My Three Wise Men

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I love women. I love their scent, their curves, their softness. There are many times I choose them over guys. But I have a weakness for intelligent men with large cocks and thug swag.

Lamar, Robin, and Chris are all my perfect type. All three are handsome, intelligent, and just have that sexy persona about them that makes a devout pussy lover such as myself hungry for cock.

Lamar, Robin, and Chris are also brothers. God help me for having my pussy be a family tradition to them, but I am, and I’m not ashamed of it. They are all fantastic lovers and good people. Besides, it was over time that I slept with them, not all at once. Tonight, however, I just may get the treat of handling my three wise men all at the same time…one can only hope.

Their cousin, Keisha, brings me to their family reunion for the holidays. I have a great time seeing all their baby pictures and reminiscing about our school memories over a massive amount of brandy and left-handed cigars.

By midnight, I’m toasted and silly, rummaging through their parents' cabinets for snacks. Robin sees me hiked up on the counter with cookies in my hand and gets me down right when I slip off.

“What are you doing, silly girl?” he asks, laughing, and also taking a handful of treats for himself.

“I’m hungry. I was just looking to see if your Mom still hides her homemade Snickerdoodles up here.”

“She does,” he smiles. “For good reason.”

We share a silent moment, the memory of his strong firm hands on me making me hungry for something else.

Robin lifts me back up on the counter and leans close. I can feel his erection go around his boxers and press against his zipper…pointing right at my navel. I take his face in my hands and kiss him softly, the sweet crispy cookies making his lips taste like a delectable treat.

“You know, my old room is still vacant if you want to recap some old events,” he smiles charmingly.

I trace his lips with my thumb and smile. “Only if you make me say please,” I whisper.

We played some very racy games in the past, my bottom still recalling the sweet sting of his hand. He grips my hips firmly and raises his eyebrow mischievously.

He leads me upstairs and we go to his old room. His Mom never took down his Star Wars bedsheets or that classic Scarface poster on his wall. It’s like a perfectly preserved time capsule in here.

I pull his slacks down and grab his cock like it’s mine. I feel it jump in my hand when I kneel to the floor. I swipe my tongue on the underside of his cock and spit on the head. I take it in my mouth and suck it deeply. The head slips well beyond my tonsils and down my throat. I wait and hold my breath just long enough to get him to the edge, then slowly let his cock out of my mouth, dripping with my saliva.

He groans loudly, almost in panic. I quickly slip out of my panties and ball them in his mouth. I lay him back on the bed and mount his big thick cock. My hips find a familiar rhythm, the swerve. His favorite — when you hula dance as you ride it. He looks at me nervously because I have absolutely tortured his cock with this move in the past. I wait until his cock is about to explode and raise all the way up to the head, hips perfectly still, halting his cum.

I do it once for old time’s sake. But then I take his cock deeply. He starts thrusting hard inside me, pleasuring himself with my pussy. His cock spurts and pulses inside me. Then, he raises me to his face to eat it out of me. I personally find it sexy when a man is willing to taste his own cum. I know I love the taste of mine.

He sucks my pussy then dips his tongue inside me like he’s down to the last drop of honey in the jar. The flickering triggers another climax, pushing me over a last minute throb while I ride his tongue.

I slide down and lean close to his face, licking his chin clean of our shared liquids. He kisses me hard, sucking my tongue, then my lips like he was starving for them. I kiss him softly then push him off. If we keep kissing like this, we’ll never leave this room.

“Go on,” I smile. “I need a moment.”

He smiles and heads down the hall to use the bathroom. I fix my outfit as best as I can to look presentable again.

As I open the door, Lamar and Chris are just about to pass the hallway. I don’t know what comes over me, but I am still horny. I take both their hands and lead them inside Robin’s room.

I shut the door behind me and slowly undress again…

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