Night Train from Rome

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Night Train From Rome

“We promised ourselves we’d fuck on a train at least once on this trip…”

The night train from Rome clatters and creaks, rumbles and rolls across the plains and hills of southern Italy; down and down, further and further south on its way to the heel some eight hours distant. The curtain that hides our compartment from the corridor is pulled tight but not so those that would cover the windows, and I can stare out through my reflection across the dark landscape beyond.

Clickity-clack, clickity-clack goes the train, the wheels loud across the old tracks, and the girl on my lap bounces up and down on my cock in time to the vibrations. Her pussy squeezes hard around me and she begins to moan: “Oh, oh, oh,” she cries, “I’m going to cum.” And she throws back her head, blonde hair trailing down her back as my lips go once more to her breasts and her nipples, pushed up by the bra that she’s still wearing. Her pussy begins to spasm and contract and she screams as she cums, flooding my lap with sudden wetness, but her scream is drowned out by the noise of the train whistling through the night. She falls into me, still for just a moment before she begins to move again, this time a slow grind, and I look over her bare shoulder and catch Johan’s eye and he grins back at me, his fingers in the blonde hair of the other Swedish girl we’re sharing this cabin with, her head at his lap sucking noisily at his cock. It’s going to be one hell of a journey.

“Look at those two,” I say, nodding my head in the direction of the two leggy blondes walking towards us from Via Agonale to where we’re sitting on the edge of Neptune’s Fountain in Piazza Navona. They pass from the velvet gloom of the side street into afternoon sunshine as though on a stage — curtain up, spotlights on.

Johan shrugs. “Pretty,” he says. “You going to do anything about it?”

“No,” I reply. “Just saying. In case you hadn’t noticed them.”

“I saw them,” he says. “Are you kidding? Of course I saw them.”

They’re obviously backpackers; gap year eighteen-year-olds, short shorts and long tanned legs and boots. One has her hair up in a messy top-knot, the other has hers scraped back under a red and white spotted bandana; both are wearing tight strappy tops showing off sunburned shoulders and long, toned arms. They fizz with vitality and youthful beauty.

The girls walk up to the fountain, looking in awe at the sculpted forms behind us; Top-knot points to the obelisk at the square’s center and begins to take some pictures with the battered Nikon F2 slung around her neck, face screwed up behind the bulky black camera. Bandana poses for her friend in homage to Anita Ekberg though without actually getting into the fountain, and we watch them openly, enjoying Bandana’s routine while Top-knot acts like she’s in Blow Up. They stop, eventually, and are about to head off into the square but I have to call out to them.

“Hey,” I say. “Would you like me to take a picture with both of you in it?”

Top-knot looks at me judging the likelihood that I’ll run off with her pride and joy and, apparently happy with what she sees, takes her camera from around her neck and hands it over.

“Sure,” she says. “That’s really good of you.”

“Where are you guys from?” asks Bandana while they pose smiling and I take pictures of them, enjoying how gorgeous and sun-kissed they are; not just able but invited to stare.

“I’m from Chicago,” I say. “But I’m studying here at La Sapienza for my Junior year.”

“And I’m from Holland,” says Johan, “from the Hague. I study here, too. What about you guys?”

“Gothenburg,” says Top-knot. “We’re just backpacking round Italy for a month.”

“What do you think?” I ask, handing back her camera.

“It’s cool,” she says, and her friend nods. “Poorer than I thought it would be for some reason.”

“Yeah,” says Bandana. “It feels oddly rundown.”

She’s right, it does, but today, standing in Piazza Navona under the late August sunshine, chatting to two really pretty girls our own age, it feels okay.

“I’m Ethan,” I say. “And this is Johan.”

“Maja,” says Top-knot.

“Lilly,” says Bandana.

“What are you guys up to?” I ask, hoping that they’ll say something like they were looking for two guys just like us to spend the day with.

“Last day in Rome,” says Lilly. “We’re going to hit the Vatican museum.” She looks at her watch. “And we can’t be late or we’ll miss it.”

“Ah, well,” I say. “It was nice to meet you briefly. Look us up if you ever come back to Rome.”

“Oh,” says Maja, winking at me, “I threw my coin in the fountain. I’ll be back.”

It’s odd. There’s nothing in it as far as looks go; both tall, athletic, blonde Swedes, but Maja just has this thing and it makes my heart race.

“Well, I think I’m the only Ethan at the university…” But we both know we’ll never see each other again.

“Come on,” says Lilly, and pulls at Maja’s arm. “Time to go.”

Johan and I watch them walk off across the square but neither of them looks back and eventually they disappear from view. Johan turns to me and reminds me that he’s got shit to do and we have to get a move on ourselves if we’re going to get the night train to Lecce.

There’s a dirty little pizzeria called da Gianni just around the corner from the entrance to Rome’s main Termini railway station and that’s where we are, grabbing a late night slice and a beer while we wait for our train. The air feels thick around us, humid and close, hotter than it was during the day as Rome braces for a late summer storm. Finally, the clock above the bar ticks around to 11:45 and I tell Johan that we need to leave, running the gauntlet of the people that hang around the station at night; those that have no choice and worse, those that do.

