Not Sure

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“I’m not sure if this is a good idea.”

His voice was barely a whisper, drowned out by the droning of the train. But it felt too loud, as if he had shouted through the wagon. His wife didn’t stop, of course. He hadn’t really expected her to and was pretty sure he didn’t want her to. She let go of the earlobe she had been nibbling on and looked around quickly. Her fingers had found his nipple under his shirt and she pinched it hard enough to elicit a soft gasp.

“Yes, you are,” she breathed in his ear. “You would like getting caught, I bet. Maybe by the redhead?”

He glanced over the seats at the woman sitting several rows down. She was looking out the window, her long crimson hair tucked behind her ear. Could she see him, out of the corner of her eye? His cock strained against his pants.

“Let me help you.”

With nimble fingers his wife undid his pants and reached inside. Her touch felt cool on his erection. She caressed him, her eyes locked on his. He was unable to move; afraid to be discovered, yes, but equally afraid for her to stop. She gently cupped his balls before drawing her nails along the flesh of his shaft. When she rubbed a drop of precum around the head with her thumb, a groan escaped his lips.

“Well, now,” she said, releasing him and sitting up straight, “that just won’t do.”

Pulling up her skirt a bit, she reached under it and pulled down her panties. He could see the wet spot on the bright red fabric and, when she held them up to his face, he could smell her intoxicating scent. As the silk touched his lips, he opened his mouth and allowed her to stuff them inside. Reaching inside his pants again, she traced his lips with her tongue as she pulled out his cock. She bent down and when her lips found its head, he moaned through the panties.

She teased him at first, kissing along his shaft, her tongue flitting out, fingers firmly around his base. He already ached for release, raising his hips to meet her mouth when she finally enveloped him. But with a hand placed lightly on his chest, she forced him back down. He tried to slow his breathing, every breath a reminder of her arousal.

When she took him deep into her mouth, he almost came then and there. There was no teasing anymore, however. Her head bobbed up and down as her tongue swirled around his throbbing cock. A low rumbling sound rose in his throat. She tugged lightly on his balls with her other hand. Every muscle in his body tensed and he breathed a drawn-out moan, as silently as he could, while coming in her mouth. Waves of pleasure washed over him, again and again and…

“Excuse me?” A woman’s voice cut through everything.

Still in the throes of his orgasm, his heart skipped a beat and his stomach sank. Teeth grazed his shaft and a moment later fingers roughly pulled the panties from his mouth. His wife sat up, her mouth closed with a trickle of cum at the corner, as he quickly stuffed his cock back in his pants.

“Will we arrive on time? I really need to get the connection.”

Only then did he realize that the woman, the redhead, wasn’t talking to them, but to the ticket inspector. They stood just far enough away that they couldn’t have seen. Or at least that he could deny everything with a bit of plausibility. His wife looked at him, winked, and swallowed ostentatiously. While the ticket inspector mumbled reassurances, she kissed him. He tasted himself on her lips. They broke their kiss only to see the inspector right next to them, a look of suspicion in his eyes. He was an older man with thinning gray hair, who looked as though distrust came naturally to him. His wife handed over the tickets as if nothing had happened. The inspector glanced at the tickets, scanned them, and handed them back, all without saying a word. He left their carriage muttering under his breath.

“That was close.”

“Fun, though, right?” his wife asked.

“It looked fun, in any case.”

The red-headed woman took a seat next to them on the other side of the aisle. She was dressed professionally — a pencil skirt and a blouse, thigh-high boots, and a long overcoat — but she looked at them with unmistakable hunger. His wife put a hand on his leg and smiled at the woman.

“Thanks for the save.”

If she felt anything like what he was feeling after that close shave, it wasn’t apparent in her voice. She licked her lips — nervously? He doubted it — before she went on.

“We weren’t done yet. If you’d like, you can…” She trailed off, and now he knew she was apprehensive, despite her bluster.

But the woman flashed her a warm smile and moved back, leaning against the window.

“If you don’t mind,” she said, hiking up her skirt a bit and putting one foot on the seat, “I’d love to watch.”

He stared at her, at her bright red hair, her sparkling green eyes, and her round, reddening cheeks. And at her hand, as it drifted lower, pulling her skirt up even more. He swallowed hard at the sight of her sex, bare and obviously aroused, and could feel his cock already stirring again. His wife was looking at him, suddenly shy. He leaned in and kissed her. She froze for a moment, his lips on hers. His hand snaked up her back and he felt her relax. She opened her mouth, her tongue flitting out. Coming to her neck, he wove his fingers into her hair, grabbing her head and pulling it back. She gave a soft sigh and, when he started making out with her in earnest, all bashfulness had left her.

His other hand found its way to her breast. She wasn’t wearing a bra and he could feel her nipple harden as he gently took hold of it through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. She moaned into his mouth. Breaking the kiss, he looked up to see the woman on the other side eyeing them greedily, lips slightly parted while she slowly stroked her labia.

“Come,” he said, shifting towards the window, “let’s show her how much you like to be watched.”

His wife leaned back against him and placed a foot on the seat, mirroring the woman across from them. Her compliance stood out against her earlier authority, but it didn’t surprise him, not anymore. He could see the eyes of the woman drop to his wife’s pussy. She bit her lip as the train rumbled on. He brought two fingers to his wife’s mouth and, with lustful abandon, she coated them in saliva, a low moan in her throat. Still groping her breast with his other hand, he touched the wet fingers to her pussy, caressing her gently before spreading her open. She pushed her shoulders into him and her hips forward, panting loudly. The woman on the other side copied his movements, groping her own breast and opening her pussy for them.

