Gloria’s Secret, part 6

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Lem thought of nothing as he dashed towards Gloria and started eating out her pussy. He thought nothing of Gloria’s lover Morris, his erstwhile gardener, who stood there beside them watching, having just concluded fucking his wife; or of the fact that his cousin Zia, was also there watching. Nothing registered in his mind besides wanting so badly to taste Morris’s cum out of his wife’s pussy. He had been dreaming of it.

He held Gloria’s legs apart then buried his face into her twat. He attacked with his lips like a rabbit burrowing into the earth; like a dog digging for a hidden bone, except in this case it was the thick semen percolating inside her pussy. Lem overheard a cackle of laughter. It sounded like his cousin Zia.

His wife pressed his head down against her crotch.

She jerked her pelvis upward at his face.

His tongue slid and probed her cunt for morsels of cum.

“That’s a good boy,” Gloria cooed while caressing her husband’s head, simultaneously moaning from the exquisite kisses he gave to her pussy. “Yeah, clean up my pussy, babe. Uuhhh yes . . . yes, that’s it. Alright, honey. Come on, there’s more I want you to do.”

Lem came up for air. The lower part of his face was wet and sticky. He ran his hand over his lips and it came away coated with his wife’s cum juice, which he licked up. His eyes burned with passionate hunger, the like of which he had never experienced before. At that moment he was so willing to do anything to please his wife; he so wanted to go the distance for her.

“Now, darling,” Gloria said. “There’s somebody else in this room that needs your attention.” She turned to Morris, who was busy kissing Zia. His cock remained semi-erect and hung like a pendulum from his crotch.

“I want you to clean his cock for me,” Gloria instructed her husband. “Would you do that for me, darling? I know you want to. You’ve mentioned wanting to do it before.”

True, he had mentioned it, even thought of it more than once . . . but had never assumed she would take him seriously. Too late.

“Morris darling, please come over. My husband wants to properly welcome you into our home. Please, just let him do this one thing for you.” She grasped his cock and stroked his hard-on, then turned to Lem. “Be a good boy and clean his cock for me.”

“Yeah, go ahead, Lem,” Zia cheered. She was leaning over the couch, not wanting to miss a moment of what was about to happen.

Lem inched forward with his mouth open.

Gloria drew Morris’s cock closer towards his mouth.

Lem locked his lips around the gardener’s dick and started sucking him.

Zia clapped ecstatically. Gloria was all smiles watching her husband wrap his lips around her lover’s turgid penis. She sat back and played with herself while Lem went on sucking him.

“Keep sucking that big black cock, darling,” she murmured. “Suck it like you love eating my pussy. I’ll bet you can’t wait for him to fuck me again, can you?”

Lem gave a grunting affirmation as he continued choking on the black cock that now filled his mouth. He sputtered gobs of saliva off the side of his lips. It was genuine punishment and he could feel an ache in his jaw muscles as he continued blowing Morris’s girth. Eventually he stopped and bowed his head as he began to retch and cough. He gagged a couple of times, hoicking and swallowing back his spit. Strings of saliva fell from his mouth and landed on the carpet.

“You did good, darling,” said Gloria after he had regained control. “Don’t worry. With time, I know you’ll get better at doing that.”

Zia decided it was her turn now and locked her arm around Morris. “About time I got to enjoy a bit of you before I leave. Where’s your bedroom, Gloria?”

“I know where it’s at,” Morris said. “Let’s go.”

Lem crumbled onto the sofa beside Gloria. They watched Morris and Zia leave the room in each other’s arms while they remained as they were. The movie that had been playing on the TV had long since stopped.

Gloria tapped her husband’s arm. “We’d better go see what they’re up to.”

Lem helped her to her feet and stopped to wipe his palm on his shorts. Gloria picked up her clothes and Zia’s, and laid them on the sofa, before they went upstairs to their bedroom. Zia’s moaning voice was echoing from inside the room. They opened the bedroom door and peeped inside.

Zia was on her elbows and knees on the bed. Her back was arched with her ass sticking upward while Morris balanced himself in a crouching stance, fucking her with his full might. There was the sound of thunder each time he slammed against her butt. The thunderclap then followed by Zia’s whimpering moans. She gripped the bed sheets and her body jerked forward with each pounding stroke Morris gave her. His backside glistened with sweat; he held on to Zia’s hips tightly, grunting with exertion each time he thrust into her.

“Aww, they look so good together, don’t you think?” Gloria said to Lem. “Morris finally gets to christen our bedroom, honey.”

“What are you talking about? You said before that you and him have fucked in here.”

“I know. But then you weren’t around to watch it, were you?”

Morris gave one final thrust that knocked Zia flat on her face, and pulled out of her. Lem focused his eyes on Morris’s massive cock. He saw it was spilling cum onto the sheets. He couldn’t help but lick his lips at the thought of having another turn at worshipping it. Zia had already seen him do it downstairs so there was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of anymore.

Gloria left him standing by the doorway to go to the bed to join her lover and her husband’s cousin. Zia made room for her as she lay on her back and spread her legs and gestured at her lover to come have another go at her. Morris swiped a stream of sweat off his brow then went and plugged her pussy.

“Get over here, Lem,” Zia called out. Lem went to her. Zia directed him to get on the floor on his back.

Lem did as ordered. He watched Morris on his king-sized bed fucking Gloria, listening to Gloria gasp and plead for him to fuck her harder. The sound of their bodies clashing was enough to tell him Morris was doing exactly that.

Zia came and stood over Lem’s face and then lowered herself to a crouch over him. Lem raised his head, wondering if he was going to perform the same clean-up exercise on his cousin as he had done his wife, but gasped in momentous surprise when Zia instead squirted down on him. She cackled uproariously while she did.

“There,” she murmured when she was done. “That feels good. Now you’re a sissy,” she added.

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