucking hawt,” they would say to one another.

And this one, this idea had been in the works for a long time. She had been wanting to sleep with another woman for years now but the situation had never presented itself until recently. She finally had gotten to feast on woman and had been dined upon herself, the feeling was like nothing her fantasizing had ever prepared her for. The softness, the gentleness, the raw force of femininity was intoxicating beyond belief. Round soft places, hard wet nipples, musky alluring damp corners, breath penetrating deeply into seemingly unknown places. Being touched, moved and lifted up in ways only a woman knows how to achieve with another woman. It could only be experienced. It could only be felt. It could only be tasted and wantonly craved and desired.

She had told him about it and he had been more than happy to listen and be aroused by her adventures. His cock was fully attentive to each word, each sigh, each story she told and shared with him. Divine liberation. And sexy as all hell for both of them. It made him hard as a diamond drill bit for her and her wet, moist and tender raw for him, the perfection of the unity between man and woman.

“Oh gawd honey yazzzzz,” she purred as her cum sprayed out in bursts and sputters upon him. He, in his eager approach, found that spot within her aching for his hard penile touch. As with her orgasm, he too was shooting his warm, long flowing seed into her. Kissing intensely they absorbed each other, melted, became one and whole each in the other’s soft, wet from lover’s sweat, hot embrace.

“She is going to adore this cock of yours honey, you so know how to work it baby doll, fuck I love you. And I know she will too. You man-thing you fuuuuuuuck,” she looked into him with ravished adoration and appreciation.

And so it was. His cock was sliding slowly with full attention and desire into his lover’s woman. She was warm and gripped his extension sweetly as he eased ever so attentively into her.

“Oh gawd baby your man is incredible, you were right he is so careful and tender, just like you said baby. Oh fuck, oh fuck, he is going to make me cum fast like that honey oh fuck,” and she did.

“That’s my man, you give it to her nice and easy and draw it out, I don’t think she has ever had a dick in her like yours baby.”

“Oh fuck no, no man has ever entered me like this before sweetie faaaaaaawwwwwwkkkkk.”

Pleased that her woman was receiving the best of her man, she moved up to kiss her who was being attended to so carefully and engulfed her mouth with every little ounce of herself she could give. And the woman on the bottom took the man into her pussy and the woman into her soft, wet, wanting lips. Kissing and exploring her who tasted of the cock she had so eagerly and with hunger sucked to hardness earlier. She drank up of the man through her lover’s mouth and his strong, powerful manhood went up hard with incredible focus and slowly into her. He made his cock harder and harder with each thrust, blood flowed from all parts of his body into his attention for her under him and for her who was kissing she. It was such an attractive moment and the unity of the three was about much bliss.

It was a tender sexual moment. It was achingly drawn out to be absorbed and brought into all of the aspects of each involved. An incredible attention to the very seconds passing by. Each moment as if to be the last each would ever experience. To make one of three. To unite in each, the best of the others. The love, the tenderness, the hope, the intense simmering: just below the surface passion. To unleash that which was within all three always and for all time, their true attentive loving selves. Free and unhindered. To burn away in sweat and cum the parts of each involved that got in their way of living. Of uniting with all of Creation and feeling truly alive. It could wordlessly be felt by each present even though they all just now connected with one another in this most sexy of sexual ways.

“Holy fuck, this is beyond amazing baby, he is adorable. That fucking huge cock is awesome. The way he is so soft and sweet but so hard and firm luv, it is quite a thing to have up inside me.”

“You know it angel, he is yours now sweet thang,” and she kissed her, sliding her tongue ever so passionately into her, seeking out the connection of live sparks set to the fire of their lust for one another.

He continued his slow penetration and eased down to bring her beautiful nipples into his mouth to suck on and feel inside him. He fucked her more and more into the soft frenzy she was working herself into as he kept the pace of his adoration and care. The taste of her flesh and the working of the perspiration and pheromones within all three was rising. The woman below receiving the love of those two wonderful lovers let herself go finally and just surrendered. Her breath heaved out the last of her tiny inhibitions and she was finally free. They all sighed together in the intensity of that soft feeling. It was all about in the air between them. His heart settled down from the earlier pounding of anticipation. And his woman settled in, kissing she who was being so loved below her. This was making Love. This was embrace and connection on a soul level each gingerly felt and submitted to. It just was and had so easily come into being because each was free to be what each so longed to be.

“Sweetheart, I want you to cum in my baby and then I want to drink it out of her, will you do that for me luv?” Rearranging herself to sit on her face and ride her while she could kiss her man into cumming into her below.

He smiled, kissing her being pleasured by the woman with wet, moist, tender folds on her mouth now. A man inside her and a woman on her and she groaned deep, long and sweetly into the night. Like a wild animal calling to the moon in gratitude just to be able to feel the air in its heart and soul.

He did not change his tempo or rhythm of fucking the lovely thang below him all the while kissing and caressing his luv’s ample, beautifully shaped breasts. The pressure building up within them all could easily be felt between all and there would be no effort needed to make anyone cum. It would happen all of its own accord. Slow, easy, with shuddering precision and gliding effortlessness. Jolts of love’s passion passing between them. Between kisses, touches and caresses. Between the air one took in and the others let out. Rising and falling. Dying and living. Reaching and letting go. And the lover’s dance eased and swayed in the tenderness of their being.

She moved herself to and fro on her lover’s mouth. Working her toned body on the woman below her, gyrating her hips and pushing her woman flesh down on her mouth below her. Watching her man’s cock slide in and out of that perfectly shaven, clean, wet pussy with his continued mastery. She was in awe of him and his self control. His ability to give and not take made him so wonderful to give to. She ground down on her mouth who was so easily finding her pleasure and came in a burst of her pussy’s wet nectar on her lover’s tongue. He kissing her, felt through her flesh the sweetness of her orgasm and his built up very, very slowly, all the while maintaining the easy in and out pace of his loving of she.

“That’s my man, you cum in her baby she is such a sweet lover, but not quite yet. I want to taste her on you,” moving down to lick her clit and his cock coming in and out. He pulled out of she and inserted his man rod into his woman’s mouth and she delighted in the taste of her on his cock. Bobbing up and down and bringing him into her soul it was not long but enough. Feeling the salty ejection of pre-cum she took his cock in hand and slid it into her lover and ate her some more while he returned to his tender loving pace.

“Oh fuck baby I am going to cum into her now,” and he slammed his cock deep and hard up to the hilt, his seed splayed into her hot and eager from its waiting. He held himself firmly and with a strong power held her firm who he was cumming into and she feeling this switch from gentle to raw man power came herself with him. His love drank of her cum squirting out of her and settled down to eat that fine pussy and lick the sweet nectar of her man now slowly easing himself out.

Arranging himself to eat his woman’s cunt while she ate pussy and drank his cream out of her was set upon his mind now. And so it was and they loved and kissed and rolled in the sheets for hours and hours more.

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