My Kitten

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Christina Stevens confesses her Sapphic love affair

Her name was Caterina, and she was about four foot ten inches tall and super cute. She said everybody called her Cat.

“Would it be OK if I called you Kitten?” I asked, the first day I met her. She was doing a small job as a web developer for my dance consulting company. She was so tiny, I thought of her not as a cat, but a super cute and cuddly little kitten.

“Sure,” she said sweetly. “Or you can call me Kitty.”

“Can I say, ‘Here kitty, kitty?’” I said.

And she blushed.

I guess she got my meaning.

I was careful not to push it while she was under my employ. I’m very sensitive to sexual harassment, and yes, women do sexually harass other women on the job, and it’s no better than men doing it.

I must admit, I think I crossed the line a couple of times during those two weeks. For example, I brought her drinks from Starbucks without her asking. I then gave her a little purse that I thought she would like, when I saw it in a store window. It had a little cowboy on it, and I had seen her dress in a slightly country and western style a couple times. It was something she did out of a great love of kitsch, I think. She was very visual, of course, being a designer. And I loved her work. Finally I bought her an incredibly expensive book, the Codex Seriphanus, after she seemed interested in my conversation about it. It’s a completely made up world by a graphic artist, and it is very hard to find. It cost me three hundred dollars.

“You shouldn't have,” she said, when I gave it to her.

“I know,” I said. “But I couldn’t help myself.”

There was a moment. I feel like she understood my comment. It was wrong of me to give gifts while she was working for me. But I kept telling myself, we’re not working together. I hired her to do a small job. We’re friends.

But I could tell she knew what I meant. And she blushed. It was then I realized that magical thing.

It is such a magical moment when you find out the person you have a secret crush on feels the same about you.

She smiled at me and I saw it in her eyes.

She was so beautiful, I really couldn’t believe my luck. This tiny little Latina goddess liked me too!

She wore dark lipstick and had a dancer’s body like mine. She told me she did ballet and understood the field of dance. That’s why I hired her over the phone. It wasn’t until she showed up that I got hit in the chest with the crush. She was so tiny! And so feminine. She wore long fake fingernails, in lots of different colors and designs. I was surprised, because she had to use her hands to do her work, on keyboards and with pens.

“They don’t get in the way?” I asked.

“I don’t know, do they?” she answered, and I thought she was being a bit coquettish.

“No, not at all,” I said. “I love them.”

I was crazy about her. Literally. She was all I thought about for those two weeks. I thought about touching those hands with the long purple nails. I thought about that little four foot nine body next to mine, like a little fairy. I thought it would be absolutely magic.

After she was done working for me, I told myself I had to wait a week for the check to go through and then I would be free and clear to call her up and ask her out.

I had no idea if she liked women, but as I said, I had a certainty that she liked me. That look in her eyes said, “Kiss me.”

It was exactly three weeks after we met that I called her, and she wondered if there was a problem with the website. I assured her no. I just wondered if she wanted to go out for a drink.

There were a few seconds of silence.

“That’s funny,” she said.

“Funny?” I said. I felt a sting.

“No, I mean, I was thinking of calling you and asking you the same thing,” she said.

“You were?” I said, overjoyed. My pussy started throbbing.

“But I couldn’t get up the nerve,” she said.

“I don’t bite,” I laughed. “You don’t have to be nervous around me.”

“I know…but, I’m shy.”

“You’re a shy kitty,” I said.

“Yes,” she said.

And we hung around in silence for a while. It’s special when two people can be on the phone in silence together. Not many can do that comfortably, especially after only knowing each other for a few weeks.

But Kitty and I were lucky like that. We bonded extremely fast. And we trusted each other.

The first time we made love was without a doubt the most exciting sexual experience of my life. I’ll never do it justice, but basically I was the aggressor for the first time with a woman. She was ten years younger than me, in her early twenties and so gorgeous. I just couldn’t believe it when we started making out at the bar and she invited me to her apartment. That was good, since I was married and if we went home to my place my husband would want to wank off and watch us. Spoiling the whole thing.

At her place we kissed on her couch and I told her how much of a crush I had on her and she told me she had a crush on me too. It was like a fairytale dimension opened up on that couch. I could suddenly hear the birds chirping outside. I imagined a bunch of squirrels looking up at the apartment window, and maybe some fairies and other magical beings smiling bashfully as news spread around the magic kingdom that Kitty and Queen Christina were hooking up.

That’s the way she made me feel, like a magical queen. Then she pulled her shirt up and braless, showed me her breasts. Oh my god, they were so round and delicious. I started sucking them crazily. Then she pulled her shorts and panties off and lay back on the couch while I kissed my way up her legs and found her pussy.

“Oh my god!” I said as I started eating her. “I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

“I can’t believe how lucky I am,” she said. “I masturbated all week fantasizing about exactly this.”

