Hashing it out

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I’m in the deep country, the literal place where the sidewalk ends. Only one narrow dirt road leads to this large warehouse by an old race track. The place is BYOB only. So, I bring a six-pack and some tequila with me in a duffle bag. I see my friend Jessie in the lot; she hops off her bike and walks towards me.

“Right on time!” she smiles, slapping my rear.

“What is this place?” I ask curiously.

“It’s a private club with lots of surprises,” she says vaguely, “and man, do I have a surprise for you!”

I smile, although my nerves are a little on edge. I don’t know exactly where I am or what I’m about to witness, but my instinct is telling me it’s about to be a crazy night.

We go inside and I see a massive wrestling pit full of Jello! I’ve never been to one of these events before, so I’m excited, to say the least. I see some familiar faces inside who I never thought might partake in such a wild party. Who knew such a place even existed so close to our extremely suburban town?

I take a seat next to Jessie on a dusty stool, knock back some shots, then look out into the crowd in awe. The host announces that there is a special event happening with some surprise guests. I am curious to see who they are.

Suddenly, he walks up to me. He has his hand out, telling me to undress and go into the ring. “What? Me?” I point to myself to make sure there’s no mistake. I look at Jessie and she nods, standing me up. I’m hesitant, but the entire room is cheering me on.

I’m always up for a challenge. The only thing that worries me is that I didn’t wear underwear today. Jessie realizes why I’m nervous to take my pants down and pulls out a Swiss Army knife. She cuts around my thighs carefully to hack the legs off my black tights. Amazingly, it looks good after tucking in the seams. I look like a stripper minus the heels at this point.

The crowd roars, seeing me go with the host to the Jello pit, which is a real wrestling ring, except the bottom ropes are secured with tarp to keep the goo from spilling out. I take my shoes off and slide inside. It feels so strange on my legs and feet. I’m sure my expression says it all. I make the universal yuck-face, feeling the sweet sludge squish between my toes.

All that changes once the host announces my opponent. I look through the crowd and see the bouncers escort none other than Ms. Perfect Pussy herself, Miss Anonymous. I cross my arms and raise my eyebrow, looking at her and my sneaky friend in the corner, now smirking heavily at her successful rouse to get us both in the same room again. And now, I recall a conversation we had a few weeks ago. I certainly should pay more attention to what someone like Jess Marie refers to as “hashing it out.” I consider this a lesson learned.

My opponent stares me down like she wants to destroy me, as I reciprocate her glare of war. And of course, she is wearing a sheer white cotton bikini in an effort to distract me. And… it does. But I am still going to kick her ass all over this Jello.

The announcer rings the bell and we grapple each other. She is much taller than I am, so she takes advantage by trying to pounce overhead. I duck and grab her legs, instantly toppling her over, splashing the multi-colored mush everywhere. I try to pin her down fast, but she slips out of my hold. She has her arm around my neck, bending me over, holding me still with her legs twisted around mine.

It doesn’t work though. The Jello is slippery, and I am much faster than she is. I slide us both to the corner and roll her over, face down. I put her in a half-nelson, then pin her up against the ropes. She pushes me back, trying to get free. Her hair comes loose and I use it to weaken her. I wind it around my hand like a leash, then tug hard.

In such a tight grip, she still manages to turn around and face me while she is pinned in the corner. We have moved the Jello pile higher on this end, and are now waist-deep in it. She takes full advantage and reaches for my pussy where the crowd can’t see, but I see a look in her eyes that is all too familiar.

Her fingers hook deep inside me as the tension between us heightens. A rush of heat flows through me as she flicks them rapidly. Then, she eases them out and rubs my pussy softly. My mouth falls open and my body weakens, making me lose focus for a moment. Her smooth fingers are killing me! She knows exactly how to touch me, how to drive me crazy. I’m not giving up though.

My hand moves lower to tug her bikini to the side, exposing her pussy under the Jello. She’s all wet and sticky. Her juices soak my fingers as I slide them between her lips. I hear her moan a little as I rub her clit firmly, using the Jello as extra lubrication.

Our rage-filled match is drastically turning into a very erotic scene. Our hands roam all over each other against the ropes. I expose her breasts and give them some playful nibbles as she grabs my ass. There are whistles among the roars from the hollering men and women surrounding us, obviously seeing that we are now playing more than fighting.

