Tell me what you did today: a true confession?

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“…So then I went to cheerleading practice, and when we started doing our high kicks I realized I’d forgotten to put my panties back on! All the other girls were looking at me, so I made them all take their underwear off too. Then Misty said she’d never seen another girl’s pussy close up, so I let her look at mine… was that naughty, Sir?”

“Fuuuuuck…” he groans. I’m not sure if it’s the effect of what I’m saying, or just because I’m sitting in his lap, my short skirt up around my waist so he has a perfect view of his thick cock impaling my tight, hot pussy. I look down to admire the way he’s stretching me open, then back up, adjusting my expression to one of wide-eyed innocence as I continue:

“So then Misty said she wanted to touch it, and I spread my legs so she could slide her finger into me. It felt good, and so I did the same to her. She was really wet! We sat facing each other, close, so we could finger each other, and then she started rubbing her pussy on mine, getting me all wet with her juice. The other girls were touching themselves as they watched… are you picturing it, Sir?”

“Damn right I’m picturing it,” he growls, grabbing my hips to punctuate his words with a hard thrust up into me, making me gasp with the sudden deep penetration. It’s such fun getting him wound up…

My college professor fuckbuddy Simon (definitely not his real name — read about how we met here) thinks he’s lived a boring, sheltered life — until he met me, that is. My wildness has shaken him up, got him trying things he’d never contemplated before; and he loves hearing about my experiences and sexual adventures. Sometimes I tell him true tales that make his hair — and his cock — stand on end; other times I’ll play the naughty college girl and embellish my stories to get a rise out of him.

Today he’s been fretting over some bureaucratic college nonsense, so I decided to distract him by putting on my little plaid skirt and over the knees socks — no panties, of course! — and flashing my bare ass at him while he tried to grade some semi-illiterate student’s work. At first he tried to pretend he was concentrating, even though we both knew his cock was hard from the moment I asked him, “Are you busy, Sir?”

Before long he puts his work aside and says, “Come and tell me about your day.” That’s my cue to sit on the arm of his chair, gradually parting my legs and edging my skirt up my thighs as I start my story.

“Well Sir, first of all I skipped chemistry class because I was feeling really horny and I went into the restroom and started fingering my pussy. My panties were getting all wet so I took them off and I was sitting up on the edge of the sink rubbing my clit with one hand, and with two fingers inside my pussy…”

“Show me.”

“Yes, Sir!” Obediently, I pull my skirt right up and spread my thighs wide. I lick one finger and slide it over my clit, feeling an instant throb of pleasure. I’m already wet enough to be able to get two fingertips into my pussy, and as I wriggle them, they ease deeper inside. It feels good, arousal sparking through me. I lose where I am in the story for a moment, then:

“So I was fucking myself hard with my fingers when this girl Tracy came in. She’s really pretty and sexy but she’s a bully, I hate her. So she laughed and said I had to suck her boyfriend’s cock or she’d tell everyone what she’d caught me doing.”

I notice Simon’s hand is resting on his crotch now, not stroking, just subtly pressing down.

“So Tracy texted her boyfriend and he snuck out of class and came into the restroom, and he unzipped his pants, and his dick was really big and hard! And Tracy said, ‘Suck it bitch, or I’ll tell,’ so I got on my knees and I licked it all over to get it wet and then I started sucking it.”

“Show me.”

“Yes, Sir.” I get on my knees between Simon’s legs and he unzips and offers me his cock to suck. I lick all around the head, tasting soap and the fresh salty-sweet flavor of pre-cum seeping from the slit, which I tease with the tip of my tongue. I lap up and down the shaft, pressing against the pulsing veins with the flat of my tongue, then open wider and start to suck him down, slowly, looking up to drink in the blissed-out expression on his face.

In moments, I’m utterly immersed in what I’m doing, the story forgotten. You all know by now that nothing turns me on more than sucking cock and as that thick pole throbs in my mouth, inching deeper until it’s in the back of my throat and it’s all I can taste and smell and feel, I’m reduced to a thought-free, mindless bundle of sensation. I bob my head faster, sucking harder, tongue flickering on the underside of the shaft.

Simon isn’t done yet, though. When it gets too much, he pulls his cock out of my mouth, tugging on his balls to dampen his excitement down to a manageable level.

