On My Knees

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She is sitting on the sofa with a pillow under her butt. It has been a busy and sweaty afternoon, as was to be expected from a love making session after they had not seen each other for three weeks. She is exposing her sex to him with open and raised up legs. It is a very intimate position that she likes very much, because of the way it allows her to feel how they melt together.

Deep intimacy is built on trust. It is the opening up of all that you are to the one you love. The same as taking away layers of clothing, real intimacy allows us to peel off our layers, exposing our core to the one we love. This kind of intimacy allows us to place ourselves in the hands of our loved ones, and to take their soul in our hands and guide them through our love making.

He knows that this is one of the positions where they melt together. Not only because she opens up as wide as she can to let him in. Nor because he can really go deep and hold her as close to him as possible. But also because when she looks at him with her shiny loving eyes she can take a peek into his soul.

He has been working hard this afternoon. It is a man’s job to love this sexy girl of his. And he is going back in for the next round. Her vulva is swollen with excitement, and her wetness is ready for him. His cock slides effortlessly inside of her. He places his hands on top of the sofa and their dance starts.

She lets out a loud exclamation as she feels him sliding inside of her. She wraps him in her legs and arms. She wants to feel him close to her. She grabs his broad shoulders that she has missed so much. She wants him to take her and drive her senses to the limits. She feels like giving herself away to him.

Fucking her in this position feels like a pleasurable plank. His feet on the floor as an anchor in the ground and his hands on the edge of the sofa. She looks at him with an expression that is asking for a kiss, and he obliges. They have this rhythm going on, the one she needs to accumulate the energy to reach for the stars.

She can feel how the momentum is building up. It feels as if with every push he is driving the needle higher on her energy gauge. Adding a handful of loving to her reserves with every stroke. She lowers her hands to reach for his butt and grabs it to push him deeper inside of her. She is rocking her hips to get this circular bouncy motion going. She is enjoying the moment very much.

Suddenly she reaches the edge of the cliff. As in a slow motion movie she feels their energy surrounding them again. It is a supernova, a blinding flash, a detonation. Time stands still as all her senses are in overdrive taking this event in. And then the gasp for air, her moaning as the reverberations of her orgasm draw out.

He is standing still, with his cock all the way deep inside of her. He can feel her pussy pulsing around his manhood. It is a sensation he enjoys very much. It is hot and damp despite being a cold winter afternoon outside. He is sweating and realizes that his feet are sliding on the floor and he is losing his grip.

But she is not ready to let him go. She wants more of this. She moves up, looks at him and orders:

“Your knees on the sofa…”

He uses his hands to pull himself up, getting his knees on the edge of the sofa and his shaft yet deeper inside of her. They start rocking the sofa and she closes her eyes to concentrate on the hard fucking. It is wild, their animal instincts have taken over. The pounding is extreme and they can hear the squelching of their mixed liquids. Her next orgasm is building up pretty fast.

And it is suddenly there, unannounced, out of left field. Her walls are shaking around his cock. She holds him in place to make him stop as her orgasm starts. He is exhausted by now and moves his hands down to hold her. Both of them are extremely sweaty, and it feels almost as in a sauna. She grabs his hair and places a deep and wet thank you kiss on his lips. And so they stay for the next few minutes, holding each other while kissing. They have melted and all that remains is a goo with hands, feet, hair, butts and boobs mixed in it. They are incapable of moving, stuck in this love lock position they have just created.

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