“Look at her,” he whispered, “I think she likes you.”

His fingers began their dance, plunging into her wetness, spreading her juices around and circling her clit. Her reaction was immediate, her pleasure evident in every breath, every squirm. His cock was throbbing now, aching for release again. He tweaked her nipple and licked her earlobe, all the while driving her closer to her orgasm. As her moans grew louder, he quickly glanced around, but their carriage was empty. The other woman continued to mimic them, her face flushed with excitement as she tried to look everywhere at once. When he caught her eye, she winked at him and smiled. His cock throbbed harder.

“Oh, honey,” his wife breathed, throwing an arm back to hold him by the neck.
He focused his attention on her clit, slow and steady. Her nails dug into his flesh as he increased the pressure. Her breath quickened, hitched when his fingers went inside of her, and then became a low moan, his fingers back on her clit, slow and steady.

“Look at her when you come for me.”

The woman was touching herself at the same measured pace, the tip of her tongue just visible between her parted lips. She smiled at his wife, inviting, encouraging. His wife tensed and, with several loud groans, shuddered to an orgasm in his arms. The woman came forward, a hand stretched out low. His wife, still shaking slightly, nodded and two fingers grazed her tender flesh ever so gently. He held her tight as she sank back into his arms, moaning softly. With a sly smile the woman looked at her fingers, glistening faintly in the fluorescent light, before touching them to her tongue.

“Hmmm, you are delicious.” And then, more urgently. “Crap, he’s coming again.”

She sat back up, while his wife put both feet on the ground and straightened her skirt. A moment later, the ticket inspector stood between their seats, eyeing them suspiciously again.

“Would you like another look?” his wife asked sweetly.

The inspector shook his head once, then stomped off down the wagon to the front of the train. When he was out of earshot, the three of them burst out laughing. That lasted until he grabbed his wife’s breast again, a gasp cutting off her giggles.

“Shouldn’t we make sure our… companion is satisfied?”

The redhead put her foot back on the seat, showing herself to them again.

“Oh, please do,” she said.

His wife didn’t move, seemingly mesmerized, until the woman extended a hand to her. She sat up, took the hand and crossed over to the seats on the other side, only stopping when their lips touched. It was a tentative kiss, at first, feeling and tasting one another, savoring. But quickly his wife started to lean into her, making out with abandon. He enjoyed the view of her from behind, kneeling on the seats, her skirt tight over that ass that he knew so well.

“Now, lick me.”

It was a whisper he barely heard, but then, it was not meant for him. His wife brought her head down and the woman closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Soft whimpers started to escape from her lips. Then she looked at him with lidded eyes and smiled, a smile which made his cock twitch.

She placed a hand on his wife’s head, and with the other she reached over and pulled up his wife’s skirt, exposing her gorgeous pussy and asshole. It was more than he could take. Scooting to the edge of his seat, he freed his erection again, holding it with one hand while roughly grabbing one of his wife’s buttcheeks. She pushed back ever so slightly in response, and he thought he could hear a moan coming from between the woman’s legs, but otherwise she continued diligently. He stood up and placed his cock between her cheeks, everything still slick from earlier. Grabbing her hips, he rubbed himself slowly along her cleft, his breath quickening.

“Stop teasing her and fuck her.”

The woman’s voice was almost a growl. Her cheeks were flushed, a sheen of perspiration on them, and her eyes flitted between his face and his cock. He grinned despite himself and she grinned back, short and earnest, before a low groan rose up from her throat.

“Fuck her.”

It sounded more urgent. He pressed the head of his cock between his wife’s cheeks, past her asshole, until it was where it needed to be. Pushing into her with little force, she immediately pushed back, taking him entirely in an instant. He had to steady himself, a hand on the headrest, against the sudden, overwhelming pleasure. And then, as she started moving her hips, it was all he could do not to come already. With a supreme effort of will, eyes closed, mind as far away as possible, he edged away from his climax. Opening his eyes, he allowed himself a few counterthrusts. The woman had both of her hands on his wife’s head now, and she seemed…

“I’m close,” she panted. “Fuck her good. Fill her up while I come on her face.”

Her words brought him right back to the edge. Grunting and thrusting he drove his wife into the panting redhead, whose moans pitched ever higher. With a long, loud howl he came deep into his wife, spots swimming in his view as he pulled her hips against him. Only when he was spent did he notice the other woman shuddering, her knees pulled up to her chest, uttering a stuttering series of ‘fuck’s. His wife stayed between her legs until she lay still, knees lowered again and her head resting against the window. She slowly got up, his cock slipping from her soaking pussy, and turned to look at him, her face covered in the woman’s juices. He held her and kissed her, this amazing woman who still managed to surprise him and arouse him in ways he hadn’t thought possible. Their kiss lasted until she pulled her panties from her pocket.

“Better put these on. I don’t want to drip all over the place.”

He moved back to give her some space and pulled up his own pants. The redhead was still recovering, exhausted, but with a blissful smile on her face. That smile slipped a little when she looked past him out the window.

“Shit. I missed my stop.”

His wife crawled onto her seat again and gave her a kiss similar to the one he had just received. Afterwards she rested her forehead against the woman’s brow.

“You could come along with us. The night is still young.”

The woman bit her lip.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

My wife chuckled and cupped one of the woman’s breasts. She pinched the nipple gently, eliciting a soft gasp.

“Yes, you are.”

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