No Reservations

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Checking the clasp on her garter one more time, Anna was satisfied that it was secure. She straightened the skirt of her dress, checked the mirror one last time, and headed out of the hotel room. She’d wait for him at the bar… waiting in the room would be tortuous. She’d be counting the seconds.

The bar was empty save for a small group of guests for the wedding taking place in the ballroom of the hotel. She sat with her back to the door. Watching it would be as difficult as lingering in her room would have been. Seth was meeting her here in an hour. A glass of wine, and a good, easy book to distract her from waiting should do the trick. She ordered a Malbec from the blond tending bar and logged into her e-reader to immerse herself in the latest Jodi Piccoult novel. She didn’t get far into the book before her mind began to wander back to thinking about Seth.

They’d met at a coffee shop; he approached her despite the feverish typing on her laptop that indicated she was too busy to be bothered. It turned out they were both married, both in open relationships, and both looking for much the same arrangement. They had met several times since then, for lunch, for coffee, for drinks, for conversation and flirtatious banter. Their texting had turned lascivious early on, and Anna had been fantasizing about getting him alone behind closed doors for some time.

Tonight was the first time they’d been able to arrange that. Taking a slow sip from her wine glass, Anna glanced over her shoulder and saw Seth walking through the lobby a full 30 minutes early. She caught his eye and smiled.

The first thing Seth noticed was that Anna’s skirt had ridden up one shapely thigh to reveal the lace top of her stocking, right where the garter strap connected. He could not wait to slide his hand up that leg. Then, she smiled at him and he immediately forgot about the stockings — for a moment — while he let himself be drawn in by her playful blue-gray eyes. He’d promised himself he would let the tension build this evening during dinner. He’d tease her, he’d flirt, he’d make sure that by the time they returned to the hotel room she was ready for everything he had planned for tonight. Pretty Anna wouldn’t be spending much time sleeping.

Still smiling, Anna stood, and his eyes traveled the length of her. The wrap dress hugged her curves and teased him. Seth’s fingers tingled as he imagined what might happen if he simply pulled the string that held the dress closed. As he reached her, Seth wrapped his arms around her, pulled her close. Anna draped her arms around his neck. He breathed in her scent, Marc Jacobs with an undertone of lavender and vanilla… her lotion or body wash, perhaps. The smell was uniquely her, and intensely feminine. Seth allowed his lips to brush Anna’s cheek and gently tease her mouth before releasing her.

“You have half a glass of wine there, would you like to stay and finish it, or bring it up to the room so I can drop my things before we head to dinner?” Seth asked, motioning to his small overnight bag. Without answering, Anna lifted her wine from the bar and glided toward the elevator.

Seth settled in the green armchair in the corner when they entered the room. He eyed Anna with a lustful gleam. Anna decided that if he had been sitting on the bed, she’d have straddled him, and they wouldn’t make their dinner reservation…she sipped her wine while she contemplated selling Seth on the idea of room service. Just as she was about to open her mouth to pitch her idea Seth crooked his finger and beckoned her over to him.

She inched closer. Seth gently removed the wine glass from between her fingers and placed it on the side table. He grabbed her hands and pulled her into his lap. Anna sat without resisting and leaned into him, his arms circling her waist. He kissed her. Slowly, teasingly, his tongue barely grazing her lips as he tasted her. She felt herself start to tremble as his hands began to roam, one up her back, the other down her leg, stopping at her ankle, before traveling, achingly slowly, back up and under her dress. Maybe Seth wasn’t too concerned about making their dinner reservation either…

Without warning Seth stood, setting Anna on her feet. He gently pushed her back until the top of her round behind rested against the faux-mahogany desk. Seth gazed into her eyes while lightly caressing her neck and jawline before lowering his mouth to hers. The kiss started simply, lazily, but intensified immediately. Anna felt her brain click off, and her body respond without forethought.

