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I am a demon renewed; vanquished, exiled into this place I do not know. My armor is broken, each plate shattered and coiled. I have no more walls standing. My heart is open, ready to beat and break. It hurts when it thumps because I’ve never used it before. I stand before you with everything and nothing. Nothing but myself, and everything I have. Everything I once was is now scattered in the wind. I am at the edge of the pier, free-falling in the sky as you catch me in your arms and rescue me from my deep lonesome drop. I am here — in mind, body, and soul. I am yours.

You take my hand and kiss me sweetly. I serenade you with my laughter, uplifting little giggles that have never made such a tune out of my throat. I am so used to being wrapped in solitude, no one to hear me or console my hurt. Here you are, ready to love me. You are all mine.

We lie together in silence; the kind that is tranquil. It’s not the kind that I am used to, the deep abyss of thoughts in despair with no outlet. You hold me gently, the way a woman is supposed to be held. It’s not the touch I know, rough grasps and stinging nails.

You kiss me. I kiss you. These are the kind of kisses they write about in fairy tales, escapades of lovers’ dreams, never to awaken. You make love to me. We have fucked before. We have done things to each other for fun and for pain, but this time it’s different. The connection is here and it’s deep, so deep that your heart upon my chest is my own rhythm. We sleep. Together we inhale and exhale in sync, our bodies shape to each other’s curves as we solemnly breathe.

We love. Yes… love, love, LOVE! Those four letters I feared so much in the past, now coming out of my lips so easily. No choking. No hesitation. No turning back.

This moment is why I exist at all. This word is why we all exist. I am happily trapped in it, glued down with no need to fly. Yet, these wings of mine have never soared higher. They flap and glide just as my heart does when I see your face. The cold metal bars around them are now melted off and broken to pieces. You crashed through this steel cage to release me from myself, letting new light shine through.

I have no questions or cares beyond this moment. Right now, we are who we are and it is what it is. I have no need to tell my fortune or see the future. All I know is that I love you and I don’t want anything or anyone else. I lay down my sword and hand it over. I have surrendered and am no longer at war with myself or the world.

Right now, my only concentration is your flesh upon my flesh and the million ways I plan to make it quiver. I have countless ways to make you climax and I will try them all. My favorites first; gentle, slow and teasing. I mix my style with your favorite things; the hard pounding of my fingers stretching you open, driving your body mad until you can no longer think. I will think for you, move for you, and breathe for you.

Right now, you are wrapped in my embrace as I graze your neck with my teeth. I am so hungry for you, I could eat you for days. I slide down slowly, making sure I dampen every part of you. I take your hands in mine with my arms wrapped under your thighs. Your beautiful skin glistens with wetness as I slowly slip my tongue inside you.

This pussy of yours, such purity in the flesh. Every line and curve is so pleasing to the touch and taste. Your scent is invigorating. I could dive in, drown in it, and die happily. You are the most delicious dessert even the most skilled chef could never create. I am lost in you. Your dripping wet pussy has a heartbeat of its own when I kiss it. I love how instantly soaked it gets when I run my tongue between your lips. I love how you sound when you are losing control. I love the look on your face when you are about to come, so powerless and vulnerable. Yet, you hold all my strength in your hands.

Your eyes clench tight as you scream my name, the name once feared but now said in excitement. Your body trembles hysterically as I whirl my tongue faster. My fingers curve inward to your G spot, amplifying the sensations through your body. Your earth-shattering climax flows through me. I can feel your energy pulsing between my lips as your fevered thighs clamp around my face. Every action is my prayer in your temple. I worship you. I honor you. You are my long-lost faith come back to save me from despair. With my hands and lips, I repent my sins just so I can make new ones. You are my “something to do” on this Earth until I am no more. There is no life without you. With your gentle touch, I am forever changed.

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