The old Interregionale engine throbs and shudders at the far end of the platform. It is the last train leaving the station today, due to pull out at 11:57pm, five minutes from now.

“Coach F,” says Johan as he holds his ticket in front of his face.



We hurry down the length of the platform, dodging the luggage carts and tired travelers about to board the night train, knowing they’ll be grateful for the chance to get some sleep on the long journey. We reach our coach and climb aboard, Johan first, and from the top step I take one last look back along the platform and my heart stops: three coaches back, hauling big backpacks, one after the other onto the train, are the two girls, Maja and Lilly. The guard blows his whistle and begins to walk up the train slamming doors and shouting at stragglers to hurry up and get on because the train is about to leave.

“You’ll never guess what I just saw,” I say to Johan, collapsing into my seat as the train stretches away from the platform, leaving the grime of Termini station behind.

He looks back at me from across the compartment.

“I never will,” he says.

“The girls,” I say. “The girls from this morning, Maja and Lilly,” — because of course I remember their names — ”they just got on; like two or three coaches back.”

“Really,” he says. “Well we should invite them in for a drink.”

“We should,” I reply. “We definitely should.”

The train teeters and sways as it clatters noisily across the warren of tracks that lead from the station and I have to hold on to the worn metal handrail to stop from being thrown to the floor, all the while looking into the compartments for Maja and Lilly. I cross into the third coach from ours and in the very first compartment, door open to the corridor, I am greeted by the sight of long tanned legs and cute ass in tight shorts as one of the girls bends over to push her bag under the seat.

“Hey,” I say, and she spins round, eyes ablaze, jaw-jutting as she prepares to face down whoever is bothering her. I guess they get it a lot. It’s Lilly and she sees it’s me and in an instant her face softens and she smiles and her eyes narrow.

“Are you following us?” she says, face flushed from exertion and the heat in the train.

“No, no,” I laugh. “I’m here with Johan, we’re going to Lecce to spend a few days with one of his friends; get out of Rome, maybe go swimming.”

“Sunbathing,” says Lilly. “We’re going down there for the beaches.”

“Where’s Maja?”


“Well,” I say. “Johan and I, we’re a couple of carriages further up: coach F, compartment eight. We have wine. It’s only cheap but… Anyway, come and have a drink with us. I mean, if you want to.”

“Maybe,” she says. “I’ll see what Maja wants to do.”

“Great,” I say. “I can’t believe we’re on the same train.”

“Small world,” she says. Lilly turns away from me and begins the work of converting the compartment seats to beds.

Johan pours wine into a small plastic cup and hands it over to me. It’s about twenty minutes since I went down to see the girls and the conductor has been and gone, checking our tickets and wishing us a good journey.

“I guess you scared them off,” he says and laughs.

“Well I’m not going to go back,” I say. “The ball’s in their court now.”

“What’s in our court?” Lilly’s voice. The two girls are standing at the entrance to our compartment. They’ve changed, both now wearing short, floaty summer dresses and flip-flops. Lilly’s bandana has been replaced with a wide floral headband and Maja’s hair is loose, flowing wildly across bronzed shoulders.

“You came,” I say. “I was beginning to…”

“We decided we’d get changed first; get out of those boots and dirty clothes,” Maja says.

“Come in,” says Johan, pouring wine into two more plastic cups.

“Thanks,” says Lilly, “we will.”

Maja takes her glass from Johan and has a quick drink before sitting down next to me on the bench seat, but Lilly, rather than doing the same, turns and closes the door firmly behind her and pulls the curtains across the windows, tying them tightly together. She looks down at what must be two very confused faces because she laughs and says that we don’t need an audience.

“An audience?” I say.

“Boys can be very dumb sometimes,” says Maja, moving her hand to my leg, sliding it up the inside of my thigh towards my cock which is from nowhere now bulging hard against my trousers.

“We didn’t come in here for cheap wine,” says Lilly, taking her glass from Johan and draining it in one quick swallow, taking Maja’s from her and putting them both on the small table under the window.

Maja squeezes my cock through the fabric, her face inches from mine, breath hot, a slight tang from the wine. “We promised ourselves we’d fuck on a train at least once on this trip,” she says before closing the gap to my lips and pushing her tongue into my mouth. I kiss her back, and she sucks at my lips and my tongue while her hands move to my belt, the button beneath it, the zipper, pushing my shorts below my balls, my cock now solid against my belly.

“Lucky me,” she breathes, wrapping two hands around it and squeezing hard, making me groan against her face. I manage to catch a glance over her shoulder and see that Lilly has already taken off her dress — she’s now only wearing the smallest thong — and is lying long and lean on top of Johan, one hand down his shorts as he grabs at her ass. The sight makes my cock contract in Maja’s hands and she looks round and turns back to me smiling, eyes heavy with sex. She gets up for a moment, facing me, and takes her hands off my cock so that she can pull her own dress up over her head, standing tall, toned and tanned in just her underwear.