“What happened next?” he asks.

I’m so cock-drunk I have to think for a minute to recapture the thread of the story. I realize my hand is between my thighs, knuckles grinding on my soaked pussy, as I continue:

“Well Sir, so Tracy held my hands behind my back and her boyfriend started fucking my mouth, really hard! And I sucked and sucked so I wouldn’t gag on it, and Tracy shoved her finger in my pussy and said, ‘Oh my god this bitch is really wet, she loves it!’ So she shoved another two fingers in me, and she was laughing at me like I was some dirty slut, but I could tell she was really getting off on it. And then she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and her boyfriend came in my mouth and all over my face, and she kissed me and licked his jizz off me, but she was still acting like a bitch. And then she said, ‘Clean up your face and get out of here, slut,’ so I wiped his cum off with some wet paper towels, and then I went to class, and I was sure everyone must be looking at me, because I must smell of pussy, because I was so wet…”

“Show me,” he says again.

“Yes, Sir.” I stand over his chair, one foot up on the arm so my pussy is right in front of his face. I know I’m soaking wet, I can feel dampness all around the top of my thighs. “So it was only when I got to cheerleading practice that I realized I’d left my panties in the restroom…”

This is the point where Simon’s self-control disintegrates and he pulls me onto his lap. I straddle him, teasing my dripping wet slit against the head of his cock, stroking it over my clit before guiding it to my arousal-glossed opening. I sink down slowly… slowly… moving my hips in tiny circles as I adjust to his girth. When he’s in me up to the hilt I feel pleasantly over-full, sensitized by the anticipation, bursts of sensation swooping and fluttering through me.

“Continue,” he croaks. I can feel him straining to keep control, and that in itself is a major turn on. I pick up my cheerleader story, tripping over my words as I start to raise and lower myself on his cock, grinding on the downstroke so he hits my G-spot at just the right angle, more intent on my own pleasure than his, by now.

“So… um… so Misty was rubbing her cunt against mine, and I could feel her lips squashing against me and she was moaning so loud I thought the caretaker would hear us from his office. So then this girl Karen, she had a really hairy pussy, like totally wild, and she said, ‘Maybe this will shut her up,’ and she stood over Misty’s face and squatted down on it, and Misty started licking her slit, I could see her tongue going in and out.”

Simon grips my hips tight enough to bruise, trying to thrust up into me. I’m not going to let him set the pace now though, I’m not done with my story. I move my feet up onto the seat of the armchair, either side of his waist, so I’m squatting over him, and pull my shirt open so he can see my tits bouncing sweetly as I ride him. Thanks to all my gym work I’m hardly even breathless as I continue:

“So, I said, ‘I want to try that,’ and so this cute Chinese girl, Christi, she stood in front of me and she started rubbing her pussy on my face, and it was really juicy and sweet. But she couldn’t keep her balance, so we all got on the floor in a circle, the other three joined in as well, and we all licked the girl in front of us and got licked by the one behind. It was so cool! I had three fingers in Christi’s pussy and I was sucking her clit and she was squirming all over my face and she started cumming really hard. Julie was eating me and she kept licking my asshole and she said, ‘Do you want a finger in your ass while I eat your pussy?” and I said ‘Sure!” so she put her finger in me…”

Simon lets out a strangled groan and grabs me, pulling me down on him and simultaneously thrusting up, hard. I can tell he’s on the verge now so I let him jackhammer up into me, riding the waves of pleasure as his cock plunges into me over and over. Truthfully I’m on the edge too, heat and pressure building up, the dam ready to burst. My story needs a climax, and so do I…

“So I started to cum with Julie’s finger fucking my ass and her tongue in my juiced-up cunt, and that’s when our Gym Mistress walked in…”

That does it. Simon yells and slams up into me, his hips rising up off the chair and lifting me on top of him as his cum pumps into me. The sensation of his cock twitching and jerking, and the hot spurts filling me, is enough to trigger my own orgasm, ripples building to one huge rush of bliss.

“Great story,” Simon says, when he can manage to speak. “I don’t know how you dream all this filthy stuff up.”

I’ll let him believe it’s all just fiction, this time…

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