Weekend at Charles’s place, part two

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Charles turned away from us while speaking into his phone. I had no idea who he was calling. I looked at my wife Juliet and she gave a shrug that said she didn’t know either, but the glint of a wicked smile of her face alarmed me into thinking she at least had an idea what it was about. She shoved my face down on her crotch and I went on eating her pussy till I was just about fulfilled, having made her cum a second time.

“Yeah, you both hurry on here sharpish,” I heard Charles say before ending his call. He turned around to face us. “They’re on their way. Meantime, you’d best get yourself ready, white boy.”

Juliet tapped my shoulder. “You remembered to pack the costume, didn’t you, dear?”

“Yes, I did.”

“I think Charles would want you to start getting into it now.”

I looked over at Charles and he nodded in agreement. I experienced a flutter of anxiety and excitement that I’d never had before. I looked back and forth at both of them, suspecting it was a joke. I’d mentioned bringing along the costume, hoping I might present it to Charles to let him know my true desires. It was obvious now that since their previous encounter, he and Juliet had been communicating a lot behind my back.

“Times’s a-wasting, white boy,” Charles snapped me out of my reverie. “They’ll be here anytime soon.”

That got me moving. I went and grabbed the bag and Charles indicated where the restroom was and I went in there and locked the door. I felt like Clark Kent about to change into his Superman costume. The whole time I was changing, I heard voices in the bedroom. They sounded somewhat hushed, like they didn’t want me catching their conversation. I heard Juliet burst into a giggling fit; my heart raced so excitedly I nearly stumbled as I tried rolling a pair of stockings up my thighs.

“Aren’t you done yet, boy?” Charles hollered beyond the door.

“Almost, sir,” I replied, and indeed I was. I put on my blonde wig and stopped to check myself in the mirror before opening the door.

Charles sat on the bed and Juliet sat across his lap, caressing each other as they admired my new look. I had transformed myself into what I always wanted Juliet to see me as — a sissy.

Juliet broke the silence by clapping her hands. She came off her lover’s lap and hugged me.

“You look so… different, honey,” she said.

I did look different; I felt different too. I was wearing my PVC French maid’s outfit which I had actually bought for Juliet to wear on her first night with Charles. She had declined, but suggested later that it would look good on me. I have tried it on several times and we had even made love while I was wearing it. I had been surprised when she agreed that I bring it along to our weekend tryst with Charles. Even now I felt extremely nervous wearing it for him to see. The outfit came with thigh-high stockings and high heels, which made me feel clumsy standing in them. But I’d had some practice.

My cheeks were flushed red as my wife presented me to her lover.

“What do you think, Charles?” Juliet asked. “Doesn’t he look cute?”

“He looks like a sissy-bitch, that’s what he looks like,” Charles declared. “Put a little lipstick on him and he’ll be wanting to suck black dick all day.”

At that moment there was a knock at the door and we all looked in that direction; Charles didn’t appear worried, neither did Juliet, unlike me. Charles went and opened the door and welcomed two black men. They shook hands and hugged each other like close friends.

“Where’s Queen Bee?” asked Charles.

“She’s on her way,” said one of his friends, who he introduced as Keon; his other buddy was Ray. “She said for us to come check out the merchandise first. Is that them?”

Charles led them over and introduced them to Juliet; they gave me a look-over and then burst into laughter. I got even redder as they took turns pointing at my dress… and the fact that I wore panties underneath.

“What a cute sissy!” Keon cackled as he raised the hem of my dress to see what I had underneath. He laughed even harder when he saw. “Pink panties! Oh man, you’re a riot. Queen Bee’s gonna have fun with you.”

“You bring the rope?” Charles addressed Ray, who nodded and went out of the room and soon returned with a bundle of rope in his hand. “Alright, let’s get to work and have us some fun.”

They led me back to the chair I’d earlier occupied. Ray unfurled the rope and he and Charles bound me to the chair and tied my hands behind it. Keon did the coup de grâce of pushing up the hem of my maid dress and then slipping my panties down my thighs, exposing my penis which, to my consternation, was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. This got Keon laughing in uproar once more.

“Come on, guys,” Charles nudged his friends away from me. “We’ve got a show to give the white boy. One his ass is never gonna forget.”

Juliet came to his arms while his friends got busy getting out of their clothes. Juliet gave me the stink eye the whole time she locked lips with Charles.

“This is what you’ve always wanted, darling,” she said. “Now you get to sit there like a good boy and watch these real men fuck me.”

Ray and Keon discarded their clothes then came to join their buddy who was still smooching Juliet. She was all smiles as she felt their hands over her body, pinching her ass and squeezing her tits while I was helpless to do anything. She looked like she was having the time of her life. She bent forward and sucked Keon’s cock while stroking Ray’s. Both men had massive cocks just like Charles. From Keon, she switched over to Ray’s cock. Charles then took over Keon’s position as he moved behind Juliet and I watched him plug his prick into her pussy and thrust into her.

My penis jutted five inches from my crotch which was its entire turgid length. It beckoned me to stroke it towards fulfilment. But with my wrists tied together and my arms bound to the chair I was helpless to do anything but moan my apparent loss of freedom and watch my wife get used by Charles and his friends. It was intolerable, the pathetic urge I felt. Nothing could have prepared me for what I was going through. And yet this was a fantasy I had long mentioned to Juliet about wanting to experience, even if only once.

I watched them lead her back to the bed. Ray lay on the bed and Juliet mounted him. I watched her ride his cock while stroking Charles and Keon who stood either side of her. She took turns blowing them, pausing often to let off a steamy groan inspired by the dick she was riding. Ray smacked her butt and called her names. Charles and his friend glanced in my direction, sniggering at me. Nothing I could do except blush while taking their insults.

“Bitch ass white boy.”

“Think he gets to fuck his slut anymore?”

“Nah. She won’t want no teeny tiny dick when we get done with her.”

“Queen Bee and Sis are gonna eat him for lunch.”

“Oh yeah, she bringing Sis, too? Hope they get here soon. White boy looks like he wanna cry. You feel like crying, white boy? You’d better not.”

The torture went on.

My eyes went from them to my penis which kept nodding its head as if also taunting me, reminding me of how helpless I was. Juliet slid off Ray and Keon positioned her on her knees and fucked her from behind while Charles fucked her mouth. Ray shuffled towards me, stroking his penis in his hand. He stopped in front of me and I could almost taste the sweat running down his torso as I looked up at him.

“Open those pretty lips of yours, white boy,” he said.

I did as he ordered and he shoved his cock into my mouth and seconds later ejaculated down my throat. I gurgled and choked on his semen, loving every ounce of it.

A car honked its horn outside. Everyone stopped for a moment. Ray approached the window and peeped through the curtains. He looked at us and smiled.

“Queen Bee is here!”

The story isn’t over, not yet.

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