My Slutwife on the Phone

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“Ohhh fuck me, daddy! Yes! FUCK THAT PUSSY, DADDY! FUCK IT!

I grasped my phone to my ear as if for dear life, listening to the wanton hollering of my wife coming from the other end. I was seated in my office, hiding behind my desktop computer as if scared that someone outside my office could see what I was doing. Upon hearing Hailey’s whimpers and groans, I dropped the phone and hurried over and locked my office door before rushing back to my chair and picking it up again; a good thing my wife’s voice was still hollering down it.

I unzipped my pants and was gasping as I dove into my pants and luxuriated in stroking myself while consumed by my wife’s cries. I was barely aware that I was panting in synch with her moans. In the background I heard Tibbs’ distinctive groans. Hailey howled as I heard what sounded like Tibbs smacking her butt.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” Tibbs growled. “Take that dick! Go on, tell me you’re gonna take that dick!”

“I’m taking it, daddy,” Hailey moaned. “Awwuuhhh… I’m taking that dick, daddy!”

“You’re my fucking whore, ain’t you, bitch?”

“Aaaiiiiieee, yes! Yes… I’m your fucking whore!

Tibbs kept smacking her and telling her to shut the fuck up. Listening to her whimpering cries mixed with his snarling voice was giving me goose bumps. I pictured them trying to out-screw each other before the battle was over, and my only regret was that I wasn’t there to watch it live. Hopefully he was fucking her in our bedroom and not at his apartment. Who knows?

It was great that they had called me rather than having me call them. How would I have explained the phone charge to management when the company received the bill?

The call went on for a long while, and the whole time I sat glued to my chair stroking my wiener as I listened to the delicious music of fucking coming from my phone. Eventually, Hailey screamed out that she was about to cum; I sat forward and quickened my jerking pace in rhythm with her gasps. I shut my eyes as I heard her climax loudly. Mine happened seconds later and I yelled as spurts of semen shot out of my penis and splattered on my pants leg.

I sat back when I was done, still holding the phone to my ear and gasping with satisfaction. The line had gone dead. Hailey just loves tormenting me like this, calling me during working hours to let me know what naughty stuff she is up to. One pressing fantasy of hers is that any one of my bosses could suddenly breeze into my office and catch me listening to her on the phone and jerking off. What a clever, naughty wife she is.

Hailey has a thick booty and loves it when Tibbs slaps her butt.

I looked at the splotches of semen stains on my pants and went into the adjoining restroom, took out my handkerchief and wet it in the sink and used it to wipe off the stains. I was busy doing that when my cellphone started to ring. I figured it would be either Hailey or Tibbs. I rushed to pick it up and it was Tibbs.

“How’re you doing, white boy,” he sneered at me. “You get off on that fucking I just had with the Mrs?”

“Yes,” I stuttered. “Yes sir, I did.”

“Yeah, I thought you would. Here’s what I want you to do: on your way home in the evening, stop by Dunkin’ Donuts or any Waffle House you can find and get us some grub, ya hear?”

“I hear you, sir. I will do exactly that. Anything else?”

“Hmmm… oh yeah, pick up some spare batteries for the TV remote, too. The damn thing’s acting funny. Alright, white boy, better get on back to work and keep making that paper. The Mrs and I are counting on your ass.” He sniggered before hanging up.

I held the phone before my face, stunned, as I always am when Tibbs speaks to me. I redressed myself and went and unlocked my door. Back at my desk, I tore off a page from my jotter pad and wrote down the stuff he wanted me to do and pocketed it.

I returned to my work after that. The rest of the afternoon felt great for me.

Hope you enjoy this excerpt. Clap on it if you love it.

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