She tasted sweet. A touch of mint and vanilla…and the feel of Anna’s warm, soft body pressed against him was driving him crazy. Apparently, the kiss was having a similar effect on Anna, because she wrapped one stockinged leg around him, and then the other. The heels of her suede boots dug into his thighs as she all but climbed his body to deepen the kiss. Anna’s legs now wrapped firmly around him, she pressed her wet panties against the front of Seth’s trousers and began to grind against him as their tongues danced. Seth held her as tightly as he could, one hand across her back, the other tangled in her luxurious curls. Seth willed his body to slow down, to savor…but an insatiable need took over.

Seth untangled his hand from Anna’s hair and ran it down her side to the tie on her dress. He undid the bow and let her dress fall open, breaking the kiss just long enough to take in the visual splendor of his soon-to-be lover clad in black lace. He traced his fingers along her clavicle, and down between her breasts, along the line of lace…then down her stomach to the top of her garter belt. His skin delighted as Anna pulled his shirt over his head. Everywhere their skin touched was wildfire, spreading in every direction. Looping his arms under her legs, Seth spun Anna around and tossed her on the bed.

The sudden movement caught her off guard, and the way Seth looked at her caused Anna’s breath to catch in her throat. Seth was on top of her before her brain could catch up. Taking her mouth with his again, Seth pushed her back onto the bed. Her silky legs wrapped around his waist, and pulled him in. His hands explored her skin, slowly at first, and then with increasing need.

Seth broke the kiss and scooped his arms under her, siding her higher on the bed. He slid her lace panties down her creamy thighs, leaving the stockings and those naughty boots intact. He tasted her. Seth’s tongue was perhaps the slowest, gentlest torture she’d ever experienced. Anna’s body tingled and writhed as her pleasure built. Seth never rushed, and the orgasm surprised her as it tore through her body. Anna’s hands gripped the sheets, her back arched, and she dove over the edge, panting…her eyes closed in ecstasy. She watched through half-closed eyes as Seth stood to remove his pants.

He was back on top of her in moments. Anna’s legs seemed drawn to him and wrapped instinctively around his waist, pulling him to her. She needed to consume him. Anna felt desperate, animalistic, as she twisted them around. Landing on top, her legs straddling Seth, Anna began to ride him, grinding her wetness over him again and again, back and forth, then in circles, soaking them both.

The need to feel Seth fill her became too great. Anna raised herself, poised to engulf him, and then slowly lowered… she had imagined how he would feel…how he would fill her. She wasn’t able to take all of him quite yet. What she didn’t anticipate was the intensity of looking into his eyes as she rode him. Anna’s ears rang, her mind stopped. All she could feel was Seth, his skin against her legs, his breath hot on her shoulder when she leaned forward, his hands on her hips.

Seth actually stopped breathing for a moment when Anna took him inside her. The chemistry he knew existed between them exploded as she began to rock herself back and forth. Seth’s fingers gripped her hips, digging in so hard that she’d have bruises on her pale skin the next day, but the sensation seemed to drive her even more wild. Seth moved his hands up her back and into the luscious curls, pulling her in for a kiss. He needed to taste her, and then he needed to take her.

With one swift motion, Seth rolled Anna across the bed so that he landed between her strong legs. His arms wrapped around her, one on her waist and the other in her hair so he could look into her eyes. He drove into her, slowly and deeply, then pausing so her tightness would allow him to go further. Seth kissed her again as he began to rock them both. Anna’s ankles hooked together behind him. She moaned into his mouth as he quickened his pace and the sound drove him over the edge.

Anna felt Seth swell inside her and felt him pulse as he came, triggering her own orgasm. A deep groan came from deep in Seth’s throat as his body released and he lay on top of her. He cradled Anna in his arms, one hand tangled in her hair. Seth rolled to one hip, pulling her with him. Soft curls brushed his chin. Anna relished the feeling of their moist skin pressed together, Seth’s slowly subsiding erection still inside of her. Eventually they’d move, they’d decide on room service instead of reservations, and spend the rest of the night exploring each other. But, for now, there was just him, and her, sweat cooling on their skin, their heartbeats slowing. They were sated, however briefly.

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