Sex Me to Oblivion and Beyond

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We’ll fall over the edge together

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I can taste his skin beneath my tongue. His scent fills my nostrils with that deep, smoky aroma I enjoy so much. My teeth bite deeper into the junction of his neck and shoulder. Isle continues to bounce me up and down as I ride him like a rodeo rider. His shaft pumps within me and I moan louder.

There’s a moment when my feet touch the concrete floor again with him still inside me. I lean back against the one railing piece within this emptied apartment space.

The wood scrapes my skin and he bites at my breasts. His face buries inside of my cleavage and I moan louder. He has me in such a position that with each thrust he drives within me even further. I’m not sure how much longer I can take the intensity of this position.

It’s as if Isle reads my mind about how I’m on the brink of losing my shit. His large, oversized hands slide underneath my hips again to pick me up. He cradles me perfectly and lifts me up to lean against the railing. My legs wrap around him as he thrusts deeper inside me.

We almost topple over and my back collides roughly with the railing as I slip against it. My skin is scraped against the splintered, raw wood. The pain causes me to gasp. He catches me before I tumble over the edge.

“Hold onto my neck, grip it,” he whispers urgently to me.

His head moves forward as if in an act to have me toss my arms over him. I grip onto his neck firmly like a boa constrictor’s vise. Isle picks me up again and pile drives within my pussy.

I’m split open, cracked so far apart by how deeply he’s thrusting inside of me. My body builds up something that I’ve never felt in my life. It’s live electricity buzzing, becoming like a fiery urgency. A G-spot orgasm coupled with something wild, unpredictable and never felt before causes me to bite into his neck again. He thrusts harder in response.

I’m panting, moaning, making every noise possible as I realize I’m going to scream if he keeps going. I will be screaming in the best way possible, an ecstasy driven one that never ends until he stops.

I’m going to lose my shit, literally, if he doesn’t stop this.

“Isle, stop, please I can’t take it,” I beg.

I’ve just thrown in the sexual white flag of calling out Uncle for the first time in my life. He keeps pounding into me, and my stomach clenches with the building pleasure. It’s all I can feel, I know my back is bruised from colliding against the post but I can’t feel it.

“Are you sure there MD? Are you very sure?” he whispers hotly.

“I can’t, it’s too much, I can’t,” I’m panting.

Nothing I’m saying is making sense. He gives a few more thrusts, seeming to test my resilience. My nails drag into his neck as I hold onto him in this position. He supports my entire weight and leans me against this post to fuck me how he wants. He sets me gently back on the ground and his dick slides out of me.

I’m panting like I just ran a marathon. And he’s grinning like a motherfucker at what he’s just accomplished.

“You can’t handle any more fucking then?” he has the audacity to playfully tease me.

The boyish grin on his young face is both incredibly cute and unbearably sexy. I slide down to my knees in front of his erection and stare up at him.

“I’m not done, but that position was… crazy. I’ve never felt that in my life.”

I bow before him. The smirk on his face is one I wish I could immortalize in my memory. The concrete scrapes my soft skin and my knees ache. I hold the base of his dick and slide my mouth to engulf it.

What I desire, need, is his cum drowning my throat. It has a tingling after effect with a deep, minty herbaceous flavor. His size stretches my jaw like I’m a boa constrictor devouring its prey. I moan around the edges of his erection as I make it my mission for him to lose his shit.

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