Let’s Use My Pretty Mouth

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Ask me to open wide and I will

The extreme wetness greets my fingers as I explore the lower half of my body. I can still feel the fullness he creates with each drive into me. His cum mixes with my squirting from earlier. I plunge a finger inside of myself with a moan. My vibrator is grabbed with my right hand and I turn it on.

I lick up our flavors intermingled. It’s such an addictive, intoxicating taste. I suck the slickness off the joints of my fingers. I hear him entering the room again. There’s this chuckle that releases from his mouth. My eyes close, fixating on the sensations of the buzzing melding with my engorged clit.

“You can’t be surprised,” I whisper.

“Nothing ever surprises me with you,” NY replies.

He slides into the bed. I feel his weight temporarily sink the mattress. I want him up by my tits, biting them, sucking them, possessing this part of me. I want his lips on mine as I moan at the sensation.

Instead, I feel his head resting against my thigh. I look down at him. His stare stays stuck on my lower half. His eyes fixate on my clit. I keep pressing the vibrator hard against the bud, backing away, and playing with it again. My pussy lips are spread as wide as I can. I force my clit to swell like a flower looking to be pollinated.

“What are you doing?”

“Watching, I never get to watch.”

I can’t help the ghost of a smile on my lips. I’ve never thought of him being fascinated by how I get off. Or the fact that I wield a vibrator to orgasm with my clit versus my G-spot. G-spot orgasms are a fierce, explosive, squirting mess of a climax. While with my clit it’s more of a steady seduction until she submits.

I’m turned on by his intent brown eyes staring at my clit while I play with myself. There’s something deeply vulnerable about doing it in front of someone.

“You know I got off earlier?”

“You did?”

“Mmm hmm, I was thinking about you fucking me. Restrained. Face down while I’m helpless. Pressing me harder against the mattress. Filling me up with your cum. Then us going bowling,” I giggled at the last part.

The last time we were together he fucked me until he came. I screamed right before he came as my G-spot pulsated around his dick. My pussy cascaded with the aftershocks as he kept fucking me. There was the sound of his delicious, lovely groan. It announced his submission to his own orgasm.

I still remember the feel of his cum sloshing within my own inherent wetness. How I bent sideways and it seemed to spill out of me. That it was a dirty little secret he and I both knew, and reveled in.

My body craves for him to bite me, spank me, kiss me, anything and everything. Watching him with his head held gently against my thigh makes me want it even more. The fact he’s waiting for me to cum drives me even more. I can imagine his face between my legs, devoutly eating me out. Like I’m the altar of his sexual communion to partake in.

“Tell me how you’d fuck me. Play with me. Please,” I beg softly.

“I want to see your thighs clench and twitch right before you cum. To see you press this vibrator harder against you, demanding more while you beg for release.”

I moan as he tells me how he’d claim me. He’d fill me up and listen to my cries begging him to fuck me even harder. I’d beg for him to go deeper within me. I let out little gasps. His voice takes on that edge where he’s talking dirty to me that I can’t get enough of.

My body is perpetually edging. I feel myself so close to cumming, yet, I can’t cascade over this edge. NY bites my thigh as he tells me how amazing my pussy feels when he’s inside me. I buck that part of my body deeper against his mouth. Seeking for him to bite me again, rake his nails against me, or even interlace his fingers in mine while I get myself off.

I’m so lost in the concentration of getting off that I don’t notice him move. He crawls up to my waist and I feel his tongue on my tit. I groan as he lifts the breast up to his mouth. His teeth bite down to nip the sensitive, erect nipple. I grind my hips against my vibrator and try to will it to release.

He moves over to my right tit. I revel in every nip and the deeper bites against my flesh. As he leans over to reach my right breast his cock comes tantalizingly close to my mouth. With my free hand I press his head harder against me.

NY parts from my tits. He stands above me like a god anointing his subject. His dick approaches my parted mouth. I willingly open it and he thrusts inside. There are those careful breaths I take to force his length fully within my mouth. It hits the back of my throat and I gag.

There’s a sort of recalibrating I do when I choke on his dick. Where I back off gently, take a gulp of air, and dive back down to the base of his length. I can feel his balls caressing my skin from how deeply I take him.

There’s also a strange, perverse pleasure I get from choking on his length. He groans at the feel of my body convulsing. I find it hot, this reaction. I keep willingly forcing it as far as it can go.

The buzz of the vibrator fades in and out of my senses. I come so close to finishing. This is one of my fantasies I get off to when I’m getting off without him. I put his hand on the back of my head. I guide him to fuck my face as he stands above me. We move together as I press the vibrator harder against my clit. My body edges with his hips thrusting his dick further inside my mouth.

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