Seismic Waves

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This guy has a tornado-like tongue and a cock that can cause tremors inside me like an earthquake. His girth has me wincing as he pushes past my walls. As wet as I am, I still have to spit on it and try again if he pulls out to change position. So, I keep his cock deep for as long as I can.

Even a normal missionary position with him is like a wild ride at a theme park. I am on my back, cumming for the fourth time, eyes rolling up my lids, body squirming in pleasure. I cling to his steel-hard back as he grinds his body into me. I have my teeth clamped to his chest to keep from screaming. My legs shake helplessly around his waist as his massive cock keeps my pussy cumming constantly. His smooth chocolate skin presses mine as his cock churns my insides like melted caramel.

We are supposed to go to an event this evening, but have yet to detach from the hip. I am about to cum again at any moment. I can feel it building from the pit of my stomach. He groans loudly, fucking me faster and harder. His cock is so deep, I can literally feel my kidneys shift. My pussy squirts all over his cock, as I cum hard, shivering beneath him. He pulls out just in time to spray hot cum all over my pussy.

I see the clock by the bedside and ninja roll off the mattress, racing to the bathroom to wash his semen out of me.

We are finally on the way to make an appearance at some club he is doing a promotion for, still hungry for more on the road. I have my hand on his cock the entire time he drives. He has to keep in fourth gear as his fingers stay busy, softly circling my clit. By the time we get there, he is so hard again, we have to park behind the building for more privacy.

I have my legs spread wide in the back of his Maserati. He adjusts the seats back to fit in between. The stereo is so loud, the rumbling bass is stimulating my entire body. He rips my panties off and squeezes his fat tongue inside me. His soft, full lips suction my pussy tightly. I cum quickly in a burst of rapid tremors as he licks the life out of me. His tongue whirls just a little slower after he tastes my pulses.

He unzips his pants and takes his cock out. My pussy has tightened again and he won’t fit. I panic! I want him in me so badly. Both of us are aching to get off just one more time. The car tilts from side to side from all the commotion. I have a sick but brilliant plan. I turn the bass up to the max. Then, I straddle the gear shift and impale myself on it. The smooth coned handle is a perfect G-spot stimulator with the rumbling speakers vibrating the console. The beats of the song make my pussy tremble.

I push the button to open the sunroof and stand him up so he has head room… while I give him head. My lips wrap around his thick, wet cock, stretching to the max to fit his fat head. I whirl my tongue slowly around the tip of his penis as I ease it deeper. He grabs my hair and slowly thrusts his cock down my throat. The instant it passes my tonsils, my pussy throbs around the gear shift. I ride it slowly, letting the vibration of the car make me cum repeatedly.

His cock gets harder as he fucks my mouth faster. I am about to cum again for the third time, feeling his balls reach my chin. He curses loudly. His abs press tightly to my forehead, hips shaking. Then he cums in my mouth, full force. His jizz slides and spills all over me as I cum one last time on the gear shift.

He collapses in the back seat. I carefully release myself from the gear shift, lower the music volume, and lie back on the passenger side. The windows are fogged. The entire car smells like cock, perfume, and pussy. I open the door quickly and spit his cum out on the ground (so classy!).

I have to use the outfit I’m wearing to wipe off our cum and sweat. I steal his shirt and wrap my belt around it, creating a dress that is surprisingly cute. He has to do his appearance topless, nothing but his chains to wear on his body. His glistening chest competes with the luster of his diamond necklace.

The accommodations for us are beyond VIP, but he isn’t quite satisfied. He stops a member of his entourage and makes him go get a brand new outfit for me. They take me upstairs, clean me, do my hair and make-up, then back on his lap within an hour. Unnecessary, but impressive!

The low-cut black dress looks stunning on me, and is just my style. He shakes his head again, like something else is missing. He takes his diamond necklace off and carefully drapes it around my neck. The music is so loud, the sides of the chain rumble on my chest. But that isn’t the only thing stirring. My grinding on his lap has awoken The Kraken yet again. I feel his cock bulging through his jeans and I roll my eyes at him, pretending I’m annoyed.

