Have You Ever Just Wanted…

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photo: The Life Erotic

Have you ever just wanted to fuck someone’s mouth?
Like, no talking, no kissing, no foreplay.
None of that.
Just something warm, and soft, and wet, and slick, and hungry.
Yes. Fucking HUNGRY. Not even for you, just for what you have to offer.
Hungry for every inch, every fold, every ridge, every petal.
A hunger that matches your own need.
And you push them down, and they go, easily. They take on that role of receiver.
You are a creature of want, they are a creature of pleasing.
And they are so eager, and you WANT to tease them, make them wait, make them beg.
But you can’t.
You are above them, to be sure, but you are fucking WEAK with the need, with your surrender to it.
That mouth has to be yours.
If the only way to get it was to beg, you would.
But, luckily, that ain’t the case.
They are begging, so you don’t have to.
And then there’s contact.
You moan, or growl, or make some noise and it doesn’t matter what.
They whimper, or purr, or make some sound, who fucking cares?
Maybe they know your sensitive spots. Maybe they know where you need that tongue, that hint of teeth.
Maybe not, and you’ll fucking show them.
And they are equally a hot, wet hole, and a willing, eager partner.
It doesn’t take long to find that rhythm.
That timing of thrusts, or grinding, or humping, or whatever it is you need to do to it.
It might take you a long time to cum. Maybe you are almost there by the time that first contact happens.
Or maybe it’ll be work.
You are all wrapped up in need, but the world won’t leave you be.
And you need that mouth, that hole, that partner, that kneeling thing, to set you free of it all, to take you like it’s their job, like it is what they were born for. And to let you take them like their spit is whiskey to an alcoholic, like their tongue is silk along lips.
It doesn’t matter.
You get closer, and closer, and the hand you had resting on their head, cupping their face, becomes claws gripping their hair, forcing them to do what you need that fucking mouth to do and you just can’t stop yourself you can’t make it special or skillful or anything.
You need release.
And there it is.
And it hurts them, a little bit, because you can’t stop, and you forget who they are and you just need that wet heat and you are cumming and your back is arching and there’s a violence and hunger and you say a name and hope it belongs to them and they don’t fucking care because they are doing what you needed them to do and that is all they want just like all you wanted was to cum and then finally you are kissing them and taking your own taste and there’s this sense of yes I am keeping this hot, wet hole, and partner, and supplicant, and beautiful being.
Sometimes you just need a mouth.

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