I smiled. I had masturbated all week also fantasizing about exactly this. Only — rarity of rarities — the reality was turning out to be so much hotter than my wild fantasizing. Now that my face was in her wetness, and I was inhaling the delicious kitty scent of her, and exploring her folds with my fingers as I licked, I was dripping with arousal myself. My left hand went down and pleasured myself as my right worked on her. And as I brought her to her first climax, I came with her, and I heard my voice cracking — I was practically crying at the tenderness of it. We two strangers just weeks ago, now sharing this most intimate of pleasures, cumming together. And her moaning so sweetly, “I’m cumming, oh, oh, oh you’re making me cum!”

I really don’t want to give too many more details about that first night together. It was enough that my husband made me kiss and tell as he wanked — this the price of my freedom? I had to report blow by blow what went down.

I had to tell him how I suddenly felt the strongest urge to lick my Kitty’s sweet little butthole.

And how she was shy about it and told me no.

But I assured her it was fine.

And she consented.

As I turned her over onto her stomach on the couch and began very lovingly to spread apart her ass cheeks and praise her on the beauty of her bottom, and the gorgeousness of the little hole.

Then my tongue went onto the edge of the hole. And I tasted the earthy center of my sweet kitty. Sweet it was. My tongue licked and made her cry out in passion. Then I asked her if she wanted a finger in there. She moaned yes. I put in a finger, and soon two. She touched herself and brought herself to the second climax as I ass fucked my darling kitty.

Again I was pleasuring myself with my left hand, and managed to join her in the sweetest, most intense shared orgasm.

Now I was beside myself with desire for my kitten. I embraced her and kissed her deeply, which of course she was shy about again, as my mouth must have carried her taste. But soon she got over that and kissed me back with the same abandon that I kissed her with. And we filled the room with little declarations of our disbelief at our good fortune: “I've never felt…” and “You are so…” and “I can’t believe…” and so on.

“I’m so crazy about you,” I told her sincerely, as she finally went down on me.

She was skilled. I was not her first. She knew how to flick my clit just right. And then — surprise — from somewhere she produced a little vibrator and started fucking my ass with it.

“You naughty kitten,” I teased her.

“You’re the naughty one,” she said. “Giving me gifts and making me all dewy-eyed for you. I know you were picking your outfits out every day just to drive me crazy with desire.”

I blushed.

It was true. I had to admit that over the two weeks I dressed progressively sluttier until I think I looked like a Victoria’s Secret model on the last day, in some lace thing that may or may not have been outerwear.

“Did it work?”

“What do you think,” she said. “You’re here, aren’t you? And I’m down here, with my face where you wanted it. Isn’t this where you wanted it?”

“Your face is perfect wherever it is, Kitten,” I moaned, as she brought me to orgasm, fucking me all the way with the vibrator.

I’m not going to describe any more of it. I never even told my husband about the sixty-nine that followed, when we magically managed to eat each other to orgasm at the same instant.

I’m certainly not going to tell you about the tears I shed afterwards either, while we held and stroked each other, and I confessed I’d never been so aroused and that she had taken me higher than I’d ever been. And she told me to shush and she dried my tears and told me not to be so serious.

It should have been a warning.

I know.

So obvious now.

The one you fall for the hardest will obviously be the one who hurts you the deepest.

Let’s not even go there. I had an amazing three months with my kitten. I don’t regret a second, or a dollar of it. It’s true I spent a fortune on lavish gifts for her. I was out of my mind, my husband was worried. And he was right to have been. I’ve always been one to maintain a grip on my emotions.

I’ll never forget that night she told me her boyfriend didn’t want her seeing me any more. He was jealous and possessive.

“Your boyfriend? Don’t be ridiculous. If he wants, let him join us for a menage. Men love to watch their women have sex with other women.”

“It’s not the sex that bothers him,” she said. “It’s the other that’s…getting in the way.”

I looked at her. It hit me then. She loved me. She really loved me. How stupid of that to be a problem. My husband knew I was in love with Kitty and he was overjoyed. I think he was beating off ten times a day near the end there when I was so smitten and satisfied in Sapphic ecstasy. Why should Kitty’s dumb boyfriend — a man I met only once and didn’t like — why should he care if his kitten had a bit more love to share?

I won’t describe our last time together, my desperate attempt to make such love to her that I could keep her. How I sucked her pussy for more than an hour and made her cum thirty times. A hundred times would not have been enough. She was resolved. She wanted to “make it work” with Gunther, or whatever that jerk’s name was.

I cried for a week and thought I was going to die from sorrow. It was so unfair.

But life isn’t fair.

No regrets. I would do it again and again and every time. Because I tasted the heavens with that little four foot nine dose of loveliness.

I call her My Kitty.

But she was never mine.

Not really.

It seems to me like a fairytale I made up in my mind, now. A fairytale that smelled like sweet pussy.

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