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photo: SexArt

Female writing from a male perspective that came to her in a dream.

The wind whispers through the window and rustles the white sheets that are wrapped around her bare legs. The moonlight filters in and illuminates her curvy silhouette on the bed. Her long dark curls tousled against the stark white of the pillows. Bare back exposed, I cannot help but admire the way it curves and flows until sheet meets skin and my imagination comes into play. I have to touch her.

Skin as soft as silk, I trail my hand up her back and into her hair as I turn her to face me. Sleep dominating her, I brush one kiss across her lips; those lips, plump as a cherry and the color of roses, murmuring my name. As those long dark lashes flutter open, I brush a kiss on each cheek. Craving the taste of her, I lay my lips once again against hers, her taste intoxicating me.

I can feel her body responding to me, the warmth of her touch as her fingers slowly trail up my arm and she deepens the kiss and takes me further. I slide my naked body beneath the sheet, needing to feel the way her silky legs tangle themselves in mine. The way her bare breasts, warm and full, feel against my chest. Her arms winding their way around my neck as she sighs that little sigh only I can give her. The sigh that sounds like home.

Not fully awake, her lips brush my shoulder while trying to find mine. I feel myself smile as I lean down to help her, to connect our lips. There is magic there.

Her tongue twirls itself into my mouth and plays with my own. I hear myself moan as she overcomes the entirety of my senses. Smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight. I open my eyes to look at her and oddly enough she is looking back at me. The moonlight illuminating the room in a faint white glow. Eyes drowsy, she smiles that smile she reserves only for me and lowers her lips to kiss each cheek in a silent greeting. Her touch as light and airy as a feather, she brings her lips back to mine and it’s my turn. I swirl my tongue into her mouth and we dance, our tongues, to a playful song only we know. My thirst is never quenched.

I take her deeper, and she moans. I trail my lips down her jaw and against her neck as she gasps, the sound that never ceases to make me hard. She feels me hard against her and her body instantly reacts to mine; reaching her hand down, she begins to stroke my hard cock. Never wanting this to end, I trail my fingers down her neck, against her collarbone to her breasts where I toy and tease her nipples.

Her breath comes quick and I hear her say my name. It floats into my ears and makes me want her more. I bring my mouth to her breast and flick my tongue across her nipple just to hear her gasp. I work my mouth back up to her lips as I work my fingers down her stomach. God, she’s a work of art. My lips meet hers, oh so gently this time as I let my fingers slip between her legs. She is so warm, so wet, so inviting. I slide a finger inside her as I deepen our kiss only to feel her moan my name against my lips as she arches to meet me. I want her to cum.

I caress, tease, and toy with her clit, a dance my fingers eagerly and skillfully play as I build her up, only to feel her melt into my hands. Twice. I want her. I roll over her and she looks me dead in the eyes as I slide into the hot wet oblivion that she is, and I hear myself moan. She makes me crazy.

She slowly arches up to meet me, stroke for stroke. Her hands run down my back and I feel her nails digging into my skin. Oh god. Her breath comes out quick and hot against me and I can feel her building orgasm matching my own. I bring my lips to hers and deepen my stroke, filling every part of her, knowing she loves the stretch. I feel her whole body tighten in anticipation and I lower my lips to her ear and whisper, “Cum for me, baby.” Her face is buried in my chest as she explodes hearing my command. Her vibrations bring me to my peak and I follow her over the edge, emptying everything I have into her. For she owns me.

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