I turn around to straddle him. His broad chest glistens under the laser lights. One of his songs goes into cue. A band member hands him a microphone and he starts singing to me while I dance seductively on him. I am going to test just how much stamina he really has. We are above the dance floor, but his friends are sitting with us. I am so horny right now, I couldn’t give a fuck if they watch. I unzip his jeans just enough to let out half his cock, more than enough for me to ride. I ease it inside me and hear his voice break a little. I giggle and kiss his neck, sliding my hips lower. I ride him slowly as he continues to sing. His golden brown tone reddens. He looks away, struggling to remember the lyrics to the rest of his song.

I ease him in deeper and wait until he is just about to pop. I don’t allow him to cum, but slyly push his rigid cock back in his pants and fix his zipper over his mounting tent. His abs are wet from my pussy sliding all over his lap. As soon as he finishes the final notes, I lean down and lick my wetness off his stomach. Then I sit back, take my drink, and sip it like nothing happened.

I predict we will be heading back to his house… right about… now.

We waste no time. His cock stands at attention like a soldier as I ride it slowly, seductively, and rhythmically. I wait patiently until he is at the verge, until he is at my mercy. I slide his cock out of me and admire it. I smile, seeing the head swollen and purple. I run my tongue softly up the thick vein under the shaft and press my lips on the head. I make sure the pressure of my mouth is so light, he aches to fuck it until my tonsils shift.

I love this part, this very moment. His body rocks, straining to reach my tongue as I tease him by withdrawing. I slide the tip of my tongue across the head and let the back of my tongue heat it up. I feel his boiling point rapidly approach and withdraw again. He begs me to let him cum, as if he pleads for his life. But my limited mercy does not allow it.

I blow cool air on his swollen shaft, running my lips up and down on it. I kiss his cock like I would his lips, slowly and passionately, my tongue stamping wetness on his girth until his cock oozes pre-cum. The tasty, clear, aloe is like a snack to me. I slurp it in my mouth and spread it slowly on his cock with my tongue. I kiss it even softer now, as his masculine groans get louder, more desperate, aching to spray my face with hot semen, or fuck me hard in any position he wants until he fills my core.

Yes, I think that will do. I lean back and spread my pussy lips wide, telling him to fuck me. He leans forward, easing it in. He moans loudly as soon as he feels my tight wet walls surround his cock. He clenches his ass and tightens his abs, his body shivering. I squeeze my pussy muscles a little, resembling light orgasmic pulses around his cock.

“Oh, God! Please, don’t do that,” he begs.

“Do what?” I taunt as I squeeze around it again, “…this?”

“Oh, fuck!” he yells, tears welling in his eyes.

I pull his hips down to press me tight and circle my pelvis on him from underneath. He meets my pressure and matches my rhythm. I am getting wetter and wetter as he gets harder. We fuck slowly. Torturously slow. I feel every inch of him move my insides as he slides deeply.

I guess this is how he wants to cum. He loves marinating his cock inside me until he can’t take it anymore, torturing himself as much as me.

At this point, his cock feels like steel, not one soft point left. His arms are shivering, his sweat dripping all over me like raindrops. I squeeze my muscles again, this time no release. I keep it tight. No more teasing. He cums so hard inside me, I feel his cock pulse and rotate in me like a runaway hose.

I push him back. I run my tongue slowly up his sticky wet shaft and suck every last drop from him. I spit it back on his cock and quickly mount his lap, sliding my drenched pussy on his softening meat until it’s finally motionless.

“Jesus Christ, woman. You are a force of nature!” he laughs. “I have to write a song about you one day.”

I kiss him softly. “What would you call it?”

“Seismic Wave.”

“Why?” I ask, smiling.

“Because that pussy of yours is like an earthquake!”

I take that as a compliment, although I think he may need to recuperate mentally to think of a fresher idea. I take his chain off me and put it down on the bed as I get dressed. My brand new dress is still drenched from earlier, so I take a few of his boy clothes and head home.

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