I reach up to her and slide my hands down her body, hooking my fingers beneath her panties and drawing them down her long legs, leaving her in just her bra, her perfect pussy crowned by a small, shaved triangle of blonde hair inches from my face. My hands travel up Maja’s legs and cup her ass, pulling her pussy towards me and I revel in her musk and heat, looking up at her as I push my tongue into her vulva. She shivers and sighs and lifts one long leg up onto the seat next to me, spreading her lips for my hungry mouth, my probing tongue, and before long my fingers, pushing into her as her pussy gets wetter and wetter.

Maja has one hand in my hair and one hand grasping the metal framed luggage rack above her as she sways back and forth in time with the train, grinding her pussy into my mouth, moans becoming short gasping cries as she builds to orgasm. Her cries disappear into the noise of the train, her legs shaking, and she lowers herself onto my cock — which has been dripping precum down its turgid length — her soaking pussy lips spreading wide around the head, hot sugar walls parting as I slide inside, and while her pussy is ready for me, she still gasps as she slips down my cock. My hands go to her breasts, pulling at the cups of her bra, pushing them under her breasts so that my mouth can get at her nipples, already erect, and I suck at them as my hands grab her ass and she begins to bounce up and down on my cock.

When she cums, flooding me with wetness, and I look over at Johan, I see him naked, propped up against the window, abs tense, Lilly bending over him, her mouth working up and down his cock. She’s now naked as well, her plump shaved pussy stretched tight in front of me. Maja grinds away on my lap, hair matted with sweat in the heat of the compartment, sweat pooling at her neck, between her breasts, sliding down the indented curve of her stomach. She leans back away from me, looking around at Johan and Lilly, and I pull off my sodden t-shirt, feeling her fingernails as claws down my chest in that moment of darkness.

“You should stick that thing in Lilly,” she says, climbing off me and walking the couple of paces necessary to start kissing at Johan’s face, and as she does that, she slides her palm across Lilly’s sweating, glistening back towards her pussy, slipping a long finger in between Lilly’s glossy lips. I stand quickly, pull my shorts — soaking with my sweat and Maja’s cum — down my legs and position myself behind Lilly’s gorgeous tight ass, pussy squirming under Maja’s jabbing fingers. I put a hand on each side of her ass, skin so hot it burns to touch, while Maja reaches for my cock, gripping the base and guiding me into her friend.

Lilly moans and pushes her ass back into me as my cock slips inside and I begin to pump my hips, fucking her in time to the beat of the train wheels. Maja stops kissing Johan leaving his lips wet and swollen, and she instead begins to kiss down his torso until both she and Lilly are licking and sucking on his dick, happily big enough for two mouths and four hands. I catch Johan’s eye — half closed under the ecstatic onslaught of Maja and Lilly — and we both smile; how can this be happening?

My cock thrusts in and out of Lilly’s pussy, harder and harder, until I’m slamming my hips against her, my balls slapping against her as the train jerks and vibrates under us, careening through the night, and she has no choice but to break off from sucking Johan’s cock as she starts to cum. Maja breaks off too, turning to straddle Johan, slipping his big dick into her eager pussy, facing her friend, toying with her breasts, pulling at her nipples, and I can see Lilly’s tortured eyes reflected in the window, desperate for Maja to stop, desperate for her to keep on playing. Lilly’s orgasm builds from deep with her, the muscles in her back contracting and her pussy tightening around my cock, rings of muscle fighting against my every push, every inch, until she throws her head back and cries out, her shouts muffled immediately by Maja’s mouth.

Johan’s hips push off the seat, pushing into a gasping Maja, while I continue to pump my cock in and out of Lilly’s engorged pussy, running my hands around her ass, reaching between her legs to play with her clit, waiting for her to cum again, to feel the heat and tension build in her before she releases it in waves of shaking ecstasy.

“Oh!” she cries. “Oh, fuck!” Her pussy creaming around my dick, while Maja, eyes locked on mine, begins to cum too, standing up off Johan’s cock, her quivering pussy squirting her juices across his stomach.

Maja sits back, pushing her pussy into Johan’s face as she moves her hands up and down his cock and I can see the veins in it bulging hard against the skin. His stomach begins to tense and his hips to shake and his cock explodes under Maja’s nimble fingers, her palm flat across his slit preventing what would otherwise be a fountain. Lilly slides her slick pussy off me and eases round behind me, one hand pumping at my throbbing, glistening cock while her other dives between my legs playing with my balls. I don’t last long and with a shuddering, guttural moan, my dick spasms and I’m squirting hot cum across the compartment, Lilly stroking me until I’m trembling and have to put a hand over hers to make her stop.

I collapse onto the seat, Lilly next to me, sticky, sweaty skin stuck against mine; Maja climbs off Johan and comes over to kiss me hard on the mouth, while he sits up, face wan, drained, but instinctively moving his hands to her body, her breasts, her ass.

Lilly looks at her watch.

“1:00am,” she says. “What time do we get in to Lecce?”

“8:00,” says Maja, a hand on my exhausted cock, as Johan slips a finger into her pussy.

“Seven more hours,” he says.

“Seven more hours,” Lilly repeats, helping Maja out with her own hands on my cock.

“Seven more hours,” I say and turn my head to kiss her.

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