We tumble over each other right in the center, half wrestling and half fucking. She lets go and allows me to pin her down. Then, she looks at me and smiles, pressing her pussy to mine.

“You win,” she says softly.

In the heat of the moment, I lean down to kiss her. I realize as soon as our lips meet just how much I miss them. They have never touched quite in this way, and her kiss has never tasted sweeter. It’s not just the gushing sugary mess caked all over us, but something more. We are ending our chaotic battle once and for all, as I finally submit to the fact that it’s clearly not over between us. I can’t keep fighting. In the end, I will only be hurting myself. It’s so funny that this deep realization happens to occur in a wrestling ring full of Jello.

The host comes into the ring and intervenes before we really do start fucking in the colorful gushy pile. He holds both our hands in the air as the crowd cheers. Not that anyone wins anything, but possibly because we are now topless and dirty. We get down from the pit and Jessie comes up to us with some clean towels.

“Look at these crazy bitches,” she laughs. “Y’all feel better?”

“Much…” my opponent replies, grabbing a towel.

“I can’t believe you did this,” I smile. “You sneaky fucker, you!”

“Yes, I am,” she grins. “You’re welcome! Now, go to the back and hit the shower…Go get even dirtier.”

Jessie winks and smiles slyly. We look at her, shaking our heads, before finding the shower room. Which, unfortunately, is just a giant hose attached to the wall. It’s a bit barnyard-ish for me, but at least it’s clean.

I turn it on and wash my hands and face. Then, I kneel down, cup my hands under the water, and offer to clean her legs and feet. To my surprise, she picks up the hose instead, and douses herself from head to toe. She didn’t even flinch from the cold temperature.

“Not such a girly-girl after all…” I think to myself.

She curls her finger at me to come closer. Then, cleans us both off with the hose. It feels really good on my overheated skin, and the arousal from wrestling each other is keeping me even warmer. It’s interesting how doing something like that can ignite your libido.

She is looking at me again with that bedroom glare. I suppose I’m not the only one aroused from our sticky scrap session. She pushes me back and aims the hose to my pussy. I gasp as I feel the cool pressure. She tugs the seam of my shorts firmly, letting what’s left of my tights slip down to my ankles. Then, she circles the hose slowly around my pussy, giving it a most stimulating massage.

She puts the hose down and sinks to her knees. She takes my tights completely off and uses her tongue to clean the remaining Jello. Her mouth is so soft and warm, making me melt in lust. Her tongue circles my pussy, making my body shiver.

She places my hands behind her head, telling me to pull her hair again. I weave my fingers through her drenched curls and hold firmly as she sucks my flesh. I grind up and down her lustful mouth, my core tightening like a Chinese finger trap. I moan loudly as my entire body quivers, coasting the sweet ride to my climax.

She sucks me hard to the very end of my hot sticky orgasm, then gently licks up my body, from navel to neck. She bites my skin lightly, then kisses me ferociously. The dichotomy of pressure is driving me crazy!

I pin her to the wall and run my hands down her succulent form, tugging her bikini right off. I let her watch me lick the crotch hungrily, as I give myself a taste of the succulent feast between her legs.

I lean down and run my tongue lightly over her lips. Then, I squeeze my tongue inside her and suck in, like I’m trying to swallow her pussy whole. She moans loudly. Her thighs are shaking. I grip them to hold her still. Then, lick and suck all over her pussy.

It’s my tongue that’s wrestling her now, grappling her clit incessantly until it taps out. I lick and lap her cunt until she cums, flowing throbs of wetness down my neck. I drink her down to the last drop, then lift up slowly, leaving a trail of soft kisses up her body.

We kiss like we haven’t seen each other in years, as if we will never see each other again. We are tangled in each other’s arms in a sweet sticky embrace. Our bodies press so close, my skin feels like it’s glued to hers.

I open my eyes and see her in a whole new light. She is more beautiful to me right now than she ever was, covered in sweat and melted sugar.

As much as I’d like to stay in here, I can’t comfortably remain dirty for long. It’s time to go. There’s no way I am putting those sticky tights back on, and her bikini is ripped in half. So, we just walk out in towels.

Suddenly, I spot Jessie stepping into the ring, wearing absolutely nothing…

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