Jade is the true color of passion

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This is my most prized possession. I researched these exotic, erotic crystals in great depth before purchasing my own. They are pricey but worth it. There are different crystals: onyx, quartz and amethyst. Each stone has its own special properties. My favorite has always been jade. Green is my favorite color and I am fascinated by things of the old world. Jade has healing powers. It can calm and control emotions by removing negativity. It also symbolizes luck and fortune. When I tried it out for the first time, it gave me one of the most intense vaginal orgasms I’ve ever had. I came so hard, I passed out instantly after my sweat-drenched, hazy trip into the cosmic abyss.

I can only handle the sensation every once in a while. So, I only perform this ‘ritual’ sporadically. It almost feels like this toy is a lover I can’t fuck all the time, otherwise I would never get anything done. I wait until I yearn for it, as if this piece of jade were a person I sorely miss. I respect it. I keep it safe and I don’t let anyone else touch it.

Tonight is definitely one of those nights. My cellphone is off. I’m fresh out of the shower, clean shaven, my whole body smoothed in lotion. Descending light from a lazy afternoon peeps through my drawn shades. I have soft, sexy music playing in the background. Sage incense curls smoke around me. I go to my closet and take out the black velvet bag. I hold it in my hand a moment, already anticipating the feeling of it inside me before untying the string. I feel wetness flow between my thighs as I take the crystal out. The splendid shade of green captivates my senses. It’s amazing to me how this thing, with no special features, no batteries, in the shape of a simple candle, can give me such intense elation. I run my fingers across the smooth curve and it stirs me instantly. I am ready.

I lie down and press the tip between my lips. I can already feel its essence calming me. I slowly trail it down the middle of my body — between my breasts, down my stomach, and right on my mound. I tease my clit with the tip by gently pressing it on my flesh. I wait until I’m so wet, I don’t even need to spread my legs apart to insert it.

I inch it inside me and push down on the base. I hold it to my G-spot and take it out slowly. I look down and see strings of wetness dripping off the curves. I slowly push it into my pussy again. The cool sensation hits every nerve inside me, making my walls tremble. I go in and out just a little faster… just a little harder. The rising intensity of arousal is making me surrender my will. My mouth drops open. I close my eyes and concentrate. I arch my back off the bed, letting the tip stimulate my G-spot.

Each luscious stroke unveils every emotion inside me; all my love, hate, insecurity and innocence. It traps into a ball, starting at the pit of my stomach, then growing like a cluster of stars at the verge of death throughout my entire body. My toes curl. My cheeks rush with heat. The veins in my neck swell and pulse uncontrollably. My spine bends and bows. My walls tighten. My hand and wrist are now involuntarily churning the jade in and out of me. My calves lock and shiver. The following words repeating in my head: Please, let me come! as if I plead to the powers that be for the blessing of release. My awaiting climax feels like shaken champagne, ready to burst the cork to the ceiling and splatter to the floor. I finally come! The force of my orgasm is so intense, I feel tears trickle down my face. I don’t only release the tension between my legs, but my entire body comes all at once. I scream out my passion to the heavens. My very soul feels cleansed and I am grateful.

I have just enough strength to ease the crystal out and rest it on my stomach, the heat of my core still radiating through the jade. A lethargic cloud floats over me. After each flutter of my eyelids it gets harder to reopen them. I am lulled to sleep. My dreams are pleasant and fruitful. My mind and heart are at peace. I am convinced that Jade is the true color of passion.

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