One Down, Four to Go

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“You’re on,” she said, a nervous grin on her face.

“Five in twenty minutes. We have a bet,” I returned her grin, nervousness mixed with heat.


“Yes?” I prompted.

“What do I get if you can’t?”

“Um… well, I start over and do it all again. Hmm, maybe I should lose on purpose…”

“Oh my God…” she said, a pink flush coming to her skin.

“Okay, so what do I get?”

“If you win?”

When I win.”

“I’ll… ah… reciprocate,” she said with a lip-biting smile, looking down. She was blushing even harder, her thighs subtly squeezing together. The flush had moved down her chest, coloring the beautiful area above her breasts in a lovely pink.

“That’s a pretty big commitment considering my stuff and your stuff don’t exactly work the same way… but I accept.” Now I was the one blushing furiously through my grin. I couldn’t help imagining… the immediate effect of pursuing that mental image was a noticeable protrusion in my shorts that seemed to delight her.

“Wow, just like that, huh?” she said, giggling.

“Are you seriously unaware of the effect you have on me?”

“No… I mean… kinda, I guess.”

“Mmm-hmm. Are you ready to start the timer?”

“I’m scared!” she said with a laugh.

“Why?” I asked, laughing as well.

“I don’t — I don’t… you know… get there easily,” she said, making an awkward face.

“Challenge accepted.”

“Ha, shut up!” She struck me with a pillow. I took the opportunity to pull her to me. She went still, dropping the pillow, her expression tense now as she looked at me, our faces just inches apart.

She was straddling my leg, just the cotton of her panties separating our skin. I kissed her lips, my hands moving under her t-shirt to stroke the soft skin from under her arms, down across her ribs, to her hips, and back up, feeling her shudder and press herself tight against my leg.

I stopped to pull the shirt off over her head and moved my lips to the space between her neck and shoulder, kissing deeply. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her against me in time with the movement of her hips, causing a small gasp. She leaned back against my arms as I kissed further down her chest.

I greeted her left nipple with a kiss, a slow lingering lick, and then drew it between my lips. I gently grasped it with my teeth, enough to hold it with a little pressure, and began flicking the tip of my tongue back and forth across it. She shuddered suddenly against me, breathing hard.

I had my other arm around her, pressing my leg against the softness beneath her panties in time with the rocking movement of her hips. The combination had her moaning softly as she grasped a fistful of hair at the back of my head, moving my mouth to her other breast.

I could feel her dampness on my leg now and I was close to suffering from how aroused she had me. I wanted to be inside her, to feel that warm wetness surrounding me, coating me, easing me in, to feel her tighten around me in orgasm, to feel myself so deep inside her that I could imagine getting lost there.

There was something I wanted more than that, however. I wanted to feel her cum against my lips and tongue, trembling. I wanted to taste her at that moment. I wanted her to know how good I could make her feel. I wanted her to know how good she deserved to feel. I wanted her to cum so hard she’d never forget how I loved her body like no one else could.

I wanted her to see God when I licked her. I wanted her dripping glistening drops onto my tongue as she pushed herself, uncontrollably, against my mouth. I wanted to feel her cum so hard she would only be able to speak in moans, cries, and nonsense syllables. I wanted her to cum like she was the oracle of Delphi filled to writhing with the golden ecstasy of Apollo.

I pressed my lips against her chest between her breasts and slowly kissed down her belly as I eased her back on the bed. As she lay flat, I kissed her navel, tracing it with the tip of my tongue while I massaged her through the damp panties, making little circles with my fingertips. She arched her back with a gasp, belly tense, legs closing around my hand, and made a drawn out little moan. Her eyes were closed, lips parted in gasping breath, and her hands were clenched to white-knuckled fists as she came.

Oh…God…” was all she said as she lay still but for a tremor in her hips.

“I guess the clock started early,” I said, kissing her belly along the hem of her panties. I loved the way her skin felt against my lips, perfect to press kisses into. I wanted to cover her with kisses from head to foot.

“Fuck yes, it did…”

“One down, four to go.” That one was unexpected — for both of us. I loved how it felt to touch her and how she moved in response and I’d gotten a bit mesmerized by it. I would have to pace the next four more carefully.

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