Erotic ghost stories: eerie, bleak — yet exciting

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Erotic ghost stories: eerie, bleak — yet exciting

As a writer, I like to think there’s more to eroticism than just descriptions of sexual activity. Sure, there are plenty of kinks to describe, and no end of possible scenarios exploring every avenue of powerplay and pleasure. But I believe there’s also a darker, more psychological side, exploring shadow themes like trepidation and anxiety, transgression and escapism, and suspense and uncertainty.

That’s why each Halloween, I set out to write an erotic ghost story. Those familiar with the Gothic style will recognise the tropes, the pained reminiscences of a narrator, haunted by visions and tormented by their own desires.

You might think an erotic ghost story is an oxymoron. So here are a few ideas for enjoying darker stories, and creating a playtime with a macabre twist…

The Captive

Imagine you’re held captive in a dungeon. Tie a wrist, a collar or your panties to the frame of your bed. Alternatively, tie your ankles to the front legs of a chair to hold your legs open. If your chosen scenario demands you are kept quiet, put your panties in your mouth to muffle your screams. Turn off the light and read the story illuminated by just your screen.

Why are you imprisoned? Perhaps you’ve been kidnapped or captured for ransom, perhaps you’re a rebel or pirate awaiting execution. Spank, pleasure and torment yourself as your imagination demands.

The Candle

Sit cross-legged and naked, with just a single long thick candle for company. Put a condom on the blunt end, light the wick at the other, and turn out the lights. Put something underneath you (like scrap paper) to catch any dripping wax, then read the story as you masturbate with the candle — without letting it go out.

If it does go out, give yourself a two-minute spanking in the dark as a forfeit before you re-light the candle. If you like the burning sensation of molten wax, play with the candle above you, otherwise angle the candle away from you, with something underneath to catch the dripping wax. Perhaps you’ll be creative and use your candle to roleplay a witches’ coven, or an exorcism, or a seance…

The Magic Wand

Put on your wizard/witch’s robe (a sheet will suffice), with nothing underneath. As you read the story, cast spells with your magic wand — they might be protection spells, seeing spells, or punishment or pleasure spells that allow you the magician to vicariously experience aspects of the story.

If you own one of those old-fashioned wands — a stick, ruler or rod — cast your spells with smacks to your hands, thighs and bottom. If you have one of those new high-tech vibrating wands, you may cast your spells all over your body (and not just between your legs).

You might even want to go for a ride on your broom. Have you ever noticed how a witch rides with her broomstick right between her slit, tilted upwards to press her clit?

The Bedtime Story

Get someone to put you to bed, and read you a creepy story by candlelight. The reader doesn’t need to be in the same location as you, they can read it over a video chat. If they are nearby, it means reassuring hugs, rubs and cuddles during the scary bits. You might even find the story literally scares the pants off you.

Just be sure to ask for your storyteller’s permission before touching yourself, or your might find yourself pulled out of bed for a spanking, before being made to stand in the corner with a sore bum in the dark…

Halloween is a great excuse to explore and experiment with darker, more shadowy themes like trepidation and anxiety, transgression and escapism, and jeopardy and torment. If you have a partner, and like the idea of Halloween-themed playtime, you might want to share this post with them.

Invite a story into your imagination

If these ideas have piqued your interest, and you’d like to read something darkly erotic this Halloween, here are a few suggestions:

  • Fall is a story set on Halloween night, in 1950s New England. The spooky woods where witches were once said to dwell have since been replaced by a staid and boring suburbia. And a group of teenagers, now too old for pumpkin parties, decide to embark on their own pulse-quickening adventure…
  • Stolen Essence is a tale that mixes the supernatural and the kinky, featuring passages that are surreal, fantastical and dream-like. Heavily inspired by Gothic tropes, this is a dark, psychological story which, if you think deeply, may generate several possible interpretations as to what actually occurred.
  • Runaway is a story about escapism and erotic submission. Remember: you can’t run away without ending up somewhere.
  • Glimpse is one of my personal favourites. A dark ghost story of erotic temptation and punishment. A warning though, this is no story of cartoon ghosts, this is a Halloween story in the spirit of Poe and MR James, as dark and disturbing as a bottomless pit.

If you must have nightmares…

Make them marvellous.

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