Rise in Seduction

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Unveil the DIVINE QUEEN in all her GLORY!

Devoured in love, lavishing in the essence of each moment, dripping with sensual seduction, laced up and lathered in oils of forbidden fruits.

Ever so slightly awakened by the body that lies on top of mine. The unimaginable begins, opening doorways into the forgotten, awakening the sleeping mind, fear shedding its scales while a blossoming begins. Wildly erotic and foretelling, the succulent sweat drops start to mask the aromas of your sweet pheromones. A misty cloud fills up the room, and our sexual sacred experience forgoes…..

Lips connected in utter seduction, salivating…..steaming….releasing. Art of persuasion tickles a deep sensation of passion inside me, igniting a flame so fierce that energy starts emerging from one soul to another, and where moments begin to disappear. One touch by your hands sends shock waves up my spine, exuding electrical embers of light. Electromagnetic fields build barriers around our bodies, blazing hot and vibrating. Awakening the furry protective layers of my skin, my body suddenly becomes open, awake and stimulated.

Wrapped into a cocoon of the most erotic of pleasures, I begin to let go, freeing my mind, delving deep into our beating hearts in connection. As our breath strengthens, the musk creates a vortex into a realm only passion and sexual stimulation can embrace. We begin to experience true love by awakening each other’s soul and infinite power.

Divine power is deep inside, underneath layers of our softly mated skin, unlocking the experience is within the feminine. A divine goddess holds the keys to our universe, you don’t believe me, then open yourself up to experience her feline in wakefulness. She is the creator of life, she who births spirits, the guide for human souls, each experience awaits those who shall cross this woman’s path, there are a lucky few who choose to embrace those moments of shared eroticism while in her company.

The outer layers of our existence is a near shadow, the divine light is deep into the opening of the feline flower, a folded oasis opens through the gap to free untold stories of vibrations that thrill, form and create. Her responses will guide you deeper into the realms of the imaginative mind, each breath deeper you delve into abysmal feminine form where you start awakening the sparks and starlight within source. The divine or source is a magical key to unlocking foretold stories of the universe, and beyond. To gain access though it all begins with true unadulterated love….. dimensions can’t be unlocked without unfathomable spiritual passion.

Sex tip: the secret to great sex is not the mere act but rather an experience, filled with steam and erotic pleasures. Make sex with your lover, your ritual, allow it to develop at its own pace, being rewarded in the process of pleasing a woman in her most deeply connective ways. We are taught to see sex as an act of pleasure, but is that really all? I think not, there is so much more than just pleasuring beneath superficial layers of our human structure. Love a woman’s soul and you will never grow old, you will endure life and all of its beauty, it will burst you open, destroy everything you knew, replace the old with the new. It will transform you into the infinite power of existence, wait for it, search for it, find it submerging in your heart of desires. The LOVE of a lifetime is practice, patience, persistence and clarity of the mind and its intentions.

Wake up next to a beating heart that has the same rhythm as yours, gently capturing an essence of sweet waking moments in all its glory, awoken beauty, she is peaceful in all her naturalism, she softly graces her masculine by caressing his chest, sharing secret dreams of the infinite possibilities of wonder, channeling the dawn in bliss, capturing the essence of each other’s souls, recognizing the nature you impose and rocking to the beat that must be told!

Share sweet compliments with your woman, show her you care, show her the gratitude she deserves, bow down before the miss and kiss her feet, massage her just because, draw her a bath with flowers and chocolates, take her on a picnic, chivalry is not a lost art, seduce her to oblivion, then passion will show in the simple things, and all the moments in between.

Always together, sharing possibilities of LOVE, may it be fierce, fragile, sensitive, sexy, pouring out passion, rich in laughter and happy in its moments. The immersed magic is awaiting for you upon your return home to the sweet nectar of the feminine divine.

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