On my knees

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The keys makes all their familiar noises unlocking the door and my heart starts fluttering. People might think seven years of being side by side with you would have dampened the desire I feel growing inside me but they wouldn’t understand the very special relationship I enjoy with you.

You enter the room with a sigh, a defeated slump in your shoulders, but your tired eyes can’t help soaking it all in. Me on my knees, naked as a bird but for the collar around my neck. Me, my back straight, the better to show off these perky tits you love to suck on so much. I don’t have to wonder what’s going through your mind, your hungry face says it all.

And yet you’re still strong enough to let out a “Sorry babe, you know what I say.” If the roles were reversed, I’m not sure I could show your restraint.

“Never when you’re angry.”

“Never when I’m angry,” you confirm.

You still crouch down at my level to kiss me and run a hand through my hair. Don’t think I haven’t noticed how your eyes have been roaming all over my body. How can you withhold the temptation to do something about the gift on open display?

You decide to give a quick tug to my nipples. You love how doing that will turn my hazel eyes dark and stormy, and I love how this little familiar gesture is still enough to send jolts through my body.

You stand up but before you can leave for the bedroom I I tug at your sleeve. “I know you can’t touch me tonight,” I say, “and you don’t have to. Just let me take care of you. Please?” You clear your throat and I can’t help a little smug smile. I know you like it when I beg.

“Alright then,” you say. You sit down and I press my face between your legs. Your pants are still on, but won’t be for much longer. “But then…” you say with a little smirk. “If I can’t touch you, don’t you think it’s fair you can’t touch me either?” With a quick move you undo your belt and use it to tie my hands behind my back, as you have done so many times before.

You stand up and I see a wicked glint in your eyes. I don’t like how this job has slowly been dimming that spark, replacing it with hard-edged cynicism. I don’t like seeing this nimble and creative mind drowning in the daily grind. I’d do anything to see that spark in your eyes and that smile on your face.

“I’m going to the bedroom. You have 30 seconds to get there.”

As I follow you into our bedroom I see you are about to take off your grey tank top.

“No!” I say.

You raise a perfect eyebrow and I shrug, as well as I can with my hands behind my back.

“I think you look hot in a tank top.”

You lick your lips. “I thought you said something about taking care of me?”
You spread your legs. “Take care of me, then.”

I feel a sudden rush of lust coursing through my veins. Your tanned body, sculpted in the gym, is a piece of art I will never get tired of watching. And when you look at me with your legs spread like that and a little smile on your lips… Soon I’ll be all over you and I intend to show you exactly how much your muscles and my curves fit. How you’re still able to find a way straight from my brain to my pussy.

“Let me take care of you,” I repeat like a mantra. “Let me take care of you.”

You always appreciate how skilled I am with my fingers but tonight I’ll show you I’m just as good with my tongue. I use it to flick on your ear. I use it to plant soft little nibbles down your throat. I use it to lavish attention on your toned arms. Underneath the grey tank top I know your nipples have already grown hard as pebbles.

You’re still showing remarkable restraint, a silent taunt to ramp up my efforts, and I treasure every little moan you make, every almost imperceptible sigh from your lips, every time you twitch and shudder.
Knowing that I could get you to relinquish that kind of control is as thrilling a thought as it was the first time and even when you’re not vocal, the smell of desire between your legs says all I need to know.

I lick along your lips, gently coaxing out the hard little nub. I know that it will only take one flick of my tongue and you’ll be gone and so I decide to leave it aside for now, opting instead to push my tongue inside you.

Suddenly you turn around and I obey the silent command to push my face in your ass and be the giving lover I am. The noise of frustration is enough to let me know you’re ready.

One flick of the tongue is all it takes.

Your legs shake and while I usually would bury my face deeper and deeper inside you, determined to wrench every little measure of pleasure out of you, I decide to show restraint myself. I’ve made my point. I’ve taken care of you.

You loosen my binds and I automatically put my arms around you. You’ve learnt to deal with the long gazes and the intimacy. You know I need that as much as the kinkier stuff.

Tomorrow you’ll punish me, tomorrow you’ll show me who’s in charge, but tonight? Tonight, the collar is still snug around my neck but I’ve taken care of you.

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