Obsession . . .

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I never knew I could miss him so deeply. He came into my life and just like that the next morning he was gone. Gone from my world. It was like he never even existed. No way that could have been possible — he did come home with me. We met at the bar but I wasn’t drunk. I had one beer but no way was I drunk . . .

Or was I really?

A phone call was what brought me to the Cuckatoo bar. The call came when I’d gotten back to my apartment. It was from Josh and it was the last call I was going to get from him. He called to let me know he had moved his last stuff out an hour ago and wished me all the best; I wished him the same too and then hung up. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The apartment got so boring to be inside — everything about it reminded me of Josh. I grabbed my jacket and hauled ass with nowhere in mind. Anything to avoid the silence. I practically ran down the stairs like I thought someone or something was yelling my name to return to the apartment.

Outside it was drizzling. I walked westward in the direction of the park. I wanted to be somewhere with people around, anyone other than my friends. I must have walked half a block past Lakewood Park when I saw the bar. The name got me chuckling and I went inside.

There was Country Rock music playing inside. The crowd wasn’t much; the atmosphere seemed inviting enough. I sat down at the bar and ordered myself a beer and watched the crowd pouring in out of the rain that was growing heavier outside.

One of the people that walked in was a handsome black man. Athletic and confident, he had the stature of a rodeo cowboy. I couldn’t take my eyes off him even as he stood in the doorway brushing rainwater off his shirt. Too late, he caught me staring at him. I quickly turned away from him and guzzled my beer fast. Out the corner of my eye I saw him approach the bar. He said hello to the bartender and ordered himself a Heineken; I was having Coors Lite. I tried not to look at him, listening to the Eagles belt ‘One of these Nights’ out of the jukebox.

“Hi there.”

I turned and stared into a pair of hypnotic brown eyes. And an irresistible smile. I felt my heart beat fast. I remember it took me seconds to respond. When I did, I stuttered.

“Uh, hi . . . Hi there.”

“I hope you don’t mind, but can I get you another?” He indicated my beer, which was almost finished.

“I’m sorry, I usually don’t talk to strangers.”

“Oh, where are my manners. My name’s Ty.”

He offered me his hand and I shook it. I told him my name. He sat down beside me.

“Glad to meet you,” he said. “So now we’re introduced, we can be friends. May I please buy you a beer?”

He ended up buying me a beer and I ended up taking him back to my apartment.

There was still a downpour outside. Ty worked himself out of his clothes as I did too. I pushed him onto the sofa and jumped on him. Everything about him was beautiful — chocolate beautiful. Thunder roared when we kissed. I nibbled on his ear, caressed the back of his head while he sucked my breasts. His breath on my skin gave me goosebumps. I stroked his member into my mouth. I sucked him hard till he got rock hard.

Somehow we ended up in the bedroom. Rain pattered hard against my window; strong wind ruffled the curtains. The electricity went out but I never knew until later.

Ty dropped me in my bed. I pulled him down towards me. I locked my ankles around his back and kissed him with an obsessive hunger I never knew I had in me. He dug his hands under my butt. He pulled me towards him. He pushed himself inside me. Thunder went off in the sky; I whimpered and cried. His cock felt huge. I wanted him. He ground his hips against me. I raked his shoulders frantically. He fucked me hard. I muttered his name . . .


I wanted him. He fucked me like I was something he hated. He called me names; dirty, filthy names. And still I wanted him. I begged him to fuck me harder. The bed shook from our weight. We breathed in each other’s face. My gasps rose in pitch and volume. I rocked my pelvis against his crotch and pleaded for him not to cum inside me.

He did cum inside me. I passed out when I climaxed.

When I woke up the sky wasn’t grey anymore. The electricity was back. My curtains were still. The downpour had stopped.

Ty wasn’t in bed with me. But I could still smell him; the evidence was his seed he had left in my pussy. I cleaned myself up in the bathroom. I wanted him again. But how was I going to find him?

This story is part of a longer piece. Do get in touch if you ever desire